It IS “Funny Friday”,After All……

And THIS is about the funniest thing I’ve read in quite a while.

Jim Treacher, from The Daily gives us the chuckle.

Charlie Rangel To Benjamin Netanyahu: Meet Me By The Bike Racks After School

By Jim Treacher  3:05 PM 02/12/ 2015

If you think Charlie Rangel is going to let those uppity Jews embarrass Obama, you’ve got another think coming. Oh, it’s on now!

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The asshat tweeted to BiBi THIS shitor: “BiBi, if you have a problem with our POTUS’s foreign policy, meet me at AIPAC, not on the House floor”. Charlie, you derelict, you had BEST bring a platoon of NBPP goons, AND a big lunch. Asshole.


Look into his eyes, Bibi. He’s not messing around. Don’t you dare accept that invitation to speak before Congress, or he’ll pinch his chin some more until you say “הדוד.”


GOD, this is HILARIOUS. OK, my friends, WHO would YOU pick for this schoolyard brawl ?  THIS :

P.M. Netanyahu, when he was in the IDF .


The unindicted criminal Rangel, sprawled out like the beached whale he looks like.

Hell, I’d STILL take BiBi, ANYTIME over THIS slug. Hey, Pay-Per-View, HERE is a GREAT idea. You know where to send the check…….


CLYDE. Democrats. Proving over and over they have ZERO clue when shooting their stupid yaps.

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9 Responses to It IS “Funny Friday”,After All……

  1. Terry says:

    You are forgetting one thing, Clyde.
    Rangel is from Harlem. He won’t be coming alone. THEY never do.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Don’t worry, Terry. Those Jews have been outnumbered since before the State of Israel became a reality.

  3. Bullright says:

    Does that mean that whole Wright, Farrakhan, Lewis,Jackson, Rangel, Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and Elijah Cummings lot will be mad if he comes? Not to mention the Mo-Bro administration. Whew, all the more reason to come then.Make it a red carpet event..

  4. upaces88 says:

    Rangel is so filled with his own self…he reallllly doesn’t care what happens to anyone else. He sold his Soul a very long time ago…dragging a lot of people with him.