Now HERE Is A Good Idea

Earlier in the week, the State Department trotted out one of their “best and brightest” who PROMPTLY made a world wide fool of herself.

Below are some “job ideas” for the ISIL / ISIS goat humpers, Ms. Harf. Maybe YOU can get them to do THESE. After they’re done carving you up, that is. From


Twitter Explodes With #JobsForISIS; These 10 are HILARIOUS!


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Human Rockets

Ben Shapiro@benshapiro

Protecting women and children from Joe Biden


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@SototG Her briefings look like a SNL Sketch, now her script sounds like comedy.


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This doctor used to have a job. Now he found a better job offer lunatics!


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is completely out of control.


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is completely out of control.


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Dodge this


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Marriage Counselor

# 9

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RT @JoeTheMailman: *** Mohammed Landscape Services *** call 1-666-666-6666


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Flesh Bomb

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6 Responses to Now HERE Is A Good Idea

  1. Kathy says:

    My favorite is the fiery parachute.

    Perhaps if Ms. Harf had a real job, she wouldn’t have time to make such stupid statements.

  2. jim says:

    Her job is to make all of the other idiots in the admin look sane in comparison. Tough job. Impossible sell.

  3. Ms. Harf is working for the the Great Black Hope who is now the Black Muslim Dope. What goes around comes around.