Bill of Rights Repeal??? GO FOR IT~!

Sometimes, I despair of how easily the general public can be misled and abused. Following is a good example. Lady Liberty, I weep for you~!

Godfather Politics and Tad Cronn have the story.

Americans Support Repealing Bill of Rights

Tad Cronn

I usually don’t watch man on the street interviews unless I really feel the need for a cheap laugh. Most of them are like shooting fish in a barrel.

You know the ones I’m talking about, like Jay Leno and some other talk show hosts do. Go to a street corner, ask people who’s a better basketball player, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams — that sort of thing.

But one done recently by Mark Dice really just stunned me. In it, Dice (wearing an Obama T-shirt as camouflage) asked passersby if they supported President Obama’s announcement that he would repeal the Bill of Rights to keep us safe from ISIS.

Apparently, a lot of people on that particular stretch of beach (it looks kind of like Santa Monica) are all in favor.

“Yeah, I would agree with that,” said one fellow.

“So Obama is apparently in a position to know whether we should repeal the Bill of Rights,” Dice prompted.

“You would hope so, yeah,” the apparent sunstroke victim replied.

“He just knows what’s best,” Dice continued straight-faced.

“I wouldn’t say necessarily he knows what’s best,” the man said, “but I think he’s depending on an awful lot of people to help him make the best decisions. Sometimes it may not seem so from the beginning or from the surface, but only time will tell whether or not it was the right or wrong decision.”

It’s actually kind of cute that he believes there’s any thought process that goes into government. …

The interviewees became even more agreeable when Dice expanded his fiction to include the “fact” that both parties were supporting the proposal.

“Well if they’re agreeing on something, maybe it is a good thing,” one woman said.

“It’s what’s best for the New World Order,” Dice jabbed.

“OK, well let’s do it. Let’s get behind it,” she replied.

The premise is just so absurd, you have to wonder how even the densest of human beings could not spot the setup. Dice could have said that Godzilla was on his way to the West Coast and authorities had decided to let him eat San Francisco in exchange for a guarantee he wouldn’t touch the other coastal cities, and it would have been more believable.

The answers, as disturbing as they are, are not entirely surprising. The ignorance of history and current events, combined with the glass-eyed sheepishness of these people are just reminders of how deep in trouble this country really is.

The thing about Dice’s scenario that’s so chilling, however, is that under this president it’s believable.

Obama has defied the separation of powers and numerous other sections of the Constitution at will, and Congress shows no interest in stopping him.

These man on the street segments are meant to be funny. But if the people of this country lose the will to be free, or even the knowledge of what freedom is, how can America survive?


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Our forefathers, who fought and bled for the Liberty and the freedoms we enjoy today, must be rolling like bowling balls in their graves. While many had college educations, many others did not. However, that doesn’t mean they were uneducated numbskulls. Truly, quite the opposite.

Every Warrior for Freedom and Liberty, from the time of the Magna Carta of 1215, to the Armed Forces of today’s American Military, must be looking on in open-mouthed astonishment at the naivety and stupidity of what is considered today’s scholars.

How so far, the mighty have fallen.  I am totally flabbergasted.


~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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18 Responses to Bill of Rights Repeal??? GO FOR IT~!

  1. Clyde says:

    GF, how hard did you slap your computer after you read that ? hahaha I absolutely LOVE Dice. He illustrates liberal stupidity with the best of them. If those interviews do not illustrate what is WRONG in our nation, nothing will. Good post, my friend.

    • Grouchy says:

      Thanks, Clyde. My poor cats disappeared, while I was reading the article and then working up the post. My Angel works from home, so I had to keep it somewhat subdued, but my emotional emanations are easily read by my feline companions~!
      Mark Dice definitely has a role to play, in the education of the American Public~!

  2. Kathy says:

    To use a Gowdy phrase, these people are mind-numbingly ignorant of what’s going on, what freedoms they have or where they came from.

    In a conversation a few weeks ago, a 20-year-old young man asked me what Benghazi was. Apparently there are very few people paying attention to the government and politics in general.

    • Grouchy says:

      Kathy, Gowdy has the right of it. As for your 20 year old conversant, that makes me wonder where the hell the parents were, and did they ever talk at the table???
      Where is the sense of curiosity, of adventure, where is the love of leaning, of asking, “What if,,,”, and then doing the work to find out the answer~!
      Thank You, Kathy,,, But I do grieve for the upcoming generation~!

    • upaces88 says:

      OM Lord, Kathy! Do they ever forget to breathe!!!

  3. Liz entrekin says:

    So do I Grouchy. It would be laughable except that it brings tears to my heart. As to parents and education–speaking as a retired teacher–parents buy their children expensive toys, provide them with many luxuries (even those who are poor) or shuffle them out the door rather than taking time to BE parents who care about their child’s future , or often so they themselves can rush out to the store, use their latest toy, or work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.

    As to education, teachers are commanded as to content or lack of truth rather in order to receive kudos for grades and government grant monies. They are given inferior teaching materials and in general forced to teach children how not to think independently of government sanctioned information, much of which increasingly is biased to communistic/socialist content. They are being taught it is better to mindlessly follow a government agenda and regime. They are being brainwashed that freedom to explore all sides of an issue to make an informed decision is not acceptable. Teachers when I trained were taught to help guide children to learn How to think rather than mindless memorization of often untruthful or only partially truthful, or totally biased rhetoric. We were taught that honor, pride in country, faith, respect, truth and morals were an essential foundation in learning. These have been nearly erased from public education as schools ban prayer, pledge of allegiance, and allow muslim roughshod within their walls. As a result those in model programs, many home based, private schools or tiny pockets of public schools resisting are the few who are truly educated.

    • Grouchy says:

      Dear Liz,
      Thank you for a very insightful comment, and commentary. Very shortly, I’ll be posting a documentary on what was required for admission to College in the early days of our nation, and what education our founding fathers had, or had not. I am doing the research now, and it is astounding, to say the least.
      As for Teacher’s education, I can remember the erudition of my high school teachers, one of whom was a mentor of mine in writing class, and was a published author. She had a very well rounded education, and I still remember her well and fondly, almost 60 years later.
      Sadly, that is NOT the norm in today’s public school system. America is the loser.

      Thank You very much for this comment. I appreciate greatly your insights.

  4. captbogus2 says:

    He does not depend on anyone to make decisions. The decisions are made before he ever sees them.
    He is a Vichy POTUS…

    • Grouchy says:

      In many cases, Capt., it’s been that way since Johnson and Nixon. The bureaucrats rule, and submit their programs for rubber stamping by the POTUS and Congress. Both Nixon and Johnson severely abused their authorities, as did Carter.
      But NEITHER of them had to answer to muslim imams, either,,, OR judenrats and muslim brotherhood infiltrators.

  5. upaces88 says:

    I don’t know how some of these people “remember to breathe!”

  6. Terry says:

    If anyone wants more torture, here is the video.

    • Grouchy says:

      Thank You, Terry, Definitely a “no brainer”~!
      Oh, man,,,

      • Liz entrekin says:

        And THIS is how we keep our country safe!?!?!**”^:: i would Love to slap these guys straight crap!

        • Grouchy says:

          Liz, you know from your teaching days, there were those who refused to try to think, those who didn’t have the capacity to assimilate information, and those who were obstinately stupid, and CHOSE to remain that way. This latter group, m’thinks, is what we’re dealing with here.

          I have always felt that ignorance can be overcome with enlightenment and education, and the individual will progress and prosper, to one degree or another. But STUPIDITY is a chosen attribute of an individual, and even G-D will not interfere with that individuals free-will choice.

          There is no greater nor stronger lock in the Created Universe than that of a closed mind.

          • Liz entrekin says:

            In a sane world I agree. However many so-called educated have overpaid for or bought their degrees in a back alley today. College of hard knocks and road scholar would have actually been more beneficial. Stupidity is not restricted to the less educated or our government would not be in the postion it is today. Barring a pill to impart wisdom along with intelligence, I would say as a Christian that Revelations is about to be fulfilled. Christians and citizens of the US will very soon be forced to stand firm and be counted or be lost and damned in our country. I for one can not imagine the history books 50 years from now trying to explain to students this paradym of lost principles and freedoms.

            • Grouchy says:

              I could not agree more, Dear Liz.
              Ben Franklin, when asked what type of government we would have, is said to have replied, “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it~!”
              How so right he was~!