Another Day, Another Scott Walker Story That Is A LIE.

One thing about “the paper of record”, the New York Slimes. Set a bag of dog shit in front of them, they WILL go out of their way to STEP in it.

Such as this ostensible “hit piece” on Scott Walker. But, FACTS have NEVER mattered much to the Slimes. John McCormack at The Weekly brings us the bilge drippings


NYT Columnist Blames Scott Walker for Teacher Layoffs That Occurred Before He Was Governor


Indeed he has. And THAT is why leftists, such as those at the New York Slimes HATE his guts.

8:26 AM, Feb 14, 2015• By JOHN MCCORMACK

“All the bullshit that fits the print”. If EVER a company deserved to go tits-up, it would be THIS one.

New York Times columnist Gail Collins writes about Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s recent speech in Iowa:

Mainly, though, The Speech was about waging war on public employee unions, particularly the ones for teachers. “In 2010, there was a young woman named Megan Sampson who was honored as the outstanding teacher of the year in my state. And not long after she got that distinction, she was laid off by her school district,” said Walker, lacing into teacher contracts that require layoffs be done by seniority.

All of that came as a distinct surprise to Claudia Felske, a member of the faculty at East Troy High School who actually was named a Wisconsin Teacher of the Year in 2010. In a phone interview, Felske said she still remembers when she got the news at a “surprise pep assembly at my school.” As well as the fact that those layoffs happened because Walker cut state aid to education [emphasis added].

Actually, Wisconsin names four teachers of the year, none of which has ever been Megan Sampson, who won an award for first-year English teachers given by a nonprofit group. But do not blame any of this on Sampson, poor woman, who was happily working at a new school in 2011 when Walker made her the star victim in an anti-union opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal. At the time, she expressed a strong desire not to be used as a “poster child for this political agenda,” and you would think that after that the governor would leave her alone. Or at least stop saying she was teacher of the year.

There are two problems in this section of Collins’s column: First, she accuses Walker of dishonesty, but she’s just quibbling over semantics. Is it really inaccurate to describe someone named an “outstanding first-year teacher” by the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English as a “teacher of the year” for short? I’ve never seen much of a difference: In the headline of this 2011 piece, I described Sampson as a “teacher of the year,” but in the body of the piece I precisely described her award. Walker has been telling this story for four years, and no one thought his description of Sampson was dishonest until Gail Collins heard about it.

But the big error in Collins’s piece is her claim that “those layoffs happened because Walker cut state aid to education.” As you can see in the excerpt above, Collins is talking about teacher layoffs that occurred in 2010. Walker did not become governor until 2011.

The truth is that Walker’s reforms actually saved teachers’ jobs. Right before the 2012 Wisconsin recall election, Walker’s Democratic opponent Tom Barrett couldn’t name a single school that had been hurt by Walker’s policies. When Walker’s 2014 Democratic opponent Mary Burke was asked to name any schools hurt by Walker’s collective bargaining reform, she relayed an anecdote she’d heard secondhand about one school. Burke’s story didn’t check out, and the superintendent of that school wrote a letter telling Burke she didn’t know what she was talking about.

That’s a good reminder for Gail Collins (and the rest of us): Always check your facts.


One thing about the leftists at such rags as the Slimes.  They will ALWAYS telegraph who THEY fear the MOST in ANY election cycle.

We are still 20 months away from the 2016 presidental election, and ALREADY at the Slimes ( and elsewhere in the leftist media) the long knives are already coming for Walker.

You would think the professional left, such as MOST Slimes reporters are, would have NOTHING to fear from Walker, since HE is NOT a “college graduate”. What this says to me is they are afraid of him because he has MORE common sense, and can MUCH better relate to average Americans, than can the elitist sonsabitches at ALL major media outlets, ESPECIALLY the Slimes.

As Walker, or ANY non-GOPe candidate gains traction over who the leftist scum would like to see the GOPe put up, look for these types of fabrications to increase.

And remember, the average Slimes reader hasn’t enough sense to know WHEN they are being LIED to. My wish would be to see this moribund dinosaur go extinct BEFORE next year. But then, what would New Yorkers have to wrap fish guts in ?  Of course, what would be even BETTER, would be to see the look of sheer horror on their faces when THIS announcement is made Nov 8,2016,: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I PRESENT THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, SCOTT KEVIN WALKER”. THAT would be PRICELESS.


CLYDE. Too bad the “Grey Lady” hasn’t made her DEMISE.

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11 Responses to Another Day, Another Scott Walker Story That Is A LIE.

  1. Kathy says:

    Amazing how they can’t keep from lying even when quibbling over something so trivial, and the Slimes runs with it as gospel. Should they print a retraction, you’d have to hunt for it buried in the back pages in small print.

  2. Uriel says:

    Just read a post earlier today. The union boss was ranting and carrying on like a child who had a favorit toy taken away. Good on Anyone who is trying to break the unions strangle hold. I was in a teacher’s union and not because it was my choice. I paid county, state and federal dues so the bigwogs could line their pockets but never received any benefit. Frankly my children at home and school needed and would have appreciated that money a lot better than socialist fatheads.

  3. Hardnox says:

    No surprise that the left led by the Slimes would stoop to such lows and such lies. They are afraid of Walker. That much is sure.

    • Clyde says:

      Uncanny how the leftists ALWAYS tell US who they fear the MOST. Too bad the PSP most likely will toss Walker under the bus. Thanks, Boss.

      • Hardnox says:

        I agree. The establishment doesn’t like people like Walker who has a penchant for bucking the system and upsetting the status quo.

        • Uriel says:

          It is amazing how vulnerabilities are revealed by those that rant loudest, posture, and accuse first. If only the smart target of their attention would learn to turn that into a swift and factual attack, a lot of these bully pantywaists would be scrambling for the nearest outhouses where they belong.