What We Are Up Against. Or, The PSP Strikes Again

We have known for the longest time that the GOPe considers we TRUE conservatives the “red-headed stepchildren” equivalent in what passes as today’s ever-leftward moving Republican party.

This oral sewerage from Arizona’s junior Senator, Jeff Flake, shows us at LEAST one man TRULY lives up to his name. Looks like he’s been McCainized. Story from Matthew Burke at TPNN.com


Republican Senator Jeff Flake Attacks Conservatives as Insignificant

Pro-Amnesty AZ Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake

Definitely NOT good for Arizonans, nor anyone else. McCain’s record needs no further commentary, Flake has turned in to a McCain-lite.

Last week’s Iowa Freedom Summit was a huge hit over the weekend, with principled constitutional conservatives wowing an energized group of the Republican Party’s grassroots base just in time for the 2016 presidential contest to begin.

A Who’s Who of conservative leaders, including Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Mike Lee, Marsha Blackburn, Joni Ernst, Donald Trump, and many others spoke at the event of conservatives. Heck, even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, never considered the most conservative person on the planet, spoke at the event sponsored by Citizens United and Congressman Steve King (R-IA), a staunch defender of the U.S. Constitution.

But while Senator Jeff Flake, who ran as a conservative to get elected, and his political soul mate, senior RINO Senator John McCain, failed to attend the event, Flake went on the attack, describing the conservatives as an insignificant minority who should not be catered to.

As the NY Times reported:

In an interview last week, Senator Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, called the attention lavished on Iowa “an unfortunate part of our electoral calendar.” Mr. Flake did not attend the forum. “Too many Republicans have for too many years, for too many cycles, tried to appeal to a small group that does not help us in general elections,” Mr. Flake said.

Meanwhile, all polls consistently show that a large plurality of Americans identify themselves as conservatives, which is why Flake, and his tutor, McCain always campaign as conservatives in order to retain political power.

Speaking of political power, Flake’s has been under a dark cloud of suspicion following his son’s involvement in the deaths of 23 dogs, who tragically died under the son Austin’s watch in June of 2014, yet had animal cruelty charges mysteriously dropped by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, despite of overwhelming evidence.

Four of the victims who died while under the care of the younger Flake were the dogs of New England Patriots Alan Branch. His dogs, Snickers, Buick, Francis and Tonka, were horrifically stuffed into a 9X12 room, with 24 other dogs, with no air conditioning in the middle of an Arizona summer with no water.

Watch as Glenn Beck explains that Sen. Jeff Flake has been corrupted, flip-flopping on issues like the Second Amendment and amnesty, as well as supporting taxing the internet, because he’s spending too much time with John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

There can be NO doubt that Flake must be primaried OUT in Arizona next time he’s up for reelection. This asshat, along with his worthless mentor, have proven over and over it is THEY and others like them who are REALLY the problem with today’s GOPe.

It also appears both these erstwhile asshats have forgotten just WHO it was who gave the GOPe HUGE margins in BOTH houses this past November. It damn sure was NOT moderates, illegals, hispanics, fags, blacks, or dead democrats. It was given by the VERY people these poseurs have now turned their backs on, impugned us, have totally abandoned ANY republican principles that MOST of us believed these people stood for. They have slapped us across the face on EVERY issue of importance to us.

Next time someone tells you we MUST support clowns like Flake, and McCain, so “we can keep democrats from that seat”, show them this article, then knock some sense into them. Why elect those who, in McCain’s own words: “I fundamentally agree with Mr. Obama on the issues”. Might as well vote for REAL democrats if we want THAT shit.


CLYDE. Sooner or later, that dog is going to get tired of being kicked.

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5 Responses to What We Are Up Against. Or, The PSP Strikes Again

  1. BrianR says:

    You’ve really gotta wonder what the deal is with Arizona GOPers for them to elect those two dickheads as their Senators.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Insignificant? How so… the Rinos beg for our support claiming their conservative creds in the run-up to the election but instantly do an about face.

    The reason they hate us is because we call them on the shit they pull while the rest of America is sleeping.