Medical Kidnap: It Happens to Adults Too

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Bret Bohn’s family wants the public to know that it is not just children who are being medically kidnapped, being used as medical research lab rats, forced to take drugs, and being kept isolated from their families. They say it happened to their son, too. He was 26 years old at the time.

What began simply enough ended up in an 8 month long nightmare. Bret’s mother Lorraine Phillips told Health Impact News that it was “medical torture” and a “horrific abuse of Government corruption and power.”

From a Simple Surgery to Being Incapacitated by Drug Side Effects

Bret, a native Alaskan and an avid hunter and outdoor sportsman, had surgery to remove some nasal polyps. As a result, he lost his sense of smell, reports Police State USA. Prednisone was prescribed to help him regain his sense of smell. Neither he nor his family realized that one of the powerful steroid’s side effects was insomnia, but he certainly felt the effects of it.

After a period of a week of no sleep, Bret’s parents took him to Providence Alaska Medical Center, where two more drugs were prescribed that were supposed to help calm him and help him sleep.

Bret Bohn outdoors

The Ambien and Ativan were not exactly the magic bullet that he had hoped for. Instead, Bret started having seizures, which his family later learned are listed as one of the side effects of the drugs. He went back to Providence Medical Center, only to see his health quickly deteriorate as he was given more drugs and experienced more seizures.

Despite many tests being run, the hospital staff was unable to reach a diagnosis of Bret’s medical problems. More and more medications were allegedly prescribed, yet the original problem remained – he still couldn’t sleep. There was one stretch of 24 days with no sleep.

In his weakened state, his parents assumed power of attorney, based on a written agreement with their son that was signed in 2007. Among Bret’s impressive list of achievements, he was a member of the National Honor Society as well as an Eagle Scout. He holds two degrees from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He had the foresight to “be prepared” for any emergency in which he might become incapacitated.

Bret Bohn power of attorney doc

Bret Becomes a Medical Prisoner, Unable to Escape

At one point, Bret became frustrated with all the medical treatments, and decided, as an adult, to leave the hospital. He unplugged from the machines, and removed his IV and catheter. His “escape attempt” was reported to the courts.

His parents began to question the course of medical treatment and requested that their son be weaned off of the medications. For a brief period, their request was honored, and Bret got some much-needed sleep, as reported previously by Health Impact NewsIt was short-lived. His parents requested a transfer to another facility for a second opinion. At this time, there was still no diagnosis for his deteriorating health.

It was not long after that, on October 23, 2013, that Providence Medical Center told Bret’s parents that they were restricting their visits with their son, ignoring Bret’s signed power of attorney to his parents.

As the visits with his family decreased, his medications were increasing. When Bret opposed some of the medications, including some that were psychotropic, he was viewed as “disgruntled” and “combative,” sure signs of mental illness. He was confined to the psych ward.

On November 5, 2013, Adult Protective Services filed for emergency guardianship over Bret, accusing his parents of not having his best interests in mind. Judge Erin Marston granted the motion on November 15, refusing to allow any family members to assume the role of his guardian. His previous escape attempt and his family’s attempt to wean him off the medications and find the actual cause of his symptoms were all seen as validation for the state to hold him against his will and remove his basic human rights, according to the family.

Heavily Drugged, and Treated Like a Criminal in State Custody

For a time, visitation was permitted by the state, but there were a number of conditions imposed, though no crime had been committed. According to a document on the Free Bret Bohn Facebook page, these restrictions included:

  • No cell phones, no computers, no working phone in Bret’s room
  • Only Chaplains from Providence hospital permitted. Bret could not have any visitation from his own pastor or ministers
  • No outside sources of Lawyers
  • No letters, cards, balloons, or flowers
  • No Privacy. Visitation supervised
  • Visitors not permitted to whisper, must speak clearly at all times
  • Family forbidden to tell Bret that he was coming home some day
  • At one point his family was told that only one hug was permitted, only upon arrival
  • No body contact, unless approved by Providence
  • Visits expected to be calm, social, and lighthearted in nature
  • Any stress inducing behaviors, whether purposeful or unintentional, would result in an end to the visit
  • Visits limited to one hour, then reduced to 30 minutes, then eliminated altogether
  • Security to accompany visitors to and from the visitation area

The family reports that Bret was heavily medicated during all visits, ranging from the minimum of extremely dilated pupils to being medicated at times “to the point of inability to communicate freely.” His mother reports that he eventually was on at least 22 different drugs, including Resperidone and Haloperiodol, which are powerful anti-psychotic drugs.

Bret Bohn heavily drugged

After Christmas 2013, his family and friends were no longer permitted to visit at all. Though he was an adult, Bret was completely at the mercy of guardians he never agreed to. His 27th birthday came and went on January 12, with no visits from any loved ones permitted according to his family.

Forced Medical Research and Attempt to Escape

Because he was now a ward of the state, he could legally be entered into drug trials and medical research without his knowledge or consent. There was finally a diagnosis, Autoimmune Encephalitis. His family was told that he had irreversible brain damage, and needed treatment in Seattle. He was court-ordered to receive ECT – electroconvulsive therapy, or shock therapy to his brain, against his will.

In late March, Bret was transferred to Harborview Medical Center, a University of Washington facility, in Seattle. There, his parents report, psychiatrists wanted to transfer him to the psych ward. His parents were allowed to visit, and what they found was very disturbing. In an email to Health Impact News, his mother Lorraine describes the horrific situation:

“Bret was crying tears (no voice), spitting out their medications, and begging for his life.”

According to Lorraine, Bret had had enough, and he decided to leave. She and Bret walked out of the hospital in what they hoped was an escape to freedom, and answers.

Three days later the family were seeking a second opinion, when his mother was arrested, charged with kidnapping, and locked up in the King County Jail. Bret was forced back into the hospital.

Defying Alaskan Authorities to Gain Freedom

Lorraine was released without bail the next day, and a new team of doctors were assigned to Bret’s case. They chose not to follow the directions of the Providence hospital, instead doing their own evaluation. That was the beginning of the end of Bret Bohn’s nightmare.

On May 9, Bret was released to the care of his aunt and uncle in Boise. Despite the Alaska Office of Public Advocacy’s insistence that they were in control of Bret, and that he needed to be transferred to a nursing home, Bret himself phoned the Alaska courts on the very day of his discharge from Harborview, requesting Termination of Guardianship.

Bret Bohn with his mom in Seattle

He began weaning off of all the medications that he had been forced to take, and his family and friends report that Bret is finally back to himself again. Despite adamant insistence by the Alaskan authorities, their suspicions that the drugs were actually causing the very problems that the hospitals needed to treat were confirmed.

On June 17, 2014, the nightmare ended and Bret’s freedom was returned as he received Termination of Guardianship.

Proving Doctors Wrong

Today, Bret Bohn’s life defies any accusation that he would be permanently incapacitated. The system that took his health and his freedom has been demonstrated to be wrong, as he is back to work in Alaska as a Bear Guard and Big Game Guide, living his life and loving his family.

According to the family’s Facebook page, Bret wants the public to know the facts of his story “so this kind of inhumane treatment is not ordered by law to others,” and “so this will not happen again!” They have pointed out that it was public advocacy and the tireless efforts of family, friends, compassionate lawyers, and supporters that made the difference in freeing Bret.

Bret Bohn advocates

There are many others whose voices have not yet been heard, yet they face the same injustice. Many still believe this kind of thing “couldn’t happen in America.”

But it can, and it does. Bret’s family hope that their story can help expose the injustice and can help others who are being medically kidnapped by the government agencies, the very ones who insist they are working for the “best interest of the child, or the patient.”



Pretty scary to think that this can happen to just about anybody! At the age of 26 one would think that you would be considered an adult and are able to determine for yourself if you wish to continue treatment of any kind. I guess I would be wrong in assuming that!

It just baffles my mind!

~Blessed B~


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9 Responses to Medical Kidnap: It Happens to Adults Too

  1. Liz entrekin says:

    Actually Blessed it Almost happened to my 38 year old son. He went to emergency to get help for minor depression and was not allowed to leave as a risk. He is a strong Christian with a strong belief in life. It took my exhusband and I in combined effort and calls to get support. By God’s grace, they placed him in a bed in our city but informed me they could place him in any open bed anywhere in state first outside if none available. And without any contact with the outside, there is no telling what might have happened. Thank goodness my exhusband was able to get intervention within a short time but it was touch and go. It left each of us with a total distrust of hospitals to handle any issue where greed and science hold sway.

    • Blessed B says:

      Wow! I’m happy it worked out for your family…but I bet your son nor you and your ex needed the extra stress!

      I don’t have trust in Hospitals nor the Doctors! Unfortunately at times…one has to go for an emergency or health problem. I’m always on pins and needles when that happens as I know that they can misconstrue what I’ve said and CPS could be called and they can do what ever they feel like doing once you’ve been admitted.

      We try and stay away from the medical establishment as if they were the plague! LOL!

  2. Kathy says:

    Although it’s not clear if they took Bret off the Prednisone, but it is obvious that no one used any logic in addressing the situation Losing one’s sense of smell is not life threatening, so the smart thing to do would be take him off all medications, let his body rid itself of the residuals, then give him a sleeping pill and let him get some rest.

    Instead they start throwing more magic medicine at him, producing more bad side effects and the family rolls over for this. That’s because doctors and hospitals have assumed the role of absolute authority and people are frightened into acceptance.

    We have to put the medical community back into the proper perspective, and that means getting government and the regulations out of medicine. That’s probably impossible because the process started slow and a long time ago. They’re so far up our butts now, we’ll never get them out.

    • Liz entrekin says:

      However, Kathy I am not certain many are aware and certainly the general medical populace wants to keep quiet BUT all their efforts may be in vain in the end. It seems nature and God has decided that enough is enough. There have been cases noted in a few hospitals around the world and in New York where A new viral entity is silently rendering all forms of viral and bacterial diseases totally impervious through gene mutation to medical intervention. So that even the most innocent of easily controlled disease can actually kill. Scary stuff that.

      • Blessed B says:

        This is due to over medicating with antibiotics when they knew that those drugs would have no effect against viruses.

        There is a virulent ear infection that has surfaced about five years back…..this one they can’t get rid of and the child will go deaf! It is due to the Doctors giving an antibiotic for an ear infection that didn’t warrant the drug….. most ear infections can be eliminated by other means. Oil of oregano, or garlic oil mixed with warm olive oil and a couple of drops administered a few times a day will be more effective to soothe the ear and get rid of the inflammation than the antibiotic.

    • Blessed B says:

      The smart thing to do would have been taking him off all the meds…but they don’t make monies that way!

      I know that when my American cousin needed to stay in the hospital as he had injured himself badly ….he was only in for a couple of days….the amount of money my aunt had to fork out to get him released was staggering to us Canadians. When looking at the bill, we were astounded at the price of a simple aspirin! Criminy…we could have bought twelve bottles for the price of one tablet! This is over forty years ago though…..

      Is it still this way?

      Yep….getting the government out now will take a miracle or some sort of major upheaval to get that changed.

      I just heard that Obama is wanting everyone to immunize against the Measles due to the outbreak at Disneyland! He didn’t have any problem though when he allowed Ebola into the country though! PFFT!

  3. Clyde says:

    Look for shit like this to get WORSE under Obamacare. Sad story,B., but glad it has a good outcome. Christ, prisoners have MORE rights than Bret did.