Avalon – Quest for the Apple Part 2

Continuing my quest for the apple and considering types and boundaries:


3) Are there divisions, sects, or branches across the world who practice a non-confrontation, non-violent, conservative form of Islam?  There are a very few but in general chances are slim for any to survive for long if the movements for jhad have their way.

In fact, Islam in Qur’an deals more harshly in its attitude to those who are not willing to follow or participate in all of its dictates exactly using killing and any other means necessary to further its spread. From the wording found in verses, we can assume the judgment placed on these who would follow such a conservative non-violent form of Islam would have even harsher resulting sentences than any who would be labeled as not converting. Through the world of internet, one can find many verses listed which can be found in the recognized Islamic work, biblical and non-biblical.  Qur’an (2:216)  (3:28 ) (33:36) Muslim (20:4696) as examples


4) What recognized borders and country does the political Islam have?  None.

They recognized those areas of particular religious significance as the root or beginning of their faith. However, they also believe that in every corner, hill, valley, waterway of the world where members travel to convert others to the religion of Islam is also their home country.  The mission for every movement in every state, country, or continent as stated in the Qur’an is to make certain that the entire globe is converted to the religion and politics of Islam to be administered by the laws of Sharia only then will they believe that the world will see the coming of their most high and with the faithful truly receive their reward.

islam koran_at_hamas_rally_1988

Open Quran at Hamas Rally, 1988

The Hamas Covenant provided the following slogan….read it carefully.

Allah is its target,

The Qur’an its constitution:

Jihad is its path and

Death for the sake of Allah
Is the loftiest of its wishes.

Liberals and Doubters Pay Attention

Nowhere in that slogan is there any room for doubt that poverty, world views, education, countries, or religions other than Islam is going to change one single direction or focus in the rise of the Islamic World State.  Get that firmly into your minds! Islam means to eliminate every thought, ideal, or human who stands in the way of its ultimate goal.

##Part 3 talks about strategy, why and who is affected##



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2 Responses to Avalon – Quest for the Apple Part 2

  1. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Uriel, and your last paragraph sums it up really well. Even the so-called peaceful ones will mutilate and kill if commanded.

    I saw a video where a muslim was giving a speech and he asked the audience to raise their hands if they agreed on the punishments set forth in the Quran. Every single one raised their hand. Some, maybe out of fear, and others who would follow orders if given. They are just waiting for the word.

  2. Uriel says:

    I agree. Just viewed an old Khadafi video on You Tube. Maybe that is why he was killed cause he names Obama as brother. And Kennedy as a Muslim assassination contract