Another “Climate Change Criminal” Story

Not only are the wheels coming off the global warming scam, so too, it seems, the personal lives of these liars.

Al Gore, and his divorce from Tipper, Elon Musk’s company losing cash faster than the government can replace it, and now, another Nobel Peace Prize winner COULD be facing sexual harassment charges.

Damn. Am I dreaming ???  Here is the news about U-frigging-N IPCC chief Rajenda Pachauri from Anthony Watts, at and The Economic Times of India

Newspaper: U.N. IPCC chair Rajenda Pachauri faces sexual harassment charges – story then disappears from website

Talk about similarities. Climate thievery, known liars, perverts, AND Nobel Peace Prize winners FOR their lies. What a world, eh?

From the this sounds familiar department…comes this hot, steamy, but not climatic turn of events, along with the near immediate disappearance of the story down the memory hole.

Via Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. on the front page of India’s The Economic Times comes word of the charges:

TERI director-general RK Pachauri faces harassment charges by 29-year-old female employee

The complainant, who works as a research analyst at the New Delhi-based energy think tank, has cited unwanted physical advances.

Pachauri_sex-harrassmentOddly, the link to the original story at The Economic Times, here…

…seems to have been disappeared, and now displays a “404”. Using web search on The Economic Times still reveals the existence of the story Fortunately, I was able to archive a copy from Google cache, and it is in the PDF below:

TERI director-general RK Pachauri faces harassment charges by 29-year-old female employee – The Economic Times (PDF via Google cache)

Update: The article can still be found here:

pachauri-readerwebsite-story(h/t to reader Bart)

So either the editors learned that somehow the story wasn’t true and pulled it, or there has been some legal or political pressure, perhaps from the U.N., to quash the story. It seems the original article didn’t contain any mention of Pacahuri’s U.N. IPCC involvement, only his role in TERI.

Maybe they seriously believed this claim from the article:

Pachauri has denied all the allegations and said he’s been a victim of hacking. “The said email has indicated misuse of my computer resources and communication devices, without my permission or consent,” he said in a response to ET’s queries. “From your email, I have come to know the factum that my computer resources including my email ids, mobile phone and WhatsApp messages have been hacked and that unknown cyber criminals have gone ahead and have unauthorisedly accessed my computer resources and communication devices and further committed various criminal activities.”

UPDATE: From The Economic Times Twitter Feed comes this announcement:


But, this episode is reminiscent of Pachauri’s steamy potboiler sex novel A Return to Almora:

IPCC now in Bizarroland: Pachauri releases “smutty” romance novel

The book, which makes reference to the Kama Sutra, starts promisingly enough as it tells the story of a climate expert with a lament for the denuded mountain slopes of Nainital, in northern India, where deforestation by the timber mafia and politicians has “endangered the fragile ecosystem”.

But talk of “denuding” is a clue of what is to come.

By page 16, Sanjay is ready for his first liaison with May in a hotel room in Nainital. “She then led him into the bedroom,” writes Dr Pachauri.

“She removed her gown, slipped off her nightie and slid under the quilt on his bed… Sanjay put his arms around her and kissed her, first with quick caresses and then the kisses becoming longer and more passionate.

“May slipped his clothes off one by one, removing her lips from his for no more than a second or two.

“Afterwards she held him close. ‘Sandy, I’ve learned something for the first time today. You are absolutely superb after meditation. Why don’t we make love every time immediately after you have meditated?’.”

A book review about this potboiler had this to say:

Lucky for him, Sanjay never encounters any serious criticism in this book. No one accuses him of scientific fraud, no one seriously disagrees with his ‘research’, no one takes him to task over the fee structures of his Meditation Huts (or whatever he calls his 400 plus franchised enlightenment outlets). It seems likely that if controversy ever came Sanjay’s way he would respond badly. First he’d try lofty, above it all condescension; when that failed to stifle opponents he’d result to angry and unthinking vituperation. In neither case would he show much talent for detailed, evidence-based argument. At the end, he would vanish from the scene, looking and sounding hurt, and go off to seek inner peace among the forgiving silence of the Himalayan hills. There, where the Force is strong, he would heal. The gurus and saddhus would throw themselves at his feet; women would batter down his door; memories of his past incarnations would distract him from unpleasant events; from time to time he would consider ways to help the poor and spread the light.

If this story proves NOTHING else, is that the Nobel Peace prize is about as useful ass tits on a boar hog.

Looking at the “illustrious” past winners, such as the aforementioned Pachauri, add in Gore, Yasser Arafat, of the PLO terror organization, and the BECS himself for NO reason at ALL, it is easy to conclude they will award ANY leftist just for being, well, a leftist.

I certainly hope the case comes to trial, right about the time of the Klimate Klown Konference in Paris this coming December. Nothing would give me greater joy than to see a true CRIMINAL doing the perp walk. As an added BONUS, the pervert won’t be able to hoodwink ANYONE about the non-existent problem on his usual world stage.

One thing for sure, we will NOT see it in lamestream media ANYWHERE. They have invested way too much in the scam, and those perpetrating it, to let THIS cat out of the bag.

Hat-tip to Crawfish


CLYDE. This guy looks like one who would hang around an adult bookstore.

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4 Responses to Another “Climate Change Criminal” Story

  1. Garnet92 says:

    You’re being too hard on poor old Rajenda Clyde. He was just trying to get laid. No doubt his plan was to announce personal “meditation” sessions available at his 400 “enlightenment outlets” whenever he visited so he could have the ladies lined up awaiting “personal enlightenment” by His Studliness. That’s his DAY JOB, he just moonlights at the IPCC Climate Change crap for kicks.

  2. tannngl says:

    What’s with these guys? Lying fraudulent elitists who think they can get away with anything, I guess. Gore and this guy are like 2 peas in a pod!