Harper Gets Tough on Terror, But He ‘Could Do More’

From The Globe And Mail

The Prime Minister says it is time for the West to get on a wartime footing against global jihadis. But moderate Muslims caution that Ottawa cannot afford to overlook the power of persuasion, particularly in curbing the threat of homegrown extremists.

Increasingly, jihadis in war zones are broadcasting their message to malleable Muslims in the West.

While only the most radical or vulnerable tune in to the hate preachers, the results can be devastating. Last fall, two Canadian Forces soldiers were killed in distinct attacks by lone-wolf extremists – the first such deadly incidents on the country’s soil. And overseas, Canadian terrorists have been part of attacks that have killed about 100 people in Somalia, Iraq and Algeria over the past two years.

In the wake of the Paris attacks this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that another new anti-terrorism law is coming. “The international jihadist movement has declared war,” he told reporters. “… The reality is we are going to have to confront it.”

The Conservative government has lately deployed jets to help bomb the Islamic State in the Middle East, and has given spy agencies greater powers to collect communications data. Dozens of police officers have been pulled off Mafia investigations and put onto national-security probes. Authorities have also been figuring out creative ways to keep dozens of suspected radicals off of planes.

Moderate Muslims, however, say that countering jihadis messaging can only be done by the “software” of argument, and not by the “hardware” of powers dispensed to security agencies.

“I think the government could do more,” said Hussein Hamdani, a Ontario lawyer.

“They invest very little in the Muslim community, supporting the moderating voices. This is where the Muslim community can do the heavy lifting.”

Mr. Hamdani, a member of a federal cross-cultural advisery body, said in an interview that he and others have quietly been working to change the thinking of about a dozen Canadian youths who had been on a path to radicalization.

“We were able to take some of these guys and turn them around,” he said.

“One guy we sent to Bangladesh to build homes after a flood.”

Some fundamentalist fighters are clearly beyond the reach of suasion, as are radicals who are mentally ill, Mr. Hamdani said. And recent converts to Islam present their own challenges.

Yet Muslim leaders are in a unique position to challenge young extremists at risk of becoming violent.

A lot of people want to do something under the cloak of Islam: ‘If I can please Allah in doing this, [I can] get rewards,’” Mr. Hamdani said.

The government has been struggling with ways to drain the pool of prospective recruits in Canada. In fact, the tempo of radicalization appears to be growing.

Consider that, years ago, it was hoped that federal multiculturalism and immigration policies might prove to be a barrier against radical recruitment. A leaked U.S. diplomatic cable from 2008 shows that a federal spymaster told an American visitor that Canada was a relatively unfertile ground for jihadis – he argued that Canada’s immigrant communities were well-integrated, compared to the “ghettoized and poorly educated” counterparts across the Atlantic.

American visitors were unswayed by such arguments. “The jury is still out on … Canada’s escape so far from any terrorist attacks,” reads another U.S. State Department cable from 2008. Both cables were revealed by WikiLeaks.

In 2011, Canadian intelligence analysts produced a study that looked at the cases of dozens of violent extremists. It found that their only shared trait was a common belief that Islam was under attack.

Mr. Hamdani said that Muslims who know the foundations of Islam are best positioned to debunk that view, and to channel extremist impulses away from war and towards good works: “The Prophet said that at the end of time, the blood of a martyr will be weighed against the ink of a scholar – and the ink of the scholar will be more heavy.”


Mr. Hamdani…. I agree that Harper could do so much more than what he has already done concerning the Islamist terrorists. He could actually say that all Mosques need to be demolished and  make the following of Islam against the Law as it is deemed as an insidious political party.

Where you go off the rails is when you say that the Islamist terrorists are mentally ill! No…they aren’t mentally ill! They have been brainwashed by Imams in Canada that the Islamic ideology is the only true way to ever lasting life with 72 virgins at their disposal! 

You say the Government doesn’t invest in the muslim community…. HUH? What about all the monies of tax payers that was spent in teaching muslim immigrants English, setting them up with housing, furniture, job training, and a monthly cheque for food and personal items until they can get a job here in Canada? I’d say that all Canadians have invested in the muslim community! 

~Blessed B~

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12 Responses to Harper Gets Tough on Terror, But He ‘Could Do More’

  1. captbogus2 says:

    A monthly check until they get a job?
    You are being screwed! As I understand it a prospective immigrant to Canada isn’t even considered unless he has something like a quarter million in cash and a viable profession, skill or craft.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Depending on the visa requirements… http://www.blog.morevisas.com/basic-requirements-canada-immigration/


      I don’t think there is a requirement on how much monies you have to immigrate to Canada…..unless you are sponsoring another family member to come over once the main person has been in Canada. Then the sponsors must meet financial requirements.

      There are different types of immigration to Canada. The viable profession is just one of the different visas one can come in on.

      We have had many immigrates come over …such as the Vietnamese who just arrived by boat and were accepted into Canada…none of them had finances available at the time, even though they paid big bucks to the people who were smuggling them over to Canada.

      Canadians footed the bill for those folks…till they could get a job. Shelter, furniture, food, schooling ( job training) and such were all supplied for them. They got a welfare check every month till they were able to start paying for themselves.

  2. Garnet92 says:

    While I bow to your expertise on the Canadian landscape BB, it seems to me that we share the problem of well-meaning, compassionate individuals either being oblivious to, or consciously ignoring, the increasing agitation of radical Muslims who will gladly use that compassion to their ends to infiltrate and endear themselves into our communities in order to more easily overthrow our freedoms and inflict sharia. In other words, they will gladly take advantage of our kindness in order to gain control.

    • Blessed B. says:

      We have to an extent before, been too soft hearted…I will agree. Though in the past few years under the Harper Gov’t…..things have been changing in our immigration.

      I believe it was last year? that Canada has started using our intelligence agency ( CSIS) along with the Israeli intelligence agency to screen potential immigrants. Part of the Canada-Israel free trade agreement.

      Canada was being used to harbor criminals and also had a problem with fraudulent immigrants….. come to Canada ( or not!) have a permanent residence here and then go back to their country….meanwhile they have free medical insurance and any other social program available to them…. so we had to stop that and make changes to our immigration policies.

      Since this was done…. there have been immigrants losing their Canadian status and being deported.

  3. Kathy says:

    Kudos to Harper for admitting the jihadists are waging war, something our leader has failed to recognize and admit.

    ‘The moderate Muslims can’t afford to overlook the power of persuasion…and messaging can only be done by the “software” of argument…’

    Until they get loud, frequent and nationally recognized as being against those actions, nobody is going to believe they truly denounce it. Whispering among themselves won’t get the job done.

    Like all true lefties, they want more from the government without being self-sufficient, but still want to remain special.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Harper just announced that on Friday there will be things changing concerning our anti-terror legislation…. looking forward to hearing what those changes are! He also mentioned that when we say a criminal gets a life sentence….it should actually mean for life! So…we’ll have to wait and see what those changes will be.

      WE do have some muslims that are against the actions of the terrorists….but they haven’t come out in droves yet. They are going to have to before anyone will take them seriously.

  4. CW says:

    More and more I have come to the opinion that countries like Canada and the U.S. which ostensibly value their freedom and their rights should simply outlaw the practice of Islam within their borders on the basis that it promotes violence. Would you allow someone to open a school for serial killers or establish The Open Society of Rapists? No. So why should we tolerate this? If there are Muslims practicing their own watered-down, nonviolent version of Islam then let them start a new religion and stop calling it Islam.

    • upaces88 says:

      I had the understanding that Harper was one of the few who worked diligently and quietly kicking them out of the Country.

      • Blessed B. says:

        Yes Upaces…. Harper has sent many back to their place of birth. If they are found to be doing violent acts in Canada…then they will serve time for those here and once they have done that they will be transported out of Canada…..having their citizenship revoked also if they ever became a Canadian Citizen.

        Harper has stated before that Canada will not be a safe haven for criminals.

    • Blessed B. says:

      PM Harper has stated before in the House of Commons that islam is not considered a religion but as a seditious political agenda.

      The Laws within Canada will take time to change….without having to open up our Charter of Rights and Freedoms or our Constitution. Freedom of Religion will not be changed …it’s the violent acts that will be prosecuted more harshly.

      Canada does not allow the violence that comes along with the Islamic ideology. We do have laws which pertain to that and one can’t use the defence that it is due to their religious beliefs that they are not guilty. We don’t have sharia law in Canada. If they do an honor killing then they are charged with murder….. plain and simple.

      If a non-profit organization is found to be supplying funds to a terrorist organization…their non profit status is revoked. Revenue Canada can demand an audit.

  5. Clyde says:

    Harper, like the REST of “civilized” world leaders, just need to ban the non-religion. It IS a military / political entity. Religions DO NOT command ANY of their followers to “kill all non-believers”.

    • Blessed B. says:

      There are so many different types of Islam….not all believe in the wahabbi version. We do have Freedom of Religion.

      What we don’t allow is the violent acts that come along with the ideologies. This is what Harper is now trying to do is harshen the penalties.

      Depending on what happens in the near future though….this could become the result. Harper just might have to do that.