Confirmed: Islamic Tribunal in Texas


From Breitbart:

Islamic Tribunal - Dallas

An Islamic Tribunal using Sharia law in Texas has been confirmed by Breitbart Texas. The tribunal is operating as a non-profit organization in Dallas. One of the attorneys for the tribunal said participation and acceptance of the tribunal’s decisions are “voluntary.”

Breitbart Texas spoke with one of the “judges,” Dr. Taher El-badawi. He said the tribunal operates under Sharia law as a form of “non-binding dispute resolution.” El-badawi said their organization is “a tribunal, not arbitration.” A tribunal is defined by Meriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “a court or forum of justice.” The four Islamic attorneys call themselves “judges” not “arbitrators.”

El-badawi said the tribunal follows Sharia law to resolve civil disputes in family and business matters. He said they also resolve workplace disputes.

In matters of divorce, El-badawi said that “while participation in the tribunal is voluntary, a married couple cannot be considered divorced by the Islamic community unless it is granted by the tribunal.” He compared their divorce, known as “Talaq,” as something similar to the Catholic practice of annulment in that the church does not recognize civil divorce proceedings as ending a marriage.

He also said there is a difference between how a man and a woman can request a divorce under their system. “The husband can request the divorce directly from the tribunal,” El-badawi stated. “The wife must go to an Imam who will request the divorce for her.” He called it “two paths to the same result.” The practice of Khula is the process where a wife can initiate a divorce proceeding and where the husband can agree to the divorce in exchange for a financial compensation. It appears the wife must agree to give up any claim to the “dower” that was not already paid or to return it if it has already been paid. Once the financial issues are resolved the husband can then proclaim the Talaq (divorce).

El-badawi said they follow Texas family law when it comes to child support, visitation, and custody. He said that in most cases, custody of children is awarded to the mother.

Breitbart Texas asked what happens when there is a conflict between Sharia law and Texas law. El-badawi said most of the time, the laws are in agreement. When pushed further he admitted that, “we follow Sharia law.” However, he explained, “If the parties are not satisfied with the tribunal’s decision, they do not have to accept it and they can take the matter to Texas civil courts.” He did not say what the social ramifications of rejecting the “judge’s” decision would be.

The website for the Islamic Tribunal states, “The courts of the United States of America are costly and consist of ineffective lawyers.  Discontent with the legal system leads many Muslims in America to postpone justice in this world and opt for an audience on the Day of Judgment.”

It goes on to state, “It is with this issue that Muslims here in America are obligated to find a way to solve conflicts and disputes according to the principles of Islamic Law and its legal heritage of fairness and justice in a manner that is reasonable and cost effective.”

In explaining Sharia law, the website states, “Stoning adulterers, cutting of the hands, polyandry and the like (all can be traced in the relevant literature and can be explained in their Islamic legal mentality and rational context in fairness and justice), are mainly a part of Islamic Criminal Law.  In fact criminal law within Islam only makes up a fraction of the Shari’ah.  It is unscholarly and unfair to generalize that type of understanding, that is Criminal Law, to compromise the whole of Islamic law if we stick to speaking in technical terms.”

The website lists four “judges:” Imam Yusuf Z.Kavakci, Imam Moujahed Bakhach, Imam Zia ul Haque Sheikh and Dr. El-badawi. It states the Islamic Tribunal resolves business disputes, divorce (Talaq) cases, community problems, serious family problems, and Khula.

El-badawi restated several times that participation in the tribunal is voluntary. However, he would not discuss what happens to someone who did not follow their rulings.


Many Americans can relate to being discontent with our legal system, but it is the system we chose – it is the law of the land, and nowhere in those laws does it say you can make your own if you’re discontent with the existing ones.

That these tribunals exist is completely unacceptable and unbelievable, but beyond that these self-proclaimed ‘judges’ could get people in a lot of trouble. Unless you have documents signed by a real judge, your civil case is not settled, whatever the issue may be, especially for divorce and custody hearings.

The bigger issue is that if states allow these tribunals to exist, how long before we look just like England and much of Europe where muslims have colonized and abide by their own rules? Isn’t this how things started there? Now look at Dearborn, Minneapolis, Houston, etc..

Skirting or by-passing our laws seems to be a trend for these people, after all, it’s working for the president.


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26 Responses to Confirmed: Islamic Tribunal in Texas

  1. Bill says:

    Need some good ol Texas justice here…….. a couple of 44’s and some rope.

  2. Liz entrekin says:

    A long time aquaintance in England stated the muslim were taking over to the point English feel they are the foreigners in their own country. Think on that before we are also swamped. But I will also note having lived in San Antonia from 1979 until 1985, muslim compounds were firmly entrenched in the less populated areas even back then. From my then husband who was a salesman, I heard how they were greeted at the gates by armed patrols and escorted to the house to do business through a specific gate never being allowed to see any part of the compound. As to claims of abuse they are quick to quote Qu’ran passages most advantageous but do reluctantly admit the sect determines the interpretation. Yet, there are several muslim women bravely speaking out and recent videos showing them abused and beheaded. I believe my eyes far more quickly than their words.

    • Kathy says:

      The British people are in much the same boat as France, Germany and Italy, where their governments are too liberal minded to see the damage creeping in and take any action.

      We’re not far behind and have the same problem with our government – they won’t ‘think on that’ as you say. The rest of us can see it, but they refuse.

      We’ve written many posts on their camps, towns within towns, training grounds, etc as have other sites, but so far the government’s done little to acknowledge them and nothing to stop them. I reposted one of Pamela Geller’s pieces back in February exposing a camp in the San Antonio area, so what your then husband reported isn’t surprising.

      What was surprising is that most of the readers who crawled out of the woodworks on that one, were more pissed off that I called their area of Texas blue, than they were about having the camp in their midst. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

  3. Grouchy says:

    Talk about convoluted double speak on the part of the muslime~! But then, that’s what they do – it’s nothing more, or less, than a verbal shell game – It’s called Taqiyya and Kitman. And God help us all~!

    • Kathy says:

      True, and something tells me it has to do with women, and their view of them as lower class citizens. They don’t want to deal with them in our court system, plus their women aren’t entitled to the same rights as other women.

      • Liz entrekin says:

        I believe that as well. They are “allowed” only outside exposure as the immam and husband believe right. Its laughable and sad in divorce because their older Quran speaks to whom children may be given in a divorce and the set aside wife can live with and where. It doesnt take a genius to read into it the truth. Women with little education or job skills can not take care of their children financially so that leaves children in the hands of the husband. But as you passed on in the video for the most part contradictions in theology are to follow the later words which Do go into greater discipline and detail. A truth but knowing the complete truth changes the entire meaning. AS IS everything they say.

        • Kathy says:

          Their instructions regarding contradictions in the Quran say to follow the later passages, which call for harsher and more radical actions, against their own as well as the infidels. They’re a cancer creeping into our country and anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves.

      • Liz entrekin says:

        I believe some have tried that like supposedly Hilary and dozens od missionaries and women’s rights advocates but often those have been harrassed, scorned and quickly threatened or harmed.

  4. Hardnox says:

    This is total bullshit on so many levels. These asshats use our laws against us but when it’s not convenient then they want special ones. They are doing this in New Jersey too. It is past time that the State AG’s stop this shit.

  5. CW says:

    I would be tempted to say that in the name of liberty they should be left alone to engage in these voluntary tribunals except for one thing: the existence of liberals.

    Were it not for the existence of liberals I wouldn’t concern myself too much over this because it is inevitably doomed to fail. “Voluntary” justice doesn’t work too well, and the participants will eventually fall back to following only the U.S./state justice system. But liberalism is what it is, and I can predict with 100% assurance that some liberal judge will uphold some ruling by this “voluntary tribunal” by allowing it to supersede U.S./state law. That will open the tent’s door to the camel and begin the struggle for control of the justice system (and more) in this country.

    I’m not sure what the answer is except to make sure it’s damned easy to impeach judges.

    • Liz entrekin says:

      Actually CW I firmly beliwve we would be horrified at the number and escalating court rulings and actions now including or at the minimum similar to Shar’ia law already. For certain, rulings, schools, cities and big name corporations are bowing to inclusion and legitimization of their ways.

      • CW says:

        Horrified, perhaps, but nothing should surprise us any more.

        What’s to be done? Outlaw Sharia? They’ll call it something else. And some leftist judge will rule that it’s a violation of their religious rights.

        In the future judges will need to be carefully queried on where they stand with respect to the supremacy of U.S./state law over any other type of dispute resolution. Those who control the seats of power in this country will decide its future.

        • Liz entrekin says:

          We can only hope and pray so CW. But given the climate in Washington, I sincerely don’t think so.

        • Liz entrekin says:

          Correct me if wrong but aren’t at least 3 Congressmen practicing Muslims (besides dinkle I mean). And its not Just military leaders being shuffled out, check cities and states across the country. EVERY level of authority and specifically targeted position has been infiltrated.

          • Kathy says:

            There are two that I know of, Liz – Andre Carson from Indianan and Keith Ellison from Minnesota, and many more scattered throughout government in other positions. It won’t be long until we’re the minority, much like the Brits feel now.

    • Kathy says:

      I think we’re going to have to wise up, CW, and figure ways to work around the liberals, since there’s an endless supply and not an exterminator in sight. We have to learn to be more conniving instead of straightforward, otherwise we remain the doormat.

      • Liz entrekin says:

        I have to agree Kathy. The best way to counter libs and radical elements is to turn the tables. No untruths just shades of truth while going about eliminating the threat. I think outright agression at this time would alarm sheep and I doubt we are ready yet to face the results Though I sincerely hope soon. The only way to win is a UNITED America rather than piecemeal. The only way I see for that is to expose and counter all their words with Facts from sea to sea.

        • CW says:

          There are some who are just young and misguided who might ultimately be persuaded by facts and reason but that strategy never works on the hard Left because their motivations are so different than ours. So we should have a two-fold strategy where we continue trying to persuade with facts and reason while we also try and beat them at their own game by making smart political moves.

  6. Clyde says:

    Can you imagine trying to use OUR laws in the muslim-run Middle East shit holes ? That would fly about as well as a camel dung-laden balloon.

    • Kathy says:

      Nope, that wouldn’t fly. They kill Christians just for being Christians, so considering others’ laws is out of the question, yet here we are in the states, allowing this tribunal to ‘coexist’. We all know how this will work out.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    This issue has been floating around in Texas since at least 2012 when Rick Perry was hammered with it.

    Frankly, if it were only what is portrayed in this article – that of an “advisory” panel used voluntarily by parties to settle disputes, I’d have no problem with it, BUT (and it’s a BIG BUT) since it is based on Islamic Sharia, I think that it needs to be stopped. It’s simply another case of the camel’s nose under the tent.

    Some will say, “you can’t do that, we have religious freedoms here.” And that’s true, BUT please enlighten me about horrific crimes committed by Buddists, by Hindus, by Catholics or Protestants, by Jews, or any other “major” religion today – not decades or centuries ago – today.

    Sharia is out of step with the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, they cannot co-exist, and in the United States, the Constitution and Christianity are the basis for our system of law. I know that, given a choice, the Muslims would prefer to see Sharia supplant our justice system, but ours is not an Islamic state, and if they can’t co-exist, Sharia MUST GO.

    That’s my .02 cents worth.

    • Kathy says:

      Garnet, your two cents’ is worth so much more and I wholeheartedly agree. Had any other group/religion set up an ‘advisory group’ we wouldn’t be worried.

      This is part of their ‘creeping’ in process, a little here, a little there, subtle moves that aren’t exactly illegal, and before you know it we’re overwhelmed with their customs and laws because we were so accommodating – somewhere we lost sight of our values and principles, and let political correctness take over. It needs to go out with the sharia.

  8. tannngl says:

    Personally, I think this is further Islamization of America.
    But, Judge Napolitano appeared on FOX n friends this morning and he said this Sharia tribunal is equal to other religions or Judge Judy acting as judge with the persons agreeing to this. He said these people in the tribunal were akin to arbitrators…

    I was appalled.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for adding that link, tannngl, and I agree with your thoughts – it is further islamization of the US.

      No doubt the Judge is right from a legal standpoint, but from a social standpoint, this is more of a move to separate them from the non-muslims and to have their own judges.

      I would think that to actually obtain a divorce, or any other such legal action, word from the Grand Poopah isn’t good enough – it still requires a US court. The same goes for child support – if the deadbeat dad doesn’t pay, who’s going to track him down and make him pay? The Grand Poopah won’t, so the state has to do that.