Greenwald & Snowden Join Canadian Lib-Left in Writing Off Terrorism as Non-Issue

From Canada Free Press

ISIS must be sending out resounding cheers for media-darling ‘whistleblowers’  Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald,  for leading Canadian high school students through a sleep walk on the dangers of Islamic terrorism.

According to former Guardian journalist Greenwald , a Canadian’s real-world chance of being killed in a terrorist attack is “infinitesimal.”

That’s what Greenwald told almost 1,400 Upper Canada College students who watched a one-sided online talk titled, “Privacy vs. Security: A Discussion of Personal Privacy in the Digital Age”, only one day before ISIS released its grisly video showing Jordanian pilot Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned alive.

“If you are a Canadian citizen, you have a greater chance of dying by being struck by lightning; or by going to a restaurant and eating a meal that will give you an intestinal disease; or by slipping in your bathtub, hitting your head on the ceramic tile than you do dying in a terrorist attack,” claims Greenwald. (Huffington Post, Feb. 3, 2015)

Try telling that to the grieving loved ones of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, slaughtered by Islamic terrorists less than four months ago, Mr. Greenwald.

Just like the lib-left opposition parties in Ottawa, Monsieurs Greenwald and Snowden seem bent out of shape that Canada’s Prime Minister is pushing new anti-terrorism measures into legislation.

“Your government continuously hypes the threat and tells you that unless you give it more and more power it will be incapable of saving you from this threat,” Greenwald said.

Many would call what Greenwald and Snowden dished out to the students at Upper Canada College one-sided “hype”.

Questions for Canada Upper College: “On whose authority and from what experience do Greenwald and Snowden get to speak online to Toronto private school students?”

Neither Greenwald nor Snowden lives in Canada.  Neither has ever been a Canadian resident.

What qualifies them as experts or teachers on the subject of international terrorism?

Concerned parents, who put the safety of their children first,  want to know.

Ironic that Greenwald and Snowden would get to address an audience of school youngsters in Toronto, which,  among other things,  is home of the ‘Toronto 18’ terrorists who meant to bomb the CN Tower, attack Parliament, behead the prime minister and murder MPs.

It was harsh reality and not hype that Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke about in his address on terrorism on Jan. 31.

Noting how Canadian authorities have been able to foil a number of planned terrorist strikes, he added that “sometimes terrorists have been able to get through”.

“We saw this when innocent Canadians were murdered in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and in Ottawa at the very heart of our democracy. (Stephen Harper)

“We cannot avoid the stark reality.

“Jihadist terrorism is not a future possibility, it is a present reality.

“Violent jihadism is not just a danger somewhere else.

“It seeks to harm us here in Canada, in our cities, and in our neighbourhoods through horrific acts like deliberately driving a car at a defenceless man, or shooting a soldier in the back as he stands on guard at a War Memorial.”

Within days of the prime minister’s address on terrorism, it was revealed that Toronto, home of the ‘Toronto 18’,  is also home to suspected Islamic State VIP ‘Toronto Jane’.

“A mysterious jihadist who left her home in Canada in late November to join ISIS has toured the caliphate like a VIP, appearing in key locations throughout Syria and Iraq and prompting intel analysts to wonder what is behind her seemingly elevated status. (FoxNews, Feb. 4, 2015)

“Little is known about the woman who calls herself “Lama Sharif al-Shammari” on Twitter and who terrorism experts simply call “L.A.” They believe she left Canada some time after Nov. 23 to join Islamic State, arrived on Dec. 8 and was in Syria as recently as Tuesday. Analysts believe she may be a Sunni Muslim of Saudi descent.

“L.A. – or “Toronto Jane” as she has also been dubbed by Khan’s group – has been to at least five cities within the vast territory controlled by Islamic State, leaving tracks in strongholds like Raqqa, Syria, as well as appearing in Kobani, where the terror group fought its most ferocious battles with Kurdish forces supported by U.S. airstrikes. She has also turned up in the Syrian cities of Dier ez Zur and Aleppo and in Mosul, Iraq.

“But what sets “L.A.” apart from thousands of radicalized foreigners who have flocked from North America and Europe to the terrorist army’s killing fields is that her Twitter account shows she has been to virtually every corner of Islamic State’s bloody realm within a three-week period, according to analysts. They believe her whirlwind itinerary indicates she is somehow significant and has risen inexplicably through the ranks.

“What is really surprising is that in a very short period of time, L.A. appears to have taken an extremely active role with ISIS,” said Veryan Khan, of the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), a Florida-based global research firm specializing in political violence and terrorism.

“Government and private intelligence agencies closely monitor social media accounts of known jihadists, not only for the substance of their chatter, but also for its origin. Khan said the woman known as L.A. has sent Tweets applauding Islamic State atrocities from “virtually every major city that ISIS controls.

“Her posts were first noted by the Ontario-based intelligence research company iBRABO, which worked with TRAC while monitoring her cell phone location matching it up with corresponding tweets. The firm claims it has pinpointed her recent presence in Kobani and Mosul down to specific homes.

“According to Canadian media reports, the Canadian Security Intelligence Services has documented 130 to 145 citizens who allegedly left Canada to participate in terrorist activities, including 30 fighting with terrorist organizations in Syria.

“About 80 returned to the country, the agency reported, allegedly for terrorism-related purposes. The government has opened investigations into another 90 citizens with suspected extremists ties.”

Canadian lib-left opposition parties, along with the help of their friends Greenwald and Snowden, aim to curtail the Canadian government from stopping recruitment of its citizens by revoking citizenship and passports of extremists.

Sleepwalking through the clear and present dangers of Islamic terrorism can get you killed.

Message to Upper Canada College: This is no time to let political activists lead your students on a sleepwalk through the harsh reality of terrorism.

You owe your students more than teaching them Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  You owe them the truth.


AAhhh yes…..the PSP’ers are trying to whitewash the horrific savagery of ISIS by using our Canadian Indoctrination Centers to brainwash Canadian youth! How sweet of them!

Harper has done right! If we let the terrorists have any lee way then we might as well kiss our behinds goodbye! Someone has to get tough and show some gonads on this! I wouldn’t expect Trudunce or MulCAIR to do anything except kiss their behinds and let them take over Canada, killing anyone who gets in their way!

To all the PSP’s out there……WAKE THE F**K UP and smell the burning flesh of the Jordanian pilot!! YOU just might be next!

~Blessed B~

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3 Responses to Greenwald & Snowden Join Canadian Lib-Left in Writing Off Terrorism as Non-Issue

  1. Clyde says:

    Greenwald should have stayed across the pond. Let HIM learn the lesson of islamic “compassion”. Idiots.

  2. CW says:

    What I find ironic about Greenwald and Snowden is that they fear the tyranny of the gov’t while at the same time they are in bed with leftists who are driving an ideology of one-world order, so their credibility as the champions of freedom and civil rights is pretty laughable. Snowden supported Obama, for Pete’s sake, and now he has the nerve to warn students about giving gov’t too much power?

    It’s not unreasonable to debate the wisdom of expanding gov’t power for this or any reason but the smartest thing of all is to make sure you have the right gov’t in the first place.

  3. Kathy says:

    The better question to ask here, is who invited them to speak? Who approved that? Sounds like you have the same type of lefties in charge of education as we do.