“Union Success Stories” For Jan 24 2015

All that money spent by organized labor in a futile attempt to keep democrats in charge of ANYTHING was pissed right out the window.

In this two part piece, we see their “reward” for their undying, and COERCED, support of democrats as far as a lot of the rank and file membership is concerned. The first one is from Cathy Burke at Newsmax.com


Union Membership Hits All-Time Low in US, Report Says

 Friday, 23 Jan 2015 08:01 PM

By Cathy Burke

In this chart, from The Heritage Foundation, the numbers show the decline.

Union membership continues to decline in the United States, falling to an all-time low last year, a government report shows.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report Friday shows the union membership rate was 11.1 percent last year, down 0.2 percent from the rate seen in 2012 and 2013.

The union membership rate for the public sector was 35.7 percent, and 6.6 percent in the private sector.

As this graph shows, the numbers have EXPLODED in public sector unionization vis-a-vis the private sector. MUCH to the detriment of taxpayers who have to fund the excessive wage and benefit demands. Not to mention the ENORMOUS amount of dues monies flowing unimpeded to democrat coffers.

As of last year, there were 14.6 million people working in unions, the report shows.

One of the sharpest year-to-year drops in union membership came in Michigan: from 16.3 percent in 2013 to 14.5 percent in 2014. The decrease came in the first full year under the state’s right-to-work law.

Among states, New York had the highest union membership rate, at 24.6 percent, followed by followed by Alaska, with 22.8 percent, and Hawaii, at 21.8 percent.

North Carolina had the lowest rate at 1.9 percent, followed by South Carolina, 2.2 percent, and Mississippi and Utah, each with a 3.7 percent rate.

Unions collectively added about 41,000 members in the private sector, led by industries such as construction and leisure and hospitality, but it wasn’t enough to keep pace with total private-sector employment, John Schmitt, a senior economist at the left-leaning Center for Economic and Policy Research, told The Wall Street Journal.

“The overall workforce is growing faster than the union workforce,” Schmitt told the Journal.

“It’s bad news for the labor movement because it shows that they are not able to rebound. Essentially, they look like they’re stuck,” Gary Chaison, a professor of industrial relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., told the Journal.

“They don’t know how to design their appeals to a changing workforce. They’ll complain about employer opposition, but employer opposition has always been there.”


The trend is definitely NOT in the unions’ favor. The second part of the story is similar, but focuses on Michigan, after the first full year after Right-To-Work was passed. This part is from Sean Piccoli also with Newsmax.com


Michigan Union Membership Plunges Under Right-to-Work Law

 Friday, 23 Jan 2015 07:55 PM

By Sean Piccoli

Union membership in Michigan, an organized labor bastion with its large auto worker base, has fallen sharply since passage of a state right-to-work law that unions vehemently opposed, Michigan Live reports.

The percentage of wage- and salary-earners belonging to unions in Michigan fell by 48,000 people — or almost 2 percentage points — in 2014, the state’s first full year under the law championed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.

Chart 1. Members of unions as a percent of employed in the United States and Michigan, 2004-2013

This chart, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows the steady decline in Michigan, due to two factors. Right-to-Work, and the devastation of the auto industry AFTER Obama bailed it out. Of COURSE, we know it wasn’t anything but a “save the UAW” program.

Michigan union membership in 2014 fell to 585,000 employees (14.5 percent of the state’s work force) from 633,000 employees (16.3 percent) in 2013, even as total state employment climbed, Michigan Live reports, citing numbers released on Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The state law prohibiting public- and private-sector unions from charging dues to new members, called the Employee Free Choice Act, has been in force since March 2013.

The law “did not appear to have a major impact on union numbers” at first, writes Jonathan Oosting of Michigan Live, “but the 2014 data suggest that more workers have begun to opt out of membership.”

There were indications early last year that the law was dramatically changing workers’ behavior.

In one category alone, home-based caregivers for the the elderly and disabled, an estimated 44,000 people dropped out of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) once the Michigan law banned the automatic deduction of union dues from the Medicaid checks of the caregivers’ patients, according to a report published in April.

An organization that supports right-to-work, The Michigan Freedom Fund, issued a statement saying the BLS figures prove that more Michigan workers “are choosing freedom, opting out of their unions, and keeping dues money in their families’ bank accounts, not their union bosses.'”


After reading both these articles, and the charts, it is quite obvious union membership isn’t as powerful as THEY would like you to believe. 6.6% of private labor being organized is miniscule compared to 40 years ago.

So that begs the question. WHY do they still wield so much influence? The answer lies here, in the number of PUBLIC sector employees who are unionized. Unions represent every imaginable aspect of government “services” from teachers, police, fire, utilities, on down the line.

These public sector unions, with forced withholding of dues in damn near ALL instances, has provided the union bosses with HUGE piles of cash. And the bulk of that cash, at last check 94% of all political donations to political campaigns were made to democrats, who, in turn, pay off the unions with ever-more in the way of wages and benefits, which, when THOSE rise, so does the amount of dues money withheld, you get the picture.

As trade union forced membership declines, mostly by RTW laws and businesses leaving areas with predominate union activity, look for them to be trying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to retain their slipping power. From organizing minimum wage workers, to the scam of trying to unionize those who care for loved ones in their homes, with state-provided subsidies, to their trying to convince the illegal invasion immigrants than unionization is their ONLY chance at the American Dream, they will do it.

And, they will do it with the “help” and blessings of the democrat party. Until the OPM runs out, of course. If the various unions want to survive, they will have to totally rethink how they go about their business. PROVE to those you wish to organize that there is “value to the dues dollar” for joining. GET OUT of the politician buying business. Most employees today could give a damn less about that. Work FOR the rank and file instead of the union hierarchy.





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13 Responses to “Union Success Stories” For Jan 24 2015

  1. captbogus2 says:

    The hard core rank and file card carrying union members have an almost phobic attitude about non union members. They believe a union is their bulwark against “The Greedy Rich” but when asked to define “Greedy Rich” are hard pressed to present a cogent definition.

    • Clyde says:

      The clowns want to find the greedy rich, tell them to look at the union BOSSES. If THAT isn’t greed, nothing is. Good comment, and thanks, Buck.

      • captbogus2 says:

        Clyde, unions are based on greed…the greed of the unskilled or semi-skilled worker. An employer will pay what is necessary to hire someone with knowledge enough to do the required job. When a company is forced to pay an more than what the job is worth to keep the doors open everyone loses including, in the end, the worker who is getting more than his job is worth because if the trend is not reversed sooner or later the company will close its doors and the public will be deprived of the product and the man who was getting paid more than his job was worth will lose his job.
        And just what do the unions offer as incentive to join? More money than your job or job skills are worth.
        If that’s not greed in the best definition, please give me another.

  2. Kathy says:

    Is it a giant Ponzi scheme or an endless circle? Either way, it’s a big racket and the little guy gets the raw end of the deal.

    You know I feel about unions, so it is my hope that more states change to right-to-work states until they’re all out of business and those guys have to go get a real job.

    • Clyde says:

      I once asked a business agent why he drives a new Cadillac, and I was driving a 10 year old Ford. All I got for a response was a dirty look. The trends as far as your wish coming true are definitely going your way, EXCEPT in public sector unions. THERE is a HUGE problem. Good comment, and thanks, Kathy.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    When William T. Piper owned Piper Aircraft, he was showing somone around the plant when he was asked, “How many people work here?” (Union employees)
    “About half,” stated Mr. Piper, matter of factly.

  4. Clyde says:

    No question about it, I.R. Thanks for that.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Excellent news!

  6. Grouchy says:

    When I worked as a Shipping / Receiving clerk for a company making batteries under military contract, one of my responsibilities was as warehouse foreman. One day, the manufacturing crew was getting low on certain chemicals, and put in an order STAT for some HCL, as I recall.
    Got to the warehouse, loaded the drum on the truck, and one of the workers in the warehouse bellered out, “Slow down~! You’re making us look bad~!” I hollered back, “Tough $hiT”,,, me being white and them non-white, it didn’t go over too well.
    I got the drum delivered, and then asked my boss where he got those fellas, and where that ghetto gutter was.
    Went back that warehouse a couple days later, and they were no where around. But we were a non-union shop, too.

    • Clyde says:

      Good story, GF. I was once told the same thing by our illustrious union steward, that I was making “others look bad” by doing 2 round trips to the East coast and back, loaded both ways. I told HIM as soon as him, and the Teamsters President, Frank Fitzsimmons at that time, were paying my bills, and signing my paycheck, THEN they could tell me what to do. THAT was the end of that bullshit.

  7. tannngl says:

    Excellent post, Clyde. And it was good to look at the union stats for my state.

    I have been involved in union drives at hospitals. We simply tried to get the facts out to our employees. That’s when I began to carry. When the Teamsters tried to organize where I was head nurse of the psychiatry department, 2 of them ‘visited’ one of my nurse’s aids. She was black, living alone with her baby. And working. They told her that if she didn’t vote for the union, they KNOW where she lives…

    In PA the last few years we have tried to get public unions to collect their own dues. WE had a bill called ‘Paycheck Protection” that got to the senate with a Republican governor. Unions here are so powerful they stopped it before the end of the year. Now with a communist governor…

    So, in effect, our tax payer dollars go to collecting union dues for the unions and handing it over to them…