This Is Belgium!

This is Belgium. What is being done to prevent it from happening in America? NOTHING!

( H/T  Angel Rose)


Well Abu…..I see you don’t speak to many Jews or even really know what is going on with other religions. I hate to break it to you but…. there are Messianic Jews! In other words that you can hopefully understand, they are Christian Jews!

With Sharia Law Abu….it’s not so much worrying about losing a hand for stealing! I’m sure there haven’t been that many done… but how about the honor killings, the subjugation of women and them having to live as second class citizens, the female genital mutilation, the child marriages? These are the more barbaric aspects of your satanic cult that come along with your sharia law.

If you are happy to live like that, then so be it! Go back to the deserts of Arabia and live there. Be happy doing what you do. Just leave the rest of us civilized people alone! We happen to like our freedoms that come along with Democracy.

~Blessed B~

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4 Responses to This Is Belgium!

  1. Kathy says:

    Sixty hands amputated out of thousands is no big deal to these guys because it’s a low percentage. The heathen fails to realize that even one hand amputated is horrific.

    Belgium, like the other countries, missed their window of opportunity back when there were only a few to rid themselves of these animals.

    “Prepare for a wave of muslims… in the western world.” There’s no going back, BB, not now that they’ve saturated most of Europe and now much of the US.

    We’ve passed that point of no return – people just aren’t ready to admit it yet.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I don’t know if we are pass the point of no return yet…..the Countries will have to start doing something about it though…NOW! It will only get worse if they continue to sit back and allow these terrorists to have full rein of how their country is run.

      All of those muzzies that were causing that ruckus should have been rounded up and shipped out to Saudi Arabia. If they want Sharia so badly…then go to a country that has it. Pick them up at night ( especially mr. ringleader!) and quietly get rid of them. Do not allow them back in !!!

      Multiculturalism is a failed theory and Political Correctness is the death warrant. Unfortunately….most countries have too many PSP’s to do anything about it.

  2. Clyde says:

    At least ONE muzzie famel cucker has told the TRUTH. No question that Islam has a world wide caliphate on their minds.

    • Blessed B. says:

      The Wahabi islam is the most brutal….they are the ones pushing for the caliphate cuz they think they will be the chosen ones…..

      we just need the crusades to start again and this time do it right….. there will be peace for a thousand years after.