Yes, dear readers and friends, it is THAT time of the week to see WHO gets the pitcap, AND the MUCH sought-after H&F Weasel Of The Week.

This week’s Weasel is known to you all by several names, the WORST being Vice-President Of The United States Of America. The kindest being Crazy Uncle Joe. Without further ado, let’s get down to it with this week’s “honoree”…….


Our Weasel this week is none other than Joe “Bite Me” Biden, our “illustrious” Vice-President, and the CHEAPEST “insurance policy” Barack Hussein Obama could find.

Joe Biden, aka Bite Me. Unfortunately, ONE heartbeat away from being “leader” of the Free World. Our” leader” for WOTW. A much more fitting “honor” for him, eh ?



Bite Me gets the pitcap this week for THIS epic FAIL, out of MANY that have emanated from his piechute, and THAT would be a mere 8 SECONDS of immortality for saying THIS while addressing a crowd in Iowa honoring Rep. Neil Smith.


“VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Neil Smith, an old butt buddy, are you here? Neil, I miss you, man. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] I miss you”. –

You can see that video here  in case you missed it. For Crazy Joe’s continuing efforts at keeping us amused, he gets THIS:

Congrats, Joey The Clown. YOU are H&F’s Weasel Of The Week, and the WINNAH of this stylish pitcap. And, as an extra bonus for YOU, a set of custom ear plugs, to hold what’s left of your brain in.

Bite Me also becomes eligible for our end of the year AHOTY awards. The Committee MAY have to make a NEW category for THIS clown.

That wraps up the award for this week, dear readers. Tune in again next Sunday, when we once AGAIN name our Weasel Of The Week. Good day, and see you next weekend !!!!


CLYDE. Sundays have NOW become Fundays.





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8 Responses to O.K., FOLKS. IT’S SUNDAY

  1. Terry says:

    Another sterling selection, Clyde.
    And on a sidenote to Uncle Joe…..It’s time to move on. Neil Smith is in his 90’s now, and even with a whole bottle of Viagra, I don’t think he will be of much use to you. But, I hear Reggie Love is on the rebound.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yep, Joe’s the perfect choice for this week’s award. Don’t you know Neil Smith was proud to be called out by him in such a way?

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Delaware should be so proud……………

  4. tannngl says:


    But I say that to all of Biden’s remarks.
    And America just laughs. ugh