Ted Cruz tells Obama and the FCC – Don’t Mess with the Internet!

I can’t help but compare Ted Cruz’s extemporaneous diatribe on the possibility of the FCC taking control of the Internet with any of Barack Obama’s two-minute statements WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER. Notice the absence of uhhhh and ahhhh and personal pronouns (I, my, me, etc.). What a breath of fresh air; an intelligent man speaking knowledgably about a subject that he is passionate about. I’d love to see Ted Cruz debate Barack Obama, one-on-one, about anything … without a liberal “host” to cover for him.

Cruz would leave Obama in a sobbing, quivering, lump of café au lait-colored Jello. I’d pay to see that!

And here’s another Cruz speech on the same subject. It’s also short (2:16 minutes).

The Internet is an incredible platform for 21st century jobs, growth, and opportunity—we need to make sure it continues to be.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is attempting to impose outdated 1934 rules on the Internet that are certain to stifle innovation. The FCC’s net neutrality plan will drive up the cost of consumer Internet plans, impose billions of new taxes on the Internet, and allow a panel of five unelected bureaucrats to regulate and control every aspect of the Internet.


Ted Cruz pretty much covers why we should worry about Obama and the FCC getting their grubby liberal hands on the Internet. Given this administration’s history (healthcare.gov and Obamacare, for example), just imagine what would be left after several thousand pages of new rules and regulations “adjusted” the operation of the Internet. And, as Cruz said, they won’t make the proposed new 332-pages of regulations public before the FCC votes on it – they’ll have to pass it for us to find out what’s in it – remember the last time that happened?


Source for the videos: Senator Cruz’s Senate website HERE.

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4 Responses to Ted Cruz tells Obama and the FCC – Don’t Mess with the Internet!

  1. Clyde says:

    If THIS guy isn’t the nominee next year, say HELLO to President Hitlary, or, worse yet, President Fauxahontas. Cruz is spot-on.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    1934 rules, 2015 rules, ANY rules are an imposition on the people thatthey do not need. Only the GOVERNMENT, not the People will gain from this.

  3. tannngl says:

    They’re talking about limiting speech on the net too. Who knows if that is in the regs or not but dems have thrown the idea out there.

    The internet has been true free speech campus where truth can be documented away from the state media’s lies. I think they may be trying to limit such speech due to its hindrance on the powers of government. Truth is a real problem for this administration.
    Of course there are the taxes…

    Thanks, Garnet92. Wonderful post. Cruz has it all over Obama.

  4. Kathy says:

    One of the things this brings to mind is how badly we need to put a stop to endless regulations put in place by bureaucrats instead of going through Congress. The EPA is the worst and the FCC is next. Time to tie some hands.