So, THIS Is OK, And THIS Isn’t ?

In the wide weird world that passes as college campii these days, supporting and defending a CONVICTED pedophile is good, but defending your views about gay marriage ISN’T ?

Something is SERIOUSLY wrong in our “institutions of higher learning”, and it starts with an “L”.

Rick Moran from The American has this episode into silliness.


Marquette University administration looks to fire conservative tenured prof

Feb. 06 2015  By Rick Moran

HERE is where political correctness has brought us.

And where it is taking us.


The controversy over a blog posting by Marquette University professor John McAdams continues, as the administration informed the conservative professor that they would seek to revoke his tenure and fire him.

McAdams published a blog on his Marquette Warrior site highlighting an incident in an ethics class where the grad student teaching the class told a student not to express his anti-gay marriage views because it may offend some people. McAdams called the instructor out for stifling free speech and academic freedom, which resulted in some nasty e-mails to the grad student.

The administration took the view that McAdams was responsible for the unhinged response to the instructor. What happened next is incredible:

On December 16, Richard C. Holz, dean of Marquette’s Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, suspended McAdams. The suspension letter stated that Marquette was “continuing to review [McAdams’s] conduct” and ordered him not to enter the Marquette campus except with advance permission from the university. Holz did not inform McAdams of any alleged policy violations justifying the suspension, as Marquette’s faculty policies require. Marquette later claimed in public statements that McAdams was “under review” and had not been suspended, claiming that its “definition of suspension is without pay”—which is also contradicted by Marquette policies governing faculty suspension. On December 18, Marquette cancelled McAdams’s spring semester classes.

In a January 2 letter, Holz told McAdams that he “had no justification to put [the] graduate student’s name in [his] internet posts” and informed him that as a result of his doing so, Abbate had received harassing and threatening letters and emails and had decided to transfer to another doctoral program. Marquette publicly justified McAdams’s continued suspension and ban from campus by claiming that “[t]he safety of [Marquette’s] students and campus community is [its] top priority.” Though it had not charged McAdams with any conduct violations, Marquette further stated that it “does not tolerate harassment and will not stand for faculty members subjecting students to any form of abuse, putting them in harm’s way.”

In a January 30 letter calling for McAdams’s immediate reinstatement, FIRE cautioned Marquette that unilaterally suspending McAdams for the opinions expressed on his blog violated his freedom of speech and academic freedom. FIRE also pointed out Marquette’s multiple violations of faculty policies, noted its public insinuations that McAdams constituted a threat to campus safety, and highlighted the severe threat to free speech posed by Marquette’s claim that McAdams was directly culpable for the actions of unknown individuals who allegedly harassed or threatened Abbate after reading his blog.

“A fundamental principle of our society is that you aren’t responsible for how unrelated and possibly unhinged third parties react to your speech,” said FIRE’s Shibley. “Marquette’s disgraceful argument is no different in principle from saying that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were somehow to blame for their own deaths.”

So despite repeatedly violating the school’s policies, administration officials are upping the ante in their vendetta against McAdams by seeking his ouster. If you’re not allowed to call out others teaching at your university for egregious violations of free speech, what’s the point of academic freedom – especially since the administration is making the patently ridiculous claim that the action planned against McAdams has nothing to do with those issues?

“It’s madness to claim that Marquette’s case against McAdams has ‘nothing to do’ with his academic freedom and free speech rights. You could hardly have a more direct attack on both freedoms than the one Marquette is mounting,” said Peter Bonilla, director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program. “If a professor can be fired for being less civil in pedagogical debates than administrators would prefer, freedom in the academy is simply nonexistent.”

Marquette is nominally a Catholic university, so the notion that Catholics on campus cannot express the tenets of their faith and oppose gay marriage is absurd. The drive to achieve conformity of thought through threats and punitive actions isn’t relegated to one college campus, of course. It is a nationwide phenomenon that won’t stop until parents and students wake up and demand changes.


These leftist universities have turned into the most INTOLERANT places on Earth. It seems as if on leftist run campuses across the country, political correctness trumps everything ELSE, much to the very detriment of the universities, and in general society.

Thursaday, I ran this post, HERE, about a loon defending a CONVICTED pedophile, and a post HERE about a loon saying rodents were wiser than humans about global warming, all OK on today’s campuses, but let a TENURED professor stray from the politically correct dogma as practiced on same campii, you’d swear they let Jews into a mosque, or Klansmen into a NBPP meeting.

IF Professor McAdams loses his job over THIS, then ALL professors espousing THEIR personal and political views should be shitcanned as well.

This will bear watching. Hopefully, the Regents will come to their senses, but I doubt it. The cowards are like the Republican leadership. Too scared THEY will be viewed as homophobes, or WORSE, conservatives.

THIS is what I think of the scourge of P.C.


CLYDE. The ONLY thing more deserving of a speedy death than militant Islam is political correctness.

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20 Responses to So, THIS Is OK, And THIS Isn’t ?

  1. Crawfish says:

    Whaddya expect from Marquette U?

    This is a school that 20 years ago changed their team name because they say WARRIORS is racist and bigoted against American Indians.

    Uh…..really? All American military personnel and veterans are WARRIORS, and we come from all races and creeds. Every person who has ever fought for their family, faith, tribe, or nation is a WARRIOR!

    Marquette is bigoted against all of us.
    They should change their team name to WUSSIES!

  2. Grouchy says:

    Beyond Insane.
    What would have happened to the debates on the Declaration of Independence, as well as the drafting of the Constitution, had “PC” been a determinant factor???

  3. CW says:

    >>”…political correctness trumps everything ELSE…”

    Political correctness is just a nicer name for leftwing censorship, and leftwing censorship is how the civil war against conservatives is being won. In this country we don’t fight for our rights with weapons or fists. We fight with words and courts. Leftists have been busy little bees trying to stack the courts with activists who re-write the laws in their favor. This, everyone knows. But political correctness is just as devious and just as powerful, and too many people fail to appreciate that.

    • Clyde says:

      Take a bow, CW. You have nailed P.C. to a T. Thanks.

    • upaces88 says:

      I was shocked when I was going to Graduate School for a Masters in Counseling.
      I had to learn NOT TO:
      Roll my eyes
      Allow my jaw to drop
      Flip my head around as though to say, “Are you friggin’ nuts!!”

      Finally, I had to sit at the back of the room because I was told: “It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to indicate your disapproval. You “answer the the questions on the test to what I AM TELLING YOU.”

  4. Garnet92 says:

    WE have some responsibility in this tsunami of political correctness, we’ve been mute and silently sat on our collective asses while the left (playing long ball) have been ramping up their infiltration of our schools (especially colleges and universities). This didn’t start yesterday, they’ve been plotting and planning this for decades. How did we let this happen? We’re smarter than they are, but their deviousness has negated our advantage in raw brain power. In effect, they outsmarted us by planting seeds in our schools and growing and fertilizing the sprouts (fertilizing is an especially appropriate term) until they are able to reap the harvest – of liberal, politically correct, young adults.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Garney, you would almost think a foreign government engineered this. And if you dig deep enough, you’l find the roots go all the way to the former Soviet Union.

    • Clyde says:

      Well, Garnet, we do have some responsibilty here, BUT, by the SAME token, we were busy working, raising families, running businesses, etc etc, thinking MOST of the government, and academe, media, et al, were on OUR side. WRONG,and, like the termites they are, the left was slowly gnawing away at our foundations. Ain’t enough Orkin Men to exterminate them all.

  5. Kathy says:

    CW is right and McAdams should be up on a huge soapbox with a megaphone in hand pointing out their flawed thinking and subsequent actions. This will never stop as long as we let them control the fight. Time to make new rules.

  6. Hardnox says:

    If the left didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.