How About A Little “Global Warming” Humor ?

While the title of the article suggests I’m a day late, big deal. I think these are still funny.

See if you agree. From Anthony Watts and Rick McKee at


Groundhog Day – Al Gore edition

Today, February 2nd, is groundhog day. From the “Monday Mirthiness” Department: Political cartoonist Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle sends this cartoon this way. Originally from 2009, it is just as pertinent and relevant today as it was then.


He also drew one last week that spoke to the forecasting fiasco of the 2015 Blizzard of NYC that wasn’t.



Enjoy a chuckle at the loons’ expense.


CLYDE. Defeat the morons with facts, AND humor.

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6 Responses to How About A Little “Global Warming” Humor ?

  1. CW says:

    Maybe McKee should update the Gore cartoon to show Gore waving his “Sky is Faling” sign from inside a luxury jet, from inside a limo and from poolside at his Montecito mansion. If there was ever a man whose actions didn’t match his words, it’s Al Gore.

  2. Kathy says:

    They’re both good, but the second one absolutely nails the farce of believing anything coming from the Gorons

  3. tannngl says:

    Very good! I’ve always said, if they cant get tomorrow’s weather correct, how can they predict global warming?!!!!!