Once AGAIN, we see the climate clowns WRONG. The governor of New York, the Mayor of the Rotten Apple, BOTH hitting the panic button just because of “climate models”.

The models had NYC getting up to 30 inches of the non-black stuff. Once AGAIN, Mother Nature, who, last I looked, STILL calls the shots, had OTHER ideas. Story from Chuck Ross at The Daily

Like Blizzard, Climate Change Claims Go Bust

12:29 PM 01/27/2015 By Chuck Ross Reporter

“SNOWMAGEDDON” ? In Michigan, especially the U.P., we call this “flurries”.


No, Gov. Cooomo, THIS is what “Snowmageddon” looks like. Asshat. You FORGET about THIS already ?


Winter Storm Juno was likely caused by climate change, according to at least two high-profile prognosticators. The only problem is, the blizzard largely went bust.

One of those predicting snowmaggedon was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who on Monday said that snowstorms like Juno are “part of the changing climate.

“There is a pattern of extreme weather that we’ve never seen before,” Cuomo said at a press conference announcing a state of emergency.

Meteorologists had predicted that Juno would bring more than two feet of snowfall to a swath of land stretching from Philadelphia to Boston. But meteorologists scaled back the forecast early Tuesday morning to between eight to 12 inches of snowfall.

Pop scientist Bill Nye was also left with egg on his face.

During an interview on MSNBC on Monday, Nye said “I just want to introduce the idea” that the storm “could be connected to climate change.”

“The economic effect of storms like this is huge,” said Nye.

“You cancel half of the flights out of the world’s — one of the world’s busiest airports, certainly the eastern seaboard is a very busy area economically for airplane travel and so when you start having big storms and you don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it, you are costing your society a lot of money and we’re in the developed world where we can handle this stuff,” Nye continued, referencing the cancellation of more than 7,000 flights in advance of the storm.

“Now proving any one storm is connected, especially cold-weather events is difficult. But I just want to present that.”

While Nye addressed the economic fallout from “extreme weather,” Gary Szatkowski, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, N.J., addressed the flip-side of the coin when he apologized on Twitter for the huge forecast miss.

OK, no sense postponing the inevitable. Snow amounts have been sharply curtailed. New products coming out now from @NWS_MountHolly

— Gary Szatkowski (@GarySzatkowski) January 27, 2015

My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public.

— Gary Szatkowski (@GarySzatkowski) January 27, 2015

You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry.

— Gary Szatkowski (@GarySzatkowski) January 27, 2015

Those key decision makers declared travel bans and states of emergency all along the projected path of the storm.

Gov. Cuomo shut down New York City’s subway system late Monday night. Mayor Bill de Blasio implemented a curfew on travel within New York City, save for emergency vehicles. The ban also included food delivery cyclists.

According to the New York Observer, though the Big Apple was forecast to receive as much as 30 inches of snowfall, only eight inches had accumulated in Central Park by Tuesday morning.


There was ONE huge player left out of this story. The FEAR-MONGERING, anything for a headline, doom and gloom loving leftist media. THEY were creating fear and panic starting on Saturday over this snowstorm.

While I can appreciate emergency plans MUST be made in advance of any storm, to go ON RECORD stating it is BECAUSE of global warming, and to SHUT DOWN one of the world’s largest cities because of it is BEYOND irresponsible.

Besides, and this applies especially for those who may be reading this along the Northeast corridor, WHEN was the last winter at least ONE fairly major snowstorm has NOT swept across this region ?

It seemed like last winter, there were at LEAST one good sized snow fall running through there every WEEK. And, most of the limpstream media HOWLED about how BRUTAL the winter was. Not much talk about the much-ballyhooed Polar Vortex being BECAUSE of global warming, was there?

As for Bill Nye, this clown has been proven WRONG so many times, I’m surprised Obama hasn’t made HIM the “Global Warming Czar”. Joe Bastardi, on Weather Bell yesterday morning, said it BEST.

Here are some of his quotes, from Fox : “We don’t have a lot of data out there. No matter how much we’re arrogant to believe computer models actually can hit these things, they’re going to make mistakes,” Bastardi explained.

“Every weather situation is unique in and of itself, so you have to study each one as they come along, match it up against things you’ve seen before, bring in the computer models, weigh the evidence and try to predict an answer,” Bastardi explained.

“I think, in general, the storm was overplayed in New York, but if you want to go 50 miles east, people will say, ‘What a great forecast that was.'”

For non-scientists, such as Nye, Cuomo, and the morons that make up the lamestream media, do people a favor. Next time a winter, summer, spring, or fall storm is coming YOUR way, LET THE PROFESSIONALS handle the predictions, and the causes. YOU morons have done NOTHING but make people think about “the boys who cried wolf”.

And Cuomo apparently has a VERY short memory about events in his OWN state. Wasn’t it about 80 days ago that a REAL Snowmageddon hit the western part of New York State ? I didn’t see him shutting down Buffalo, nor any other town in the affected area. Although THEY did it MOSTLY on their own.I guess Cuomo (pronounced Cooomo,according to ElRushbo) figures New York ends at Albany.

And, while you are at it, DO SOME RESEARCH. There has been NO global warming in 18 YEARS and 5 MONTHS. Look it up. If a “rube” like me can do it, so can “geniuses” like you. Assholes.


CLYDE. While feeling bad for the poor clucks having to dig out, I have nothing but CONTEMPT for “leaders” and “media” who spread fear and panic WORSE than what the storm will do.

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7 Responses to SNOWMAGEDDON ?? Not So Much.

  1. Kathy says:

    Good catch, Clyde on pointing out that there was no mention of climate change when Buffalo got pounded. Yet they blame climate change when NY has a storm come in.

    Aren’t they constantly blaming the people for the climate change? It’s our fault the air is dirtier, warmer, and now colder, plus we made a blizzard, sort of. Dang, we good.

    • Clyde says:

      I have a cure for their problem. ALL the fools LEAVE NYC. It is OBVIOUSLY theirs, and Los Angeles’ pollution causing ALL the “problems”.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post. This morning I got into a heated debate with an eco-loon at the post office. He blurted out a snarky comment regarding AGW to my passing comment to the postmaster. I cleaned his clock with the info that you regularly post here. Further, I informed him about the Vikings in Greenland. I left him stuttering as I left him with a last thought: “best to be thought the fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Bwhahahahaha.

  3. CW says:

    I once read about a family that had a rule that anyone in the family could whine as long as they wore the “whining towel” on their head. That pretty much put an end to the whining.

    I think we should institute that idea for the climate change doomsdayers, except they have to wear a big, red clown nose if they want to go out and make their public predictions of climate doom.

  4. Clyde says:

    I’ll bet he thought YOU were some kind of loon. bwahahahahaha. Good for you, Boss.