NOXIOUS RANT : Have They Come Out Of The Closet ?

We know the ecoloon left has a major hatred of American energy independence, and as hard as they have tried to sell it, NO ONE is buying it.

Except for the “bandits in bedsheets”, as this article from Daniel Greenfield at illustrates. If there was ANY doubt in your mind as to what the leftist ecoloons are all about, THIS should help dispel the notion.


Sierra Club: Saudi Arabia is Our Best Ally Against American Energy

sierra treason

There can be no question. The Sierra Club is as anti-American a group as there is today. Next time they want YOU to join, tell them to go f – – – a camel.


Wasn’t there a time when we used to do something about traitors? At least wasn’t there a time when there was a social penalty against openly aligning with a terrorist state that had a hand in the murder of 3,000 Americans?

Don’t let THIS fool you. The Sierra Club has ZERO interest in the environment. Or American Freedom. Lining THEIR pockets with Saudi filthy OIL money, yes. Do these bastards realise what HYPOCRITES they are ? Unlikely.


There have been plenty of reports about anti-fracking activists being financed by Russia. James O’Keefe caught celeb environmentalists on tape being quite open to having their cause financed by oil sheiks.

And now the Sierra Club is making it official.

The House of Saud, the kingdom’s royal family, is “our best ally in the fight against Keystone XL,” according to Paul Rauber, the senior editor of Sierra, the bi-monthly magazine published by the Sierra Club, a leading environmentalist group.

But Paul goes well beyond Keystone, writing,

we have another, even more potent ally in the fight: the House of Saud. Rather than cutting back production in order to stabilize oil prices, the world’s largest oil producer is keeping its petroleum taps wide open, hoping to drown upstart competitors in Canada, North Dakota, and Russia in a sea of cheap oil.

Today the price of West Texas intermediate crude oil is $44.80 a barrel. Canadian oil-sands producers need a price of between $65 and $75 a barrel to be profitable. Existing production is somewhat protected by long term contracts, but prices like that are sure to stifle new production–and put the hurt on sellers of expensive, dirty oil to new customers.

Your average environmentalist hates America more than he loves the planet. Al Gore selling out to the terror state of Qatar was just another reminder of that. Their goal is to punish the working class and middle class with high energy prices.

If Saudi Arabia helps them do it, so much the better.


What the hell is it about these so-called “do-gooder” groups that turn them into anti-America zealots ? As we well know, most of the major environmental wacko groups like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, etc etc have been taken over by hardcore leftists, bent on DESTROYING the American middle class as we know it. I also thought these asshats HATED all oil, OPEC produced or not, and ALL fossil fuel use. Guess if the Canadian tar sands producers “bought” these whores, they’d like THAT oil as well.

Thesee sonsofbitches have NO qualms about squashing America’s best interests for THEIR paychecks, no, just like the whores they are, they have “sold” themselves to the bandits in bedsheets for a few pieces of silver.  They have ZERO interest in “helping” America, except to hasten her demise. They have ZERO alliegence to the country that GAVE THEM THE RIGHT to spew their bullshit.

We are always told we must “compromise” with the left. We must all “get along”. We must all agree with what THEY want for the nation. I say TO. HELL. WITH. THESE. ROTTEN. BASTARDS. It is time, no, past time to expose THESE frauds and charlatans for the egotistical, smug, self-righteous America-haters they truly are.

To me, these people are worse than traitors, because while they ENJOY the blessings of American freedoms, THEY are like termites, gnawing away at the very foundation of what makes America the BEST nation on Earth.

Groups like Sierra Club, and Greenpeace, ad nauseum, are a cancer on our society. And, as such, they MUST be treated the same way. This cancer must be eliminated by any and all means possible.

If the ecoloons can call for “deniers” to be beheaded, WE can call for traitors to have THIS happen to THEM. After all, it IS what we USED to do to traitors. So many traitors, so few ropes.

I cannot WAIT for the day the House Of Saud, and other assholes like them, realise they don’t NEED morons such as Sierra Club, and WITHDRAW all financial support. THAT house of cards will come tumbling down.

And THAT would be a GOOD thing for America.

A tip o’the cap to our Hardnox.


CLYDE. Don’t let the Sierra Club fool you. They HATE you.

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7 Responses to NOXIOUS RANT : Have They Come Out Of The Closet ?

  1. Kathy says:

    They tout it as a way to keep America green while buying oil from Saudi and not caring if their landscape is full of pipelines, and uncaring of what we lose by not being oil independent, just so they can make a few bucks. It’s always about the money, isn’t it?

    • Clyde says:

      With the left, never about anything else BUT the money, Kathy. And they call conservatives greedy. Sheesh.

    • upaces88 says:

      Kathy, that was the entire idea behind the BP Oil Spill. He had “Our Military” sabotage it so the U.S. could continue buying oil from the Saudi(s).

      That country is almost out of oil. Obama announced later we could buy oil from Brazil….another company owned by Soros.

  2. CW says:

    Termites is a great way to describe the contributions of the leftist enviroNazis to this country, Clyde.

    The ONLY meaningful debate we are ever going to have on the rights of the people of this country to responsibly use our own resources for our own prosperity is going to be at the ballot box. Anyone who is skeptical of or who fears the TYRANNY of the enviroNazis should best take heed of this.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Excellent commentary Clyde.