Meet our Next Attorney General – Eric Holder in Drag?

Loretta Lynch is Likely to be Our Next Attorney General

President Obama Announces Loretta Lynch As His Nominee For Attorney General

Loretta Elizabeth Lynch (born May 21, 1959) is the current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. She was initially appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1999 and remained in the position until 2001. In 2001, she left the U.S. Attorney’s office to become a partner at Hogan & Hartson (later to become Hogan Lovells).

From 2003 to 2005, she was a member of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

President Obama appointed her to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York a second time in 2010. Lynch oversees federal prosecutions in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

On November 8, 2014, Obama nominated her to succeed Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States.

She’s a 55 year-old black woman who is also a lifelong democrat and a Harvard graduate (is that any surprise?).

She is only in the second day of her confirmation hearings and already a pattern has started to develop. A pattern of obfuscation: i.e., a willful pattern of statements designed to be confusing, ambiguous, or hard to interpret. Obfuscation is one of the words that have been made popular by the Obama administration (the most transparent administration evah).

Republicans (and especially conservatives) don’t want another Eric Holder as Attorney General, so the “pride of Texas” [sarcasm] Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) asked the probing question, “You’re not Eric Holder, are you?” She answered, “No, I’m not, sir.

That ended the Senator’s probing questions. As a Texan, Cornyn’s meek acceptance of Obama’s new Attorney General didn’t exactly fill me with pride.

On the other hand, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) did ask a pointed question: whether individuals in the country legally or those who are here unlawfully have more of a right to a job, Lynch replied, “The right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here.”

Got that? Illegals have as much right to work here as American citizens – and that doesn’t even address the point that employers can’t legally hire them. She has no problem with jobs going to illegals rather than American citizens – no preference. Can you believe that?

Sen. Sessions asked whether she agrees with Holder’s stated opinion that amnesty (and citizenship) for illegal aliens in America is a civil right. Lynch dodged the question saying she hasn’t “studied the issue enough” to give a legal opinion. He didn’t ask for a legal opinion, just her personal opinion.

She has been well coached. She no doubt graduated at the top of her class at Obamfuscation University; she’ll fit right in.

She has taken the same position on several questions. When asked a direct question, designed to elicit a simple, definitive answer, several times she responded that she hadn’t studied the issue and therefore wasn’t in a position to give a legal opinion.

No one asked Ms. Lynch to provide a legal opinion on the various subjects on which she was questioned, only her own personal opinion, yet she declined and claimed she didn’t have enough information on which to base a decision.

Ms. Lynch has also evaded questions from Louisiana senator David Vitter about whether the amnesty order will actually be carried out on a “case-by-case basis,” as even the administration’s own lawyers say is required by law, and from Utah senator Mike Lee and Texas senator Ted Cruz about whether a future president could, under President Obama’s rationale of “prosecutorial discretion,” decline to enforce tax or labor or environmental laws.

But perhaps the scariest thing is her belief that the president’s executive order is “legal and constitutional” accepting the president’s own alarming view, and simply confirms that Ms. Lynch, like Eric Holder, would lend the Justice Department’s endorsement to the president’s lawlessness.

Unfortunately, early indications suggest that Lynch will probably be confirmed. Republicans Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Orrin Hatch, (R-UT), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have said that they are inclined to support her nomination and Sen. John McCain, (R-AZ) has already indicated his backing for Lynch when the full Senate votes. No doubt, squishy John Cornyn will vote to confirm as well.

Graham, Hatch, and McCain will vote for her, Cruz and Lee will vote against her … same old, same old? See a pattern here?



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9 Responses to Meet our Next Attorney General – Eric Holder in Drag?

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Well, y’all had a chance to replace Cornyn and you didn’t do it. Graham and McCain are closet Democrats and the closet door is glass…

    • Garnet92 says:

      To my everlasting shame, capt. I didn’t vote for that SOB, but we didn’t have a strong enough candidate to overcome the name recognition factor – so we’re stuck with him for another term.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Eric Holder in drag is the proper description. Oh… and we’re making history too by approving the first AG with internal plumbing!! Yippee!

    This is bullshit. I listened to part of her testimony whereas she said she would do her utmost to defend the Constitution and the Laws of our land while at the same time agreeing with King Putt’s EO’s. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Few if any of his EO’s have been legal. It doesn’t take a Constitutional scholar to discern it. POTUS cannot make law. Period.

    The establishment R’s have shown us once again what they are made of.

    I remain disgusted.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I wish I’d talked to you before deciding on a title for this piece – I like the “internal plumbing” reference! But this shouldn’t be a surprise – would Odumbass nominate anyone who hadn’t already sworn complete feality to him? Not bloody likely! She’s been acclimated by the “progressive” indoctrination through the years and knows that her future advancement can only be assured if she kowtows to The One.

      The most distressing thing is that the RINOs will fume and fuss around, trying to look like they’re doing the people’s business, but have no intention in fighting Ofugyou on her (or any other) nomination. They don’t want the bother – don’t want to rock the boat.

  3. Kathy says:

    We tried to get rid of Cornyn, but there are still too many voters that go with the flow.

    If I didn’t how Lynch was coached, I’d say she’s ill prepared to be AG, since she knows so little that she can’t even form an opinion.

    Of course she aligns with O’s views – that’s why he picked her, and you nailed it Garnet on the squishy repubs and the pattern we’re seeing. O saw it too.

  4. Garnet92 says:

    Yeah, we tried, but we just didn’t have a strong enough candidate. Can you imagine if we had two Cruzes in Texas’ senate seats!

    That was my take too, she couldn’t even offer a personal opinion – she was warned not to volunteer ANYTHING that could be held against her – and she didn’t. In fact, she hardly said anything – she slipped up on the issue of who was authorized to work, illegals or citizens – she’ll get her ass chewed for that one.

    You’re right on that last point too – can you imagine Odingbat nominating someone who would answer all questions with honest, forthright responses? Only in his nightmares.

  5. Grouchy says:

    Oh, Dear, Sweet Lord.

    When all is said and the votes are held,,,,
    We’re Royally Screwed

  6. Clyde says:

    No question the mush for brains GOPe will approve. We know ONE thing for certain. She has as much respect for the Constitution as Obama does. Which is NONE. Eminently NON qualified, just the way he likes them.

  7. Liz entrekin says:

    Found a mention today – Eric Holder and his justice department thugs in hot water again this time the lawyers are in federal hot water with all the t’s crossed hope a new AG knows how to do back stroke!