Wrong House: Ohio Woman Shoots Burglar

From 10TV.com:

wrong house

A man was shot while reportedly breaking into homes in a west Columbus neighborhood.

It happened Thursday around 5 a.m. on North Guilford Avenue.

Columbus Police at the scene tell 10TV a widow heard someone breaking in, grabbed her gun and shot the intruder. Police believe the suspect also broke into neighboring homes.

“She was armed and apparently fired multiple shots at him,” said Sgt. Dave Sicilia.

The woman’s son says he bought the gun for her a week ago to keep her safe now that she is living alone, but he never thought she would actually have to use it.

Nearby residents heard the shot. “I got up and looked into my kids’ room and made sure they were all right,” said one person.

The burglary suspect was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. He was pronounced dead shortly before 7:00 a.m.

Columbus Police have identified that burglary suspect as 28-year-old Christopher Lee Willis. Homicide is now investigating the incident.


No doubt the burglar was a good boy who’d just fallen on hard times and was stealing to feed his five kids, all from different mamas and unemployed.

Kudos to the son for arming his mother and to her for not needing more target practice. Not to speak ill of the dead, but the father should have already provided such protection long ago.



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9 Responses to Wrong House: Ohio Woman Shoots Burglar

  1. Grouchy says:

    Can we call this “Divine Timing” ?????

  2. Hardnox says:

    Oh good, a DRT story. 🙂

    So many snails… so little salt.

  3. Uriel says:

    Lol Hardnox. It’s all on the roads up north. Good one Kathy!! To the lady, well done sista’. Women and guns can coexist especially if some fool tries to muck up in her home. But what you wanna bet we hear she is charged with something by the burglar’s family

    • Kathy says:

      They may try that, Uriel, but fortunately Ohio has the castle law, so they’ll be wasting their time and money if they do.

      You’re right…women and guns can coexist nicely, often times better than they can with some men. 😉

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        I was standing in a check out line at a convenience store in Nashville a while back. I noticed a good looking girl behind me with her keys in her hand, with a little sign attached that read, “I have PMS and a gun.” I guess that is one chick you don’t hit on.

        • upaces88 says:

          The cops in my city (Texas) told me to go ahead and shoot them if they had already run outside…drag the body inside. “Nothing will be said,”

  4. Clyde says:

    You KNOW I like a DRT. Good for her, and THANKS to you for bringing it to us. One down, WAY too many to go.