Guns were banned – so how could there be a shooting?

  Teen charged in triple shooting at Pittsburgh-area mall

From:, February 8, 2015, read the article HERE.


Tarod Thornhill

Three people were hospitalized Sunday with gunshot wounds after a 17-year-old male opened fire on a man at a Pittsburgh-area mall, police said, striking his intended target as well as two bystanders.

The Monroeville Mall went on lockdown Saturday evening after the shooting. The gunman managed to escape but police say they were able to identify him by matching surveillance video with images on social media.

 The suspect, Tarod Thornhill, was arrested at a home in Brackenridge about 3:15 a.m. Sunday.

Thornhill is charged as an adult with aggravated assault, attempted homicide, and recklessly endangering other people, the Allegheny County Police Department said in a press release Sunday morning.

Thornhill will be held at Allegheny County Jail to await arraignment.

Police were able to positively identify Thornhill using images from social media and store video surveillance, the release said.

Gunfire erupted inside the Macy’s department store at about 7:30 p.m., sending panicked shoppers running. Police went store to store to evacuate the mall, which closed for the night.

Police Chief Douglas Cole said two men and a woman were shot, including the man who was targeted. He said the two men were in critical condition, while the woman was in stable condition.

“This was not random,” Cole told reporters. “We have evidence that leads to that.” He declined to elaborate.

In late December, hundreds of teenagers gathered at the mall and several fights broke out. The fights caused local officials and mall administration to agree on a plan to increase security there.

Pennsylvania native and ex-NFL quarterback Terrelle Pryor tweeted Saturday that he was at the mall, a short drive east of Pittsburgh, when the shooting occurred.

“Damn was just in monroeville mall and just saw 2 ppl get shot,” he tweeted. “They are letting guns go in there.”

Shoppers described chaos as shots rang out.

“All of the sudden we heard people screaming,” Athena Coffey of Churchill told KDKA-TV, “and the next thing you see is a bunch of people, teenagers, scared to death, just exodus en masse in a way you could not believe. I grabbed my children, husband, we started screaming `go, go, go!”‘

Yvette Jackson of North Braddock was attending a birthday party at Giggles and Smiles, a fitness and fun center for children.

“We saw a lot of running, a lot of chaos,” she told the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review. She said she and other patrons were locked in the store for about 45 minutes until police came and let them out.

Four on-duty police officers have been stationed in the mall on Friday and Saturday evenings at the mall’s request, Monroeville Mayor Gregory Erosenko said.

“I would have thought that having four officers there would have deterred any incident like we saw (Saturday),” he told the newspaper.

Weapons are banned at the mall, whose code of conduct specifically prohibits “Carrying or displaying weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.”

The mall, which is owned and managed by CBL & Associates Properties Inc., of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has 1.1 million square feet of shopping space. It says on its website it features more than 125 stores and eateries, anchored by JCPenney, Macy’s and Barnes & Noble.

No one answered the phone at CBL offices after business hours Saturday. A mall security officer reached by telephone said he couldn’t talk.


But, but, but, weapons were banned. And yet a black teen somehow secured a handgun (the background check didn’t stop him?), he ignored the signage (whoa – you mean the sign didn’t stop him?) and he managed to shoot three people – say it ain’t so!

Another shooting in a “gun free” zone – are you surprised?

This story is true, it really happened. But since it’s another case of a black teen attempting murder, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eric Holder and Obama get involved.

Maybe something like this:

Obama’s Justice Department took steps on Sunday that show the extent to which the administration will go to correct the disproportional number of arrests of black teens.

Authorities were directed to release Tarod Thornhill and to arrest Sean O’Malley, a white Irish teen instead.

Attorney General Eric Holder explained that the adjustment was necessary to satisfy the department’s new diversity policy. He noted that a disproportionate number of black teens have been arrested and adjustments were necessary to equalize arrest rates among other ethnic groups.

Mr. Thornhill was released Sunday, with police apologizing for the error. Mr. O’Malley will be arraigned on Monday.




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19 Responses to Guns were banned – so how could there be a shooting?

  1. CW says:

    Or maybe what will happen is that Sharpton and Holder will hold a press conference to angrily denounce the mall owners, who most likely are white, for their failure to enforce their own “no guns” policy. There will be law suits and the requisite wealth will be transferred from the white oppressors to the black victims. As a result and in order for malls around the country to continue doing business in such an environment, patrons will now have to be strip-searched when they enter the malls.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Yeah, I can see it now, Oburlap taking credit for creating thousands of new jobs as the mall owners must hire ex-TSA people to do the strip searches!

  2. Kathy says:

    No, they will ignore this as it proves them wrong in that gun-free zones don’t stop criminals. This sounds like it was a love triangle and the shooter was hell-bent on revenge, and the location was a convenience, so there won’t be a peep out of the feds. No way to turn this guy into a victim.

    • captbogus2 says:

      C’mon, Kathy. How many “Gun Free Zone” shootings does there have to be to prove it don’t work??

      • Garnet92 says:

        The anti-gun people will never accept that “gun free zones” don’t work – it is one of their commandments, like the “gun show loophole.”

        • upaces88 says:

          These people who want “guns” to be banned are idiots. Do they reallllly think that criminals “buy” their weapons? NO!! They steal them from people…then go rob or kill someone else.


      • Kathy says:

        None for me, Cap, but the feds seem to need a bigger number before they buy into it.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Now Kathy, you know that there is always a way to turn the shooter into a victim if he is of a dark persuasion. Latest is that he was on his way to school and just dropped into the mall for some Skittles, when he was accosted by the victims and had to “stand his ground” or get pummeled. He’s just being persecuted because he is a thug of color.

  3. asdf says:

    eric holder wants more people to be murdered

  4. captbogus2 says:

    Your scenario on Mr. O’Malley would be funny. If it weren’t so close to the truth.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Agree there capt., if Holder had another term or two, he’d find a way to equal out the accursed “disproportionate” conditions and replace those unfortunate black teens in prison with white people – we all know that the Ofeeble administration has been relentless in its pursuit of equality, right?

  5. Saltwater says:

    Not to worry, the mall has a plan – ban anyone under 18 on weekends.

    Expect a great outcry, wailing and gnashing of teeth, the first time a mall cop asks someone to prove they are not under that age. “Profiling! Profiling! This racist rent-a-pig is profiling!”

    One wonders what action they would have taken if the shooter had been a year older – or the attack had taken place on a Wednesday afternoon instead of a Sunday night.

    “You can’t fix stupid.” ~ Ron White

    • Garnet92 says:

      Good catch Salty. I especially like your comment about what they would have done if the shooter had been 18? Malls are today’s teens playground, I wonder what they’ll do now to keep the kids busy – perhaps set up midnight basketball?

      Next thing will be a 1,000 teen free-for-all in the mall’s parking lot – in …3 …3 …1 …

  6. Terry says:

    Now that was just an “isolated incident” .
    Ooops…check that…the incident on Dec. 26th was just an “isolated incident”:

    Since then, there are promises to make sure it doesn’t happen again !

    As for the ‘Over 21 escort’, that just means they will now have someone with them to LEGALLY buy the booze.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    Terry, the mall officials are incredibly dumb, all they need is to place “NO FIGHTING” signage around the mall – problem solved – they’ll be just as successful as the “NO WEAPONS” signs were.

    Of course, they could also go as far as erecting signs stating that no more than 999 teens could occupy the mall at any one time.

  8. captbogus2 says:

    How about this sign:

    This Mall Is 100% Concealed Carry Friendly
    Act Accordingly

  9. Hardnox says:

    This stupid shit just keeps repeating itself over and over again when we all know the solution: Arm-up and BAN lefty feel-good laws.