CANADA: PM Harper Announces Anti-Terrorism Measures

From The office of the Hon. Jason Kenney

Richmond Hill, Ontario

30 January 2015


Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that the Government has introduced legislation to protect Canadians from the evolving threat of terrorism and keep our communities safe. The Prime Minister made the announcement at Richmond Hill’s Bayview Hill Community Centre. He was joined by Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and Julian Fantino, Associate Minister of National Defence.


The world is a dangerous place and, as most brutally demonstrated by last October’s attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada is not immune to the threat of terrorism. The proposed legislation will provide Canadian law enforcement and national security agencies with additional tools and flexibility to keep pace with evolving threats and better protect Canadians here at home.


In line with measures taken by our allies, the Government is taking additional action to ensure our law enforcement and national security agencies can: counter those who advocate terrorism; prevent terrorist travel and the efforts of those who seek to use Canada as a recruiting ground; and disrupt planned attacks on Canadian soil.


The proposed legislation includes checks and balances to ensure it respects the rights of Canadians and complements other legislation passed by our Government in order to better protect Canadians and secure institutions, including the Combating Terrorism Act and the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.


Quick Facts


·         The proposed legislation includes a comprehensive package of measures that will:

·         criminalize the advocacy or promotion of terrorism offences in general;

·         counter terrorist recruitment by giving our courts the authority to order the removal of terrorist propaganda online;

·         enhance the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)’s powers to address threats to the security of Canada while ensuring that courts maintain oversight;

·         provide law enforcement agencies with enhanced ability to disrupt terrorism offences and terrorist activity;

·         enhance the Passenger Protect Program by further mitigating threats to transportation security and preventing travel by air for the purpose of engaging in terrorism;

·         make it easier for law enforcement agencies to detain suspected terrorists before they can harm Canadians and to toughen penalties for violating court ordered conditions on terrorist suspects;

·         enable the effective and responsible sharing of relevant national security information across federal departments and agencies to better identify and address threats;

·         Although not part of this proposed legislation, we are also working with communities to prevent radicalization and intervene when individuals show signs of becoming radicalized.

·         ensure that national security agencies are better able to protect and use classified information when denying entry and status to non-citizens who pose a threat to Canada; and,

·         provide witnesses and other participants in national security proceedings and prosecutions with additional protection.




“Our Government is serious about taking action to keep Canadians safe. Recent attacks in Canada, which led to the deaths of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, as well as attacks in France and Australia, are reminders that the world is a dangerous place and that Canada is not immune to the threat of terrorism. Recent terrorist actions in Canada are not only an attack on our country, but also our values and our society as a whole.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper


“Our Government understands that extreme jihadists have declared war on us, on all free people, and on Canada specifically. Our Government will continue to protect the rights and safety of all Canadians. We will not, however, privilege the so-called rights of terrorists and others who would harm Canadians over the rights of law-abiding citizens. The proposed legislation would provide our security and law enforcement agencies with the required tools and flexibility they need to effectively detect and disrupt national security threats before they happen, keeping Canadians safe.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Well…this is sure to upset someone’s apple cart! I can just see it all now…..

Barry says ” How dare you put in legislation to hurt my Islamic brothers! Just who do you think you are anyways? Trudeau wouldn’t do this. He’d follow my lead!”

And I know what Harper is thinking! ” I am the leader of Canada and You better not point that stinky finger at me Barry or I’m going to take it and stick it back where you’ve been sitting on it…hope there’s room beside your head for it!”

~Blessed B~

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7 Responses to CANADA: PM Harper Announces Anti-Terrorism Measures

  1. Kathy says:

    Your government gets it – maybe someday ours will. Good one, BB, and I would have already broken that finger off if it was pointed in my face.

    • Blessed B says:

      My Government in power gets it….but that could all change in the next election if Trudunce or the New Dhimmi Party gets in!

      There are already two muslim groups that want Harper to apologize for stating at the announcement of this Legislation, that radicals are radicalized in Mosques! I know Harper wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t have the proof already in his hands!

  2. Clyde says:

    Does ANY world leader take that asshole seriously ? When you’re done with Harper up there, send his ass HERE. At the LEAST, he could run the hapless, hopeless RNC.

    • Blessed B says:

      LOL! Cameron from Britain does!!

      I’ll pass that suggestion onto Harper! WE hope to have him here though for a very long time! As long as he wants to remain PM and keeps getting elected…that’s fine with me!

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good to know the canucks are on this. $2 says that Putt sent his team to work against Harper just like he has with Netanyahu.

    • Blessed B says:

      I would bet that you are right! Don’t think though it’s going to make much of a difference….. there are many Canadians that like what Harper has been saying and doing concerning terrorism abroad and in Canada….. Some PSP’ers have actually woken up and smelled the coffee due to the Ottawa and Quebec Terrorists…..

      If an election was held here today….Harper would get 145 seats and the Liberals 101….. not a majority Government but still in control. I can’t see the Liberals though jumping that far ahead in the past four years…..they basically got a skeleton crew in 2011 for parliament….I think it was 27 seats….