In War With terrorism, We’re the Target

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FAITH GOLDY - In war with terrorism, we're the target

French soldiers patrol in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as part of the highest level of “Vigipirate” security plan after Islamist attacks January 20, 2015 Credits: REUTERS/Charles Platiau


Islamic terrorism is nothing new to this world, let alone our generation. But last week’s terror attack in Paris was the grisliest the west has seen on home turf since the Islamic State established its caliphate in June of last year. As horrifying as the attack itself is the fact the Islamic State had nothing to do with it. This week, Al Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo bloodshed.

In an 11 minute Internet video posted Wednesday, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) top commander Nasr al-Ansi said the Charlie Hebdo massacre was in “vengeance for the prophet,” while Yemen’s Al Qaeda branch “chose the target, laid out the plan and financed the operation.” Al-Ansi then warned of more “tragedies and terror” ahead.


At face value, this terrorist attack could have been the work of the Islamic State and its henchmen. But it wasn’t.

Sure, we’ve heard the refrain that IS is an “offshoot” of the group once led by bin Laden. Yes, ISIS and Al Qaeda are Sunnni groups motivated by the same demonic belief in striking at the necks of believers.

But in practice, the post 9/11 jihadi movement split into two major groups– Al Qaeda and its official affiliates, now under the leadership of Ayman al-Zawahiri– and everyone else, a motley crew of more or less likeminded terrorists who maintained their independence even if most were linked to Al Qaeda qua resources or personnel.

Currently, the list of declared affiliates over which Zawahiri exercises authority includes: AQAP (a merger of Saudi and Yemini Al Qaeda branches, now mostly in Yemen), Al Qaeda on the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM, mostly in North Africa), al-Shabab (mainly in Somalia), and the al-Nursa Front (in Syria).

Problem is: splinters of each Al Qaeda linked group are swearing loyalty to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, now morphed into Caliph Ibrahim.

While the groups were linked, at a time, all that changed in the spring of 2014 when Zawahiri disavowed the subordinate terrorist group for not following orders. Little did he know ISIS would go on to seize a substantial amount of oil-rich territory, rename itself the Islamic State and declare its “caliphate” just a few months later.

Since then, we heard precious little from Al Qaeda. Paris changed all that.

The strike on Charlie Hebdo stands as the Yemen-based branch’s first successful strike outside its home territory– a triumph for its trademark twin strategy of waging jihad in Yemen to build strength to strike abroad.

And so it seems we’ve entered the World Championship of Terrorism.

See, to date it’s been the Islamic State who dominate at rapid recruitment abroad, while some of their strongest support lies in English-speaking Islamist communities. Look no further than their alignment with two of the most important English-speaking Muslim radical organizations including Authentic Tauheed and the network formerly known as Muhajiroun, led by British cleric Anjem Chourdary.

But it isn’t just Anglo Islamists joining ISIS ranks. Nigeria’s Boko Haram, too, pledged allegiance to the terror dominion.

Meanwhile Boko Haram’s attack on Baga, which claimed the lives of some 2,000 civilians– mostly the elderly and children– stands as the single largest slaughter by an ISIS affiliate outside the terror state’s borders.

The ISIS affiliate’s monumental massacre took place just one day after Al Qaeda first took Paris hostage. Just one day.

As if world news wasn’t hellish enough, now there are signs that the two jihadi superpowers are about to enter a contest over who’s the badder terrorist with more guerrilla groupies. Only problem? Their guns aren’t pointed at each other.

In this war, we’re the target.


Come on Faith Goldy ( author of this article)….does it really matter what they call themselves? They are all terrorist organizations being funded by Saudi Arabia, who are thinking they will be the leaders of the coming Caliphate! Just have to get us infidels and kuffars under their thumbs and voila….we are all controlled by muzzie’s sharia law!

Personally I don’t really care if they call themselves the Mickey Mouse club or Troglodytes United! They will have their peeing contest whether we like it or not. If only they would kill one another, we’d be safer! Our governments have to make sure that our countries are as safe as possible. Which means they must implement the laws already in place and make them stronger if need be. If the Law Enforcement agencies needs to be beefed up to deal with the threat….then do so…NOW! Let’s quit appeasing the enemy and start sinking our teeth into the matter.

Zawahari can disavow any other terrorist organization he wants….but he isn’t the one that is giving the funding to any other terrorist organization! If he doesn’t watch himself…he just might meet with an accident. He is not indispensable and can be replaced easily! Many others would like his job I’m sure!

Faith Goldy does have it right though when she states that in this war, we are the target….as all Western democracies are! WE must stand together!

~Blessed B~

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7 Responses to In War With terrorism, We’re the Target

  1. Kathy says:

    It seems to me that we are all standing together, with the exception of Canada, perhaps. The governments of Germany, Italy, England and the US are all about appeasement and only now is France rounding up suspected terrorists.

    The citizens of those countries are begging for their governments to put an end to it but those cries are being ignored. Law enforcement can only do so much without government and military support.

    • Blessed B. says:

      So true! The Governments must start to do their job of keeping their citizens safe….even if it means offending some of them. If those ones are too stupid to realize the threat they are under then perhaps they should stand in front….

      Harper’s gov’t. understands the threat and is willing to do what needs to be done to keep all safe.

  2. Clyde says:

    Damn right we are the targets. WITH the highest levels of government’s blessings. I wonder if the appeasers know THEY will be among the FIRST to be slaughtered ?

    • Blessed B. says:

      They think that they will be spared….. most probably will be cuz they’ll pay the Jizya or convert!

  3. Garnet92 says:

    This is really scary. The scary thing is that we are having to live with a gigantic handicap imposed on us by our scumsucking “leadership.” The muzzies are in an enviable position, they can send this (or any other) country into a tailspin simply by directing a few dozen of their “martyrs” to do harm. And if this happens, what will we do? Send a few drones to blow up a few sand huts in the desert? Unless and until we get serious about the looming danger to us, they (the muzzies) are in a no-lose situation, they are winning.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Unfortunately…. you’re comment exposes the truth of the matter!


      Police in Belgium say they dismantled a highly coordinated plot to kill officers on public streets and at police stations. They killed two suspected terrorists and arrested at least 13 others.

      In France, police have at least a dozen people in custody, but so far, they’re not believed to be connected to last week’s Paris terror attacks.

      In Germany, police say they arrested two men in Berlin suspected of recruiting fighters, procuring equipment, and funding ISIS in Syria. The arrests came during raids on 11 residences.

      European counterterrorism agencies are scrambling to round-up westerners who may have been fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and are home to launch terror attacks across the continent.

      Meantime, the Pentagon says the US is sending 400 troops to Syria to train and equip so-called moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS terrorists. ~~


      Yeah…sending troops to train the enemy ( Syrian Rebels) is a great plan OBI! Anything to get your mutthooks into Syria to get rid of Assad like your Saudi puppeteers want you to do!

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    We might be the targets, but these targets shoot back. We don’t bow down to have our heads removed. It’s time the Europeans start emulating the Swiss, if they wish to keep theirs.