How Much More Should Citizens Take?

News from Egypt — swift and decisive return after beheadings —   Yet our Commander-in-chief has not made one (*?!*) move to send reinforcements in to assist our brave military troops currently surrounded by ISIS or made one single speech in the last few years that is truthful or shown one iota of patriotic backbone!!!

We should DEMAND impeachment and murder charges for every soldier lost because he refused to act decisively rather than run away.  Our country has reached its lowest morale level in its history.  Yet Congress especially liberidiot cowards back this guy.

I Did Not vote for him and those that did or continue to back him are putting My Life and those of millions of other Americans along with OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS in full scale jeopardy!!!!!

Oh but I forgot: I am Christian;  believe in the Constitution and upholding of its laws;  Patriot of the UNITED STATES who can prove I was born and reared within its borders; Proud to wave its flag; Willing to say IN GOD I TRUST; Not a Security Risk hiding behind volumes of material where any suicide bomber can conceal His or Her intentions to attack; and Speak English recognized as the common language of the general populace of the United States.

Obama go hide in the coop with your feathered friends!

~ Uriel

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Retired educator and constitutionalist
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11 Responses to How Much More Should Citizens Take?

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Pretty much my thoughts, too.
    Hey, I have an idea!
    How about starting a movement of like minds that goes something like this:
    Every time you call a business that answers the phone with a, “Press one for English, 2 for Spanish..” when the robot is replaced by a real person, inform that person you are going to hang up and call a like company that does not tell you you have to press 1 for English…
    And do it.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yesterday O condemned the UAE’s and Egypt’s attacks on ISIS saying they did it out of retaliation Only in his warped mind is that a bad thing. Collectively our military needs to flip him the bird and go do their job.

    Good rant, Uriel – you just said what most all of us are thinking.

  3. Clyde says:

    Great rant, Uriel. We all know WHY the Chicken-Shit-In-Chief refuses to “fight” this battle. He’s on THEIR side. Even Captain Obvious can figure that one out.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I called my congressman’s aide in D.C. yesterday and we discussed some upcoming votes on immigration issues. I also asked him, “Is there any talk about impeachment?” His reply was, “That is a very difficult thing to accomplish.”
    Well, so is climbing Niagara Falls on the ice, but a fella did it the other day.

  5. Uriel says:

    Lol waywright and captbogus. Thx. At least I said what I really believed unlike asphat. If he Did come out and say I am taking over this country for my brethern. We could respond like Washington or others who tried so hard to have an independent constiturion. At least then we would have a way to identify and remove everyone from office or maybe not as there would be an overflowing Guantanamo.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Uriel, I don’t know anybody that is in favor of taking any prisoners in the next fight. Guantanamo will be no longer needed. Those who are interred there can be vulture bait and/or shark food.

  6. Garnet92 says:

    He’d better be on his prayer rug praying to allah that not one of those American soldiers now surrounded gets killed by the ISIS/ISIL barbarians. If one of our guys loses a life because of Obama, it will be on HIM and no one else. He has been undermining our government and our laws, covertly, little by little, but if an American is killed or injured because of a decision made (or not made) by him, that alone should be grounds for impeachment.

  7. Uriel says:

    Lol pc me. But that is best case. I do not know where we go from here but a WWIII I fear is looming

  8. Uriel says:

    I dont know clyde if there are enough balls to fill a plate of rocky mountain oysters except for a few in dc land