Allen West Asks: Are We Toast?


allen west

On Tuesday evening President Obama stated, “the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong” — and of course the blind followers cheered.

Obama also hinted that we had “turned the page” on our fight against terrorism. Remember his unilateral declaration at the National War College that the war on terror had ended — and of course he has commanded that combat operations end in two theaters of operation; Iraq and Afghanistan.

But nothing could shine the light on President Obama’s naiveté (or approval?) more than the fact that just 48 hours after he dismissed the “shadow of crisis,” we are evacuating yet another U.S. Embassy — this time in Yemen.

It’s the same Yemen that just last fall, Obama referred to as the model of his success — just like Vice President Joe Biden once chimed that Iraq would be one of Obama’s greatest successes. When Obama said the shadow of crisis has passed, we had three U.S. Naval warships off the coast of Yemen ready to evacuate the embassy.

And if you’ve forgotten, this is the second U.S. Embassy to be evacuated in less than a year — the other being Libya…y’all remember the swan diving jihadists? This hardly reflects a state of the union that is strong. What it does reflect is a foreign policy of abject failure, resulting from the Obama “pivot” away from the Middle East.

And so now we have the Houthis, whose slogan is “Death to America, Death to Israel” by the way. We reported on them late last year, of course no one cared. Just the same as a year ago this week, when President Obama referred to ISIS as a “jayvee” team. The al-Houthi Islamist group is Shiite and backed by — yep, you got it — that nondescript country called Iran about whom Obama threatened a veto if Congress passed legislation restoring sanctions.

Let me put this all into perspective.

Yemen is home to the most vicious al-Qaida affiliate — yeah I know, they’re decimated and on the run – al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). This is the same group which claimed responsibility for the recent Paris Islamic terrorist attack.

There are now reports that ISIS is expanding into Yemen and as we reported last year, AQAP was seeking a pledge of alliance with ISIS. Yes, the Houthis and al- Qaida don’t exactly get along — but the Houthis are backed by Iran — who we are assisting the fight against ISIS in Iraq, along with their support to Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

And the Obama administration just announced it would send 400 advisors/trainers to Syria. But we’re allowing Iran to pursue its nuclear program, 10,000 centrifuges,– and the Washington Post just gave President Obama three more Pinocchios for his SOTU assertion that Iran’s nuclear program has slowed down. And as you know, Obama threatened to veto congressional action to sanction Iran.

Why should we kinda care? The Yemeni government was pro-American and was aiding in the fight against Islamists within their borders. Now, not only has the Yemeni government been toppled, it has been replaced with the specter of Iranian influence in the vicinity of a chokepoint entering the Red Sea — and not far from Somalia — yet another hot bed of Islamism.

Now, add on top of this hot fudge sundae the fact that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia just passed away. Yemen is the southernmost country on the Arabian Peninsula where chaos now abounds at a time of a transition of leadership in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are Sunni and cannot be too happy with the Obama administration’s lack of focus and resolve in the face of Iranian regional hegemonic designs. So what does Saudi Arabia do? In concern for their own existence will the Saudis provide material support to Sunni Islamic terrorists in order to defeat the Iranian-backed Houthis?

And there is another wild card to this equation, as reported by The Algemeiner, “The Israeli satellite imaging company ImageSat released images from Iran revealing a new nuclear development site. The images show what appears to be a new missile launcher that stands 89 feet tall and is capable of launching a nuclear missile to Israel or Europe, according to a report by Israel’s Channel 2.”

“Among the new nuclear developments pictured was a large long-range missile, never seen before in the West. The missile is powerful enough to launch a satellite or a manned spacecraft, the report said.”

iran missile site

Now does this sound like someone with whom we should — or even can – be negotiating?

Ladies and gents, I know some of you may feel, who cares, let them all kill each other. Yes, to a point they will, but the shadow of crisis will not pass that easily.

From Libya extending all the way to Pakistan, and probably beyond, militant Islam has taken root and is exporting its terror and hatred all over the globe. And the policy of this administration is to remain in a state of denial. America sides with Turkey and Qatar. America is releasing Islamic terrorists back onto the battlefield. All the while w’re told move along, nothing here to see.

There’s lots to see, and my greatest concern is that the situation only worsens in these final two years of the Obama reign.

What can we do? Well, first we gotta pray — and I am serious folks. The situation in which we find ourselves is a perfect storm benefitting the Islamic fascists. Not only are they on the move and consolidating their gains while increasing recruitment, we are enabling it by decimating our own military capacity.

We must develop a strong, potent, expeditionary and lethal strike operations-oriented force for the 21st century battlefield. And I’m not talking about any “smart power” or nuanced rhetorical response, but rather a deterrent force capable of deployment and employment in any geographical contingency area.

This is not about nation building. And at some point in time we will have to combat the enemy’s ideology — we must defeat his belief system in order to delegitimize him. Challenge the enemy and make them own their actions — and stop being Islamapologists.

The crisis has not passed; it’s right here and all over the globe — heck, there’s even a Russian naval warship docked in Cuba while our state department bureaucrats are there to discuss opening up diplomatic and travel relations.

Can we really say that the state of our union is strong? If you believe that then you’re in a state of delusion. And remember, weakness is enticing.


This smacks of Germany and Japan in WWII, where we didn’t get involved until we’d been hit at Pearl Harbor. Is that what it takes for us to get serious? It just may be. 

Before we can build a lethal force, we’re gonna need a president who’s on our side instead of theirs. A president who strengthens our military rather than deplete it, and has our best interests at heart instead of bringing us down to the level of other countries.

Iraq is lost, Yemen has fallen to rebels, King Abdullah died and the Libyan Central Bank has been taken over by terrorists who are now in control of over $1 billion. Yet O tells us that climate change is our greatest enemy.

The answer is yes, we are toast.


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11 Responses to Allen West Asks: Are We Toast?

  1. Liz entrekin says:

    What brianless idiots! First we fight in Mideast countries using American-hating national troops. Our guys go there to train them to fight terrorist but then during training they turn their efforts and weapons on our men. We suffer high losses and wounded due to political manuvering. Our funds go to constructing many buildings, supplying weapons and equipment. Then our well trained men are told no firing to defend , suffer unspeakable horrors, and watch our people as thousands are blown up, beaten, or receive verbal abuses.

    Our politicians who have lined their pockets from all of this, then decide to leave the country in charge of those “supposedly” trained federal country troops. Within days after, those same troops move to back terrorists bringing with them many pilfered machines and weaponry. Does this sound about right?

    An old college professsor once said any poor nation out there can and will invent or exaggerate conflict within its borders in order to receive free construction and other aid. He foresaw this in 1970 and stated then that Muslims have for over a thousand years and more fought within their areas. Let them kill each other off BUT if they attack outside their borders then destroy them.

    Who the hell turns highly trained fighting men who’s purpose is to defend a country or to kill a country’s enemies into token bodies as targets and WHY? IF and or WHEN a country brings soldiers out along with weapons, equipment, and buildings THEN they better damn well be be there with the knowledge that they are to kill and defend themseves. That equipment should be sent home down to every last nut and bolt. Standing structures and broken parts or equipment should be destroyed giving an enemy no chance of using it in the future. At the very least, Politicians should be forced to spend at least a week on the front lines as an active member. Then maybe when they opened their mouths in Congress, they would be singing a different tune.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    C’mon, Kathy! This war’s Pearl Harbor occurred 9/11/01 and we suffered more casualties than 12/7/41 yet President Bush maintains islam is a “Peaceful” religion, seven years after 9/11 the morons in this country elected an obvious muslim. That’d be about the same as in 1944 the country had elected Tojo or maybe Himmler, dontcha think??

    • Kathy says:

      Excellent point, Cap, and you’re right, of course, about 9/11 being our 12/7.

      I was referring to the most recent lack of ground troops combatting ISIS, and using only air strikes that our current Tojo thinks will work. We’re not really stopping much, so I have to wonder if (another) strike on the US will wake up our leaders.

    • upaces88 says:

      Oh Wow! What a GREAT POINT you just made!!!

  3. Kathy says:

    Liz, you just said a huge mouthful right there and it is what we, or at least I, have been saying for a long time.

    If we’d brought all our equipment home, then ISIS wouldn’t be near as formidable and well-equipped as they are now. Whoever made the decision to leave it there made a huge blunder.

    We are maiming huge numbers of our young men and women, mentally and physically, and all for political gain, when there were more efficient ways to kick butt.

    As long as O is running things, nothing will change, and we probably won’t see much change with a new president either. Gloomy, yes, but thanks to decisions made by people with misguided priorities, that’s where we are.

  4. Clyde says:

    Good post, and STELLAR comment from Liz. This Regime fights wars like snails fornicate.

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    Might be time to dust off our nuclear weapons and at least see if they are still reliable. Hasn’t been any testing in a long time. May I suggest a place?

    • Hardnox says:

      Excellent point I.R.

      I am of the same mind. Just a little one would do the trick with a warning that a bigger one was forthcoming if we were attacked in any way shape or form.

  6. upaces88 says:

    IF it was “Just” Muslims…we wouldn’t be toast. It is Obama that is deliberately destroying this country. No one is D.C. cares with the exception of a few; and they are not enough if they don’t do something drastic soon.

    Something even more sinister is going on in D.C. Politicians will always be “politicians.” What we have witnessed and having to live through, I do believe, is a full “take over.” I can’t prove all of it….I do think people are being threated.

    When Trey Gowdy was heading up the Benghazi investigation, people were murdered.
    “Jim Garrow​……………. Well, I just learned yesterday that​​ BEFORE Trey Gowdy’s Select committee was formed concerning Benghazi, FIFTEEN of the people who were speaking to congressional investigators were murdered! – We have a WH and surely DOJ that has a clandestine black ops assassination squad at its disposal “

  7. captbogus2 says:

    I believe this country has forgotten how to fight a war. Either that or it is buried in red tape and PC bullshit. Even the word, “War” is bandied about until it has lost its meaning.
    “War” on poverty.
    “War” on drugs.
    “War” on women.
    All of these and other “Wars” invented by the corrupt elected by the stupid have so diluted the meaning of “War” to the point neither the elected, nor the stupid even understand its true ramifications.
    But our enemies do. Bet your sweet ass on that.