Canadian Terrorists Tied to Muslim Students Association


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Canadian terrorists tied to Muslim Students Association

SALMAN ASHRAFI Credits: Calgary Sun/QMI Agency


Eleven of Canada’s highest-profile jihadi terrorists, terror suspects and alleged extremists have ties to the Muslim Students Association, a security conference has heard.

The data was presented on Thursday evening by the Canadian Military Intelligence Association in Ottawa, where three men were charged Tuesday with terrorism-related offences.
Suspect Awso Peshdary, 25, was an invited speaker of the Muslim Students Association at Ottawa’s Algonquin College last year. He’s accused of financing efforts to send recruits from Canada to Syria to join the Islamic State.
A second man, Khadar Khalib, 23, was a member of the same MSA and the third suspect, John Maguire, 24, attended MSA events at the University of Ottawa. The latter two are believed to be in Syria.
The 11 named at the security conference range from people, like Maguire, who reportedly attended a few MSA events, to top executives like former MSA leader Salman Ashrafi of Calgary.
He blew himself up in November 2013 in a double suicide bombing at an Iraqi military base, reportedly killing 46 people on behalf of ISIS.
Former friends in Lethbridge, Alberta say Ashrafi was very involved in the MSA.
The Muslim Students Association has operated on Canadian campuses since its inception the early 1960s when Canada’s Muslim population numbered just a few thousand.

The number of MSA clubs is estimated at several hundred across North America, providing prayer space and social events as well as speeches by imams and other Islamic presenters.

Some MSA members had more sinister plans, however, including al-Qaida financier Ahmed Said Khadr, the now-deceased head of Canada’s first family of terror and father of convicted killer Omar Khadr. (My Note~ This guy is now in an Edmonton Prison but he wants to attend the Edmonton University! I’ll bet he doesn’t so much want to be educated as he much as he wants to convert others to his terroristic ways!)
In her 2008 book entitled Guantanamo’s Child, journalist Michelle Shephard said the father was radicalized at the University of Ottawa’s MSA in the 1970s.
Ahmed Khadr was killed in a 2003 shootout with Pakistani security forces near the Afghan border.
The activities of former MSA members have also caught the attention of law enforcement south of the border.

The New York Police Department said in 2012 that it monitored MSA groups, individuals and online activity across the Northeast in 2006 and 2007.
The NYPD defended its operation by citing 12 convicted or suspected terrorists in the United States and abroad who had once been MSA members.
In its 2007 report, “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” the NYPD mentioned “radicalization that has permeated some Muslim student associations.”
The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the conservative think-tank Middle East Forum have all reported that the MSA was heavily financed by Saudi Arabia.
In its 2003 profile of the group, the Wall Street Journal noted that Saudi Arabia has “for decades has tried to inculcate young people with a fundamentalist and intolerant version of Islam.”
E-mails to MSA’s North American headquarters in Flint, Michigan were not returned by press time.
However, Adam Tulul, MSA president at Algonquin College, told QMI in an e-mail that the organization “unequivocally condemns violent extremism in all its forms.”
He said anyone who opposes Canadian foreign policy should “channel their energies proactively by becoming engaged citizens who express themselves through peaceful means.”
This hits a little too close to home! How many of this guys friends in Lethbridge are also terrorists hiding out in the small community of 90,000 people….. attending the University of Lethbridge? How many in Calgary are there?
I’ve always had the uneasy feeling about the MSA groups. Guess my intuition was right on the money! It’s time Mr. Harper to shut them down!
~Blessed B~
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8 Responses to Canadian Terrorists Tied to Muslim Students Association

  1. Clyde says:

    There is no question the muslims are trying to infiltrate the repositories of the young skulls full of mush. Perfect place for the jihadist wanna-bes, away from the influence of their parents, many of whom recognize the threat, and thinking that SOMEHOW, they are “bucking the system” by swallowing the lies of the animals. Good post.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Political Correctness has become so toxic that most people are afraid to be open and honest about what they are seeing, hearing about and witnesses first hand.
    IT IS time to “call a spade a spade.”

    • Blessed B. says:

      I agree Upaces….time for a quick death to political correctness and just call it what it is!

  3. Kathy says:

    I’m seeing a huge contrast here in what your media is putting out versus ours on this subject. I slog through several media sites almost daily and I never see any reports of our authorities ferreting out these terrorists in the making. I guess our media is too far up O’s butt to see anything else going on around them.

    The MSA is nothing but bad news and I hope our authorities are watching them in spite of the failure to report on it.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Sun News Network is the only one that is putting out the truth…..all the rest are up Trudunces behind! If it wasn’t for Sun News we also wouldn’t be getting the straight news about it all! Well…..most wouldn’t….I might due to my connections 🙂 It helps being friends with Harper and a couple of his Cabinet.

      I hope your authorities are watching them also…..though with Obi in office….they might be off limits. He thinks it better to watch Christian groups and Conservatives!

  4. Judy says:

    Civilized countries with leftist leadership (in the US it’s just a leftist – no leader here) purport political correctness, why can’t we all just get along, etc. We should all be kumbaya and embrace the idea of sympathizing with the jihadist muslims (Actually, the liberal statement was we should empathize with them which can only happen if we have been there done that; otherwise it is sympathize). As we waste time with this, the radical muslim terrorists are honing their skills, getting more and more confident. They know what they want, how they plan to make it happen, and who they plan to do it to. We’ve seen from our own 2008 & 2012 presidential elections that young people are VERY impressionable and easy to sway to a particular way of thinking.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Hi Judy! Thanks for commenting!

      Yes….. Political Correctness is a life killer! The Libs all seem to think that everyone should be careful not to offend anybody…. unfortunately it ends up that one is not able to tell the unmitigated truth if using the PC!

      If the truth offends someone…then it’s their problem to deal with. Sympathizing with radicals of any sort means we are willing to excuse their behaviors.

      The terrorists already have a game plan that they are following. They are further ahead in it than we are in understanding it!

      Young people are not being taught to think for themselves. The indoctrination centers ( aka schools) make sure that this happens! Parents are just as much to blame…..they allow teachers and school admin. to push their brand of truth without stepping in or taking an interest in what their children are being taught or told.

      Once the USA can get an actual leader who isn’t a PC fan, the better it will be. 🙂