Like To Stay Warm On A Cold Night ?

Enjoy it while you can. The Obama Regime, and it’s totally out-of-control EPA is coming after two things to help keep you warm.

In this two-part piece, we see them coming for wood stoves, and decorative fireplaces. Chalk up MORE freedoms lost. Thanks again, stupid guilty white liberals, assholish media and the hapless GOPe for running “moderates”. Hope YOU assholes freeze FIRST.

Story One comes from Greg Campbell at

$18 Trillion in Debt and ISIS on the Rise but Obama’s EPA is Cracking Down on a Household Appliance


Is there ANY question this bunch of un-Constitutional criminals needs to go the way of the do-do bird ? There were LOTS of reasons to dislike Richard Nixon, but THIS screwup was WORSE than Watergate, IMHO.

As radical Islam continues to threaten the Western world with violence, as millions of illegals flout the law while enjoying the full support of the left, as America remains ever-present on the precipice of economic catastrophe with an $18 trillion debt hanging over our collective heads, what is it that the Obama Administration is focusing their attention on?

Decorative fireplaces.

Do YOU own, or enjoy one of THESE ? Hang on, the Obama Regime’s EPA Gestapo is coming for YOU.


With rampant abuses in the Obama Administration and a rapidly-slipping position on the world stage, it is no exaggeration to say that both our Republic and our national security remain in deep peril.

Noting that makes the recent crusade by the Obama Administration all the more ridiculous as they work to curb so-called “climate change” by cracking-down on decorative fireplaces in another round of government mandates.

The Daily Caller reports on Obama’s priorities:

Better go out and buy a gas fireplace and stove soon before federal regulations make them more expensive. Federal officials are looking to regulate the energy usage of fake fireplaces as part of the Obama administration’s effort to fight global warming.

The Energy Department has proposed new regulations that would mandate that “gas-fired hearth products” like decorative fireplaces and stoves be more energy efficient and produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions. DOE says its rule would save $165 over the lifespan of the average hearth and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11.1 million metric tons through 2030.

The major change DOE demands is the end of continuously burning pilot lights that make it so fireplaces and stoves can be used at a moment’s notice. Instead, the DOE is mandating the use of electric ignition systems to save energy and fight global warming.

The DOE also notes that the price of gas hearths will likely go up because of its mandate. For example, smaller hearth producers could see the costs of making an outdoor hearth increase by $65 per unit. The cost of a vented indoor hearth could increase by $31 per unit because of the electronic ignition system.

DOE notes that the added costs per unit will decrease with higher production levels. The department says that the rule could add $61 million per year in increased compliance costs to the hearth industry, but would yield “186 million per year in reduced equipment operating costs, $67 million per year in CO2 reductions, and $7.0 million per year in reduced NOX emissions.”

The Obama Administration seems unconcerned with such problems as radical Islam, but they are thoroughly committed to cracking down on decorative fireplaces.


Well, Mr. Campbell, I can clear that up for you. The Regime isn’t worried about militant Islam, because they AGREE with it. This hooey is NOTHING more than leftists “spreading the suffering”, all in the name of “saving the planet”.


OK. On to Part 2. Here we see the Regime going after wood stoves.

This part concerns wood burning stoves. Yessirree, THESE are BAD for the planet as well.

The story comes to us from Bill White at

EPA Rules On Wood Stoves: 5 Things You Should Know

big epa rules

The lunacy continues unabated. The next candidate that announces a TOTAL repeal of ALL Obama-era EPA overreaches WILL win my vote.

The federal government has been flexing its muscle extensively under the rule of President Obama. From the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, thousands of pages of new regulations have spewed forth every year.

Probably no organization has worked harder to issue new regulations than the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), who has attacked everything from coal-fired power plants and lead smelters to the puddle of water sitting in your backyard.

The recent EPA rules on wood-burning stoves is an example of executive overreach through regulations. They have issued new regulations, which limit the amount of particulate emissions from new wood-burning stoves to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. This new regulation is a reduction from the old regulation, which allowed 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

Or, maybe you like THIS. A wood burning stove. NYET, says the rogue EPA. UNLESS it is one that meets THEIR “approval”. And you KNOW that is going to mean EXPENSIVE. For a Regime so concerned about the “middle class”, they sure spend a LOT of time trying to figure out ways to screw them over.

That may not seem like much of a reduction, but anyone who has ever sat around a campfire knows that wood fires put off a fair amount of fire, as well as creating soot. This is what the EPA is concerned about.

To put that in perspective, they are asking for a 20% reduction in particulate emissions from what is really a rather old technology. This isn’t some sort of new chemical process that puts poisons into the air, but rather simple burning of wood, that only puts soot into the air. The worst it can do is to cause snow to become dirty.

Speaking as an ordinary citizen, and not a scientist, I’d have to say that wood smoke is one of the least dangerous pollutants I know of. While it is dirty, can make a dirty looking cloud over the city and even make the countryside look dirty (that happened back in the 1800s, when wood heat was much more common than it is today), today, with the small number of people who actually use wood burning stoves to heat their home, the effects are minimal.

Where Do These Regulations Come From?

The EPA under Obama has been working hand in hand with several large environmental groups to pass these new regulations. Working together, they have found a way of bypassing Congress, by using the court system.

This system is called “Sue and settle.” In it an environmental organization sues the federal government over some invented threat to the environment. Rather than go to court over the issue, the EPA develops new regulations to satisfy the “concerns” raised in the law suit and satisfy the requirements of it. Of course, this is all arranged behind closed doors, so that the EPA and these environmental organizations can do what they want, without the interference of Congress.

To add insult to injury, the EPA not only gives in to the environmental group, regardless of how much it hurts the average American, but they also pay a large cash settlement to them, as well as picking up their court costs. In other words, the federal government is giving our tax dollars to these organizations, to fund their activities, without the legal right to do so.

How Does this Regulation Affect You?

1. The big question for most people is how this regulation can affect them personally. For most, the answer is that it doesn’t. These new regulations only affect the manufacture of new wood burning stoves, not any existing ones. So, if you are planning on buying a wood burning stove or replacing an existing one, your cost will go up.

2. All new wood burning stoves being sold today meet this upgraded regulation. Technically, it is illegal to sell a used one that does not. So, if you have an existing wood burning stove and are thinking about upgrading to a newer one, you can’t legally sell your old one to help cover the cost. Likewise, if someone offers you a used wood burning stove, buying it would be considered illegal if you got caught.

3. If you already have a wood burning stove, you will probably want to avoid replacing it, if you don’t have to. Repairing an existing stove, even replacing parts, would probably be much cheaper than replacing it. However, your old wood burning stove might not be as efficient as the newer ones are, so if you have an old stove, you might want to compare the efficiency of it to the newer models, in order to see if an upgrade would save you enough in fuel to pay for itself.

4. Please note that although the federal regulation does not affect you if your wood burning stove was purchased before the new regulation went into effect, state regulations may. Some states are going even farther than the federal regulations, trying to outlaw wood burning stoves altogether, especially within city limits.

5. A number of preppers have bought older model wood burning stoves to keep in their homes as a heating source in case of an emergency. If there is an EMP or major attack on the electrical grid, shutting down power, they want to have a way of heating their home, and these stoves are the solution to the problem. Wood is one of the most reliable sources, one that can be harvested by yourself without the aid of a lot of expensive equipment and a renewable resource.

If you happen to be one of these people and have an old wood burning stove that you keep in your home, garage or barn for use in case of a disaster, I wouldn’t worry about it. If things get bad enough that you need to use that wood burning stove, I seriously doubt that anyone will be running around and checking your emissions.

If there are any environmentalists running around at that time, you can easily slip through under the grandfather clause in the regulation, by stating that you had the wood burning stove in your home, since before the new regulation was put into effect. They have no way of proving otherwise.


When Trey Gowdy gets done with Benghazi, he, or SOMEONE absolutely MUST investigate these “sue and settle” lawsuits. I think it is nothing more than a backdoor way for Obama to provide the ecoloon leftist environmental wackos a “return on investment” for the LAVISH sums they spent getting the walking douchebag elected.

The next time you get into an argument with ANY leftist, and they are crowing about how the left is “for the little guy”, hit the stupid shit over the head with THESE two factoids, and watch for the deer-in-the-headlights look.

If THAT don’t work, shove a hot fireplace poker where they sit. THAT ought to wake the fools up.

A hat-tip to our “fearless leader”, Hardnox.


CLYDE. Saying REMOVE all things the left thinks are “bad for the environment” out of THEIR homes FIRST.

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14 Responses to Like To Stay Warm On A Cold Night ?

  1. Terry says:

    I have2 questions here :

    !. Will the new ‘electronic ignition switches’ be powered by a required solar or wind turbine power source ?

    2. How many new govt. employees will it take to measure the 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air to ensure they are no longer 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air ?


  2. Kathy says:

    It’s always good to see the government has it’s priorities straight, right, Clyde? ISIS is running rampant as are the illegals and measles, economy’s in the tank and half of the people in the US are out of work.

    At least we can rest easy knowing they’ve got a lid on those nasty fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Yeah, that one was keeping me awake at night.

    • Clyde says:

      This Regime’s “priorities” are RUINING as much of life as WE know it. The assmunches prove THAT every day, Kathy. Good observation, thanks.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    A long time ago, I decided to install a wood buring stove in my basement and promised myself that I would try to use it heavily if the price of heating oil rose above $1.00 a gallon. That number was exceeded quickly and I have never looked back on that decision. I just bought fule oil this year at $2.55/gal after having last purchased it 11+ years earlier at $1.79/gal. In the interim I calculate my savings at over $9000.00. It is equally satisfying to have cheated the Arabs out of those oil sales I skipped.
    On the issue of particulates in wood smoke emmissions, are they also going to outlaw forest fires? If a tree falls in the forest and decays naturally, the effect on the environment is the same, carbon wise as buring it in a wood stove. I am selling some of my mature trees this year and I will use the tops the lumber companies don’t want, to stock my wood pile for next season. Otherwise, that scrap wood could be a fire hazard on my property.
    Unless you are Amish, live off the grid and drive horses to get around, you do not have an environmental leg to stand on.
    So STFU and stop complaining about stupid stuff and start concentrating on real problems like, oh, I don’t know, $18.6 trillion in debt, ISIS, illegals, the real unemployment rate,…ad nauseum.

  4. captbogus2 says:

    I’m not sure my part of the country would take too kindly to interference with wood burning stoves. Nor do I believe local law enforcement would ever go after wood stoves and damnyankee alphabet agency enforcers would not get a friendly reception.

  5. vonMesser says:

    I guess it’s time to bring the Franklin Stove in the barn up to the house. And maybe the coal cooking stove from the garage inside and replace the electric range.

  6. Clyde says:

    I like the way you think, vM. Good one, and thanks.

  7. upaces88 says:

    Disgusted AGAIN!! I just wanna throw this out to you because I have been asking the same question for a long time now.

    For all of the most ridiculous, stupid things he comes up with…he does NOT sit up alone at night with pen in hand to make notes. Okay?

    WHO or HOW MANY people are sitting around a VERY LONG conference table or small auditorium making this crap up!!

    This IS so ridiculous….that I need another word to describe it. What the hell are they all smoking in that crack pipe now?!!

    • Clyde says:

      No,he does not think this shit up on his own, upaces. This cluck has a vertiable ARMY of ecoloons, special interests, lobbyists, and “advisors” coaching him on how to screw up the nation. I personally think his IQ isn’t high enough to think up all this shit himself.

  8. Hardnox says:

    Good post Clyde. None of this would be possible IF Congress bothered with any oversight. None of it.

    We have unelected bureaucrats pumping out regulations (laws) that they have no business or authority for.