What Did You Just Call Me??

From The Blaze:

Customer Finds Something So ‘Inappropriate’ on Her Bill, Comcast Refunded Her Service for Two Years

A couple who recently tried to cancel part of their Comcast service was stunned to find that the cable giant had changed their billing name to “A**hole Brown.”

“I am shocked,” Lisa Brown told Christopher Elliot, the blogger who first reported the story.


asshole brownBrown said that her family was having financial difficulties and chose to save money by canceling the cable portion of their bill. When she tried to cancel, she was transferred to one of the company’s infamous “retention specialists” who attempted to persuade her to keep the service.

“I was never rude,” she told Elliot. “It could have been that person was upset because I didn’t take the offer.”

However, soon after she got the bill, Brown noticed that her husband’s first name had been substituted for “A**hole.”

Comcast has since confirmed the incident and refunded the couple for the past two years of service, in addition to two additional years of service at no charge.

“We have spoken with our customer and apologized for this completely unacceptable and inappropriate name change,” said Steve Kipp, Comcast vice president of communications for the Washington region. “We have zero tolerance for this type of disrespectful behavior and are conducting a thorough investigation to determine what happened.”

“We are working with our customer to make this right and will take appropriate steps to prevent this from happening again,” he added in a statement to Elliot.

This is not the first time a Comcast customer has had trouble canceling service. Last year, audio of a “belligerent” service representative keeping a customer on the phone for an extended period of time went viral.


It’s sad that these folks are having to cancel entertainment(?) from their expenses because of the economy which few admit to being in the tank. The company is probably feeling the pinch of these choices and have to hire these ‘customer rentention specialists’ who are tasked and evaluated on their ability to shove this product down peoples throats, kind of like collection agencies.

Ironic that at first Comcast is begging her to keep her service, then upon finding the error they give her 4 years’ worth free, especially when you consider she probably calls her husband a**hole every day. 🙂


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13 Responses to What Did You Just Call Me??

  1. CW says:

    Direct TV can call me anything they want if they give me 4 years free.

  2. Terry says:

    If being an a**hole is the prerequisite, I demand free service for life !

  3. Grouchy says:

    I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall, when that rep is called into the office by his supervisor. I doubt it was the retention “specialist” who made the change, but someone was in cahoots with him.
    I’ve worked telecomm customer service, and it’s not easy. But there is NEVER any reason for this kind of nonsense and debauchery.

  4. Bullright says:

    Sure we can call you names and then give you all kinds of free services, sounds like the case definition of abuse. I listened to that audio and like why would they not be try that hard keeping their customers during that relationship, not at the end? (instead of pissing them off)

  5. Bullright says:

    Years back I came across Sprint’s customer service policy. They had to resolve the issue in less than a couple minutes or lose their job. Guess what that did? They passed the call to the next incompetent knucklehead. (nothing personal, just survival) So if your problem took longer, someone would lose their job to help you. Who knows what policy is at Comcast.

  6. captbogus2 says:

    Dish has been very acceptable but if they don’t get their programming contract disputes under control they will go out of business sooner or later. I understand when they were in dispute with Fox News they lost somewhere around 90,000 subscribers. No telling how many they lost when they were in dispute with Turner as well as CBS.

    • Kathy says:

      As many of them as there are these days competing for our business, you’d think they’d see Customer Service is the first area needs addressing. Some of the cable companies have just as many issues.

  7. Clyde says:

    Jokecast. These communistic bastards have ZERO clue of what “customer service” means. More often than not, they think like the leftist asshats they are that THEY are the ONLY game in town. Every year, whenever we come to the southern retreat, my wife deals with them. Comcast will NOT allow me to have any say over the account. Something about “abusive language”, or some such shit. WHO, MOI ??? Guess when you tell them if you do not fix the problem, I’m coming down, ripping your head off and shitting down the hole they consider that abusive. Then again, what could one expect from the owners of MSNBC ?

    • Grouchy says:

      Clyde, I really don’t see what their problem is with you or your “Abusive Language”. It’s no worse than any other drunken mid-18th Century sailor, or any other 21st Century OTR Trucker,,, ,,, ,,,
      SHEESH~! Such Panty-waists, that they gotta get twisted around their privvies~!

    • Kathy says:

      You, Clyde?? Never in a million!