It Is Now Official.

Yessirree, Bob, we “deniers” are now, according to that ESTEEMED “science Guy”, Bill Nye, and 22,000 “believers” and Klimate Kool-Aid Drinkers, deniers instead of skeptics.

We KNOW we are winning when the leftists have to change the pejoratives. James Delingpole from Breitbart gives us the GOOD news.

Why I So Totally Love Being Called a ‘Climate Denier’

A New Mexico physicist has launched a petition – signed by 22,000 Klimate-Kool-Aid-drinkers, and counting – demanding that from henceforward climate sceptics be referred to in the media by their proper name.

That proper name, apparently, is “climate deniers”.

Among the signatories – and really this tells you all you need to know about the credibility of the petition – is the self-styled “Science Guy” Bill Nye.

Though the petition has caused a certain degree of discombobulation in climate sceptical circles, what I say is “bring it on.”

It’s not like it doesn’t happen already: all too often at the BBC, for example, the term “deniers” is already used interchangeably with “sceptics”, for all the world as if it were a respectable, reasonable and accurate epithet.

And what I like about it – indeed why I prefer it to the more neutral “sceptic” – is that it tells us so many helpfully negative things about the person who uses it.

It tells us how low they are prepared to stoop in their petulant desperation to slur the opposition, by tacitly equating sensible and valid doubts about the robustness of current climate science groupthink with the far less intellectually tenable position of denying the existence of the Holocaust.

It also tells us how little they value the scientific method and how poorly they grasp the history of science and the philosophy of science. Had they bothered acquainting themselves, for example, with Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, they would understand that scientific knowledge advances in fits and starts. One generation’s “consensus” is the next generation’s phlogiston.

We no longer believe, for example, that malaria (literally “bad air”) is transmitted by the miasma from swamps or that stomach ulcers are caused by stress. But for a period, these beliefs were as much a part of mainstream scientific thinking as “anthropogenic global warming” theory is today. Presumably, had the internet existed back then, there would have been petitions calling for the purblind fools who opposed those theories “bad air deniers” or “ulcer stress deniers”. Those petitions wouldn’t have made those hateful “deniers” any less correct in their novel hypotheses, though, would they?

Above all, though, it tells us how sorely ill-equipped intellectually these upholders of the alarmist “consensus” are to deal with their opponents’ arguments. If “man-made global warming” theory really were such a slam-dunk case there would be absolutely no need to try to silence the opposition with disparaging epithets. Their position would be demonstrably so foolish that no sensible person would be taken in for a second by their anti-scientific nonsense.

But it hasn’t quite worked out that way, has it?

For one thing, more and more evidence seems to be emerging that the ‘science’ behind global warming theory is about as trustworthy as Enron’s annual reports.

And for another, that pesky global weather appears to be proving stubbornly resistant to the warmist narrative.


So, those who do not agree with the climate clowns are now to be referred to as deniers ? EXCELLENT.

Hell, I’ve been calling MYSELF that for the past 5 YEARS now. Leftists, PLEASE try to keep up in the future. I know it’s tough for your itty bitty moonbat brains to digest, but TRY, OK ?

Klimate Klowns, instead of trotting out a new “insult”, try calling us THIS instead. It will be MUCH more accurate, AND, as a bonus, you, for once, would be telling the truth.

And THIS would be…..wait for it…. RIGHT.


CLYDE. Moonbats are SO CUTE when they are ANGRY. bwahahahahahaha

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13 Responses to It Is Now Official.

  1. CW says:

    Such typical leftwing bullying. There’s nothing that’s stopping any climate Chicken Little from calling the skeptics whatever they want to call them, including “deniers.” In my experience the “denier” label is thrown about all the time. But that’s not enough for the leftwing bullies. They won’t be happy until they coerce all of their fellow leftists to fall in lockstep with them to maximize the impact of the bullying. It’s like being in 6th grade.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    They are so clumsy in their attempts at Saul Alinsky tactics.
    “Climate deniers” is the feeble attempt to attach ridicule to their opposition.
    I Am A Denier!

    • Clyde says:

      As you well know being a long-time reader, Cap, I used to sign all my climate posts CLYDE : Denier, and DAMN PROUD of it. Thanks, Cap. Good comments as always.

  3. carolinmd says:

    22,000 believers in the science community who are on board for global warming-climate change? These numbers are a drop in the scientific bucket and Bill Nye is a pathetic phony!
    There is an interesting global scientific research organization called “ResearchGATE”. ResearchGATE keeps a global count of it’s users of this medium of collected scientific data across the world.
    So, it is assumed that in the “global market” there are about 12,000,000 people in the scientific sector. In addition to this number, there are still millions more scientists who remain unaccounted for.
    Bill Nye is trying to intimidate the Deniers with a paltry number of 22,000 on board scientist who give lip service to the Marxist marchers for world globalization? Compared to the 12 million plus scientists who have not signed on, I’d say they don’t have a scientific leg to stand on, and the Deniers stand proud!

    • Clyde says:

      That’s the way the leftist scum ALWAYS do it,carolinmd. The “vocal minority”. It works with the non-thinkers of the limpstream media. Good info, and thanks for it.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I don’t deny that the climate changes. It always has and always will. What has to change is the idea we can fix something that isn’t broken by raising prices on energy and taxing folks in an effort to stop it.
    If the believers truly want to help the planet, they can start by taking themselves out of the gene pool.

    • Clyde says:

      Nothing to argue in your fine comments, I.R. You would think the asshats would be GLAD the “climate” changes. Otherwise, we’d still be under a frigging MILE of ICE.

  5. Kathy says:

    Their tactics to shame us into believing their climate BS won’t work. There’s too much real science to counter their blather. Wearing the label proudly over here.

    • Clyde says:

      You KNOW when they try the shame shit, their arguments are FAILING. Absolutely correct about the science PROVING they are WRONG. How much of it do we see in the limpstream media ? ZILCH. Thanks, Kathy.

  6. upaces88 says:

    It found that the amount of money flowing through third-party, pass-through foundations like DonorsTrust and Donors Capital, whose funding cannot be traced, has risen dramatically over the past five years.

    In all, 140 foundations funneled $558 million to almost 100 climate denial organizations from 2003 to 2010.