HEY, MOONBATS ! How’s That Global Warming Working Out For Ya ?

In an all-to-typical scenario, we see YET ANOTHER “global warming protest” CANCELLED due to …wait for it….. BEING TOO COLD.

All I have to say about it is BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Michael Bastasch from The Daily Caller.com brings us the CHILLING facts. Moonbats, anyway.

It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale

Hey, Yalies. Ask THESE guys about global warming. Take’em down some Cokes as well. Remember to notify your next of kin.

Yale anti-fossil fuel campaigners have indefinitely postponed a protest that was set for this weekend due to “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues.”

Fossil Free Yale, a group pushing the university to divest itself from fossil fuels, told the Yale Daily News that frigid, snowy weather set for this weekend will mean their global warming protest will have to be postponed.

FFY’s Mitch Barrow said that “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues, including some cancellations from speakers and performance groups” would mean they would not be able to rally on Global Divestment Day — a day where environmental groups urge institutions like Yale to divest from fossil fuels, like coal, natural gas and oil.

As this reporter writes this article, the weather in New Haven, Connecticut where Yale is located stands at -9 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill. Saturday is expected to have weather in the low 30s with snow and Sunday will be 20 degrees with snow and rain, according to the Weather Channel.

The Yale Daily reports that FFY “had organized a series of events to rally support for its cause, including performances from student groups, guest speakers and a collaborative art installation” to protest Yale’s decision not to divest from fossil fuels six months ago. FFY remains adamant that the event is more than just about activities, it’s about “a shift in the way in which FFY will both be articulating its goals and engaging with the administration.”

“[The event] here on campus will reflect the growing movement as we recognize that we are participating in a global day of action,” FFY member Maya Jenkins told the Yale Daily. “Globally, the divestment campaign is really turning up the heat against fossil fuels by changing the traditional conversation around them.”

Environmentalists began pushing for schools in the last couple of years, signaling a new approach to how they plan on tackling global warming. If they can’t regulate them out of existence, they will target their investors.

“The fossil fuel divestment movement has grown exponentially over the last two years–now it’s going global,” said May Boeve, executive director of 350.org, the group that started the divestment movement. “From the Pacific Islands to South Africa, from the United States to Germany, people are standing up and challenging the power of the fossil fuel industry. We know that fossil fuels are the past and clean energy is the future.”

But divestment has been criticized by global warming skeptics, conservatives and even liberals. The American Security Project, a D.C.-based left-wing think tank, argued that divestment will “not cause any meaningful financial impact to fossil fuel companies, but could hurt the universities and colleges dependent on fossil fuel share dividends.”

So far the divestment movement has met with little success as most colleges and universities have rejected calls to divest themselves of fossil fuel holdings, saying it would hurt their abilities to provide scholarships and other opportunities for students.

Harvard was one such school to reject fossil fuel divestment. In protest, 40 students with Divest Harvard staged a sit-in in the same building as Harvard President Drew Faust’s office. But even as some students become more adamant about divesting, others are finding it to be counterproductive.

“Disrupting University business is not open debate, it is not free speech, and it is not a productive way to move forward on this desperately critical issue,” reads a Harvard Crimson editorial. “Harvard deserves better, and so does the environment.”

The North East has been pummeled by poor weather and snow all week and Yale’s divestment rally is not the first global warming event to be cancelled. Earlier this week, a state legislature forum on global warming was cancelled due to bad weather.

“I hope these repeated, severe storms serve as a platform for some important conversations around bolstering our natural and built infrastructure against climate change once a new date has been set for this discussion,” said Democratic State Sen. Marc Pacheco, who chairs the state senate committee that organized the summit.


You would think, sooner or later, these asshats would wake up and smell the FRAUD that AGW really is.

But, then again, Yale IS one of those “institutions” that have wreaked it’s lunacy THROUGHOUT our society, so I guess it would be asking WAY too much of these clowns to THINK about this issue, instead of EMOTE, and PARROT the leftist lies about the subject.

With records for snow being shattered on a daily basis in the Northeast, I would think they would try to “appease” the God of Snow, Hekki Lunta, and keep their traps SHUT, lest ol’ Hekki decides to dump a few MORE feet of “global warming” on the morons.


CLYDE. Doing the “Hekki Lunta Dance” on the global warming moonbats.

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6 Responses to HEY, MOONBATS ! How’s That Global Warming Working Out For Ya ?

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Dumb asses. Protesting global warming in the middle of Winter in the middle of Connecticut….
    Kinda makes one wonder what they teach at those schools for the super smart..

    • Clyde says:

      Well, Cap, think about how many of the “graduates” of the damnable Ivy-League schools are NOW in high governmental positions. Therein lies the problem. With the left having their knickers in a wad over Scott Walker NOT being a “college graduate”, I say GOOD. NOW maybe someone with some goddamned COMMON SENSE can start to straighten out the mess these “geniuses” have gotten us into.

  2. tannngl says:

    I wonder if the irony of these cancelled protests due to COLD! ever settle in the minds of these barking moon bats.

    Thanks, Clyde. Can always depend on you for the truth about global warming, er, I mean, climate change.

  3. Kathy says:

    “unfavorable weather conditions”….that’s liberalese for it’s not worth it to freeze their butts off for their cause. Dimwits.