Will Someone Find The REAL John Boehner?

These words could NOT have come from H&F’s Asshat Of The Year. Way too much like a REAL conservative, of which we KNOW ol’ Weepy IS NOT.

I must say, this article from Ivan Plis at The Daily Caller.com comes as a surprise, given Boehner’s usual animus towards anything smacking of a conservative idea.

Boehner Invites Netanyahu To Congress After Obama’s Iran Gambit.

Has Weepy John FINALLY seen the light vis-a-vis Israel ? Stay tuned.

You KNOW what King Putt was thinking here. ” I have to put up with THIS goddamn Jew ? I could be golfing, or “hanging with Reggie”. ANYTHING but HELPING our ONLY ally in the region. Asshat extraordinaire, that one is.

Mere hours after President Barack Obama promised to veto any new congressional sanctions on Iran, Speaker of the House John Boehner struck back, saying Wednesday he would invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress.

Netanyahu has warned of Iran’s security threat in the Middle East for years, and has resisted American attempts to normalize relations with Iran.

The Israeli leader is scheduled to address Congress on Feb. 11, just weeks before facing a tough re-election on March 17. Many in Israel say that his strength will come from reassurances of Israeli national security.

At Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, Obama said that proposed new sanctions on Iran “will all but guarantee that diplomacy fails… ensuring that Iran starts up its nuclear program again.” He vowed to veto “any new sanctions bill” that interferes with progress toward an Iranian nuclear deal.

The measure in question is a bipartisan Senate draft bill which would only impose new sanctions on Iran should the ongoing negotiations with Iran fail to meet the agreed-upon June 30 deadline.

Boehner told a reporter Wednesday morning that Obama expected Congress to “stand idly by and do nothing while he cuts a bad deal with Iran.” His response to the president: “Hell no!”

Sen. Bob Menendez, the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee who cosponsored the Senate sanctions bill, criticized his own party’s president as well, saying Obama’s Iran policy “sounds like talking points straight out of Tehran.”


With the invitation by speaker Boehner to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, we have to wonder. Has Johnny-Boy, he of Man’s Country, having been in a battle royale for speaker with a substantial, but NOT by enough of his own party, suddenly seeing the light?

We who follow the developments in the Middle East are relatively SURE Iran, and their stuck-in-the-7th-century mullahs of the false pedophile prophet, if they already do not have one, are WAY too close to having nuclear capabilities. Should the unthinkable happen, and if Iran does, indeed, have a nuclear device, and the REST of the world, mainly run by leftists, and Israel-haters such as Ban-Ki-Moonbat, of the U-frigging-N, and Obama, along with MOST of Europe, will some bright, sunny morning be seeing a mushroom cloud over Israel, these bastards will be overjoyed, while Israel, defending herself, will undoubtedly fire nukes right back at the foat guckers. And we ALL know what the White Mosque, and limpstream media response will be to THAT, right?

There is ZERO doubt the mullahs with nukes WILL turn them over to ANY jihadists who wants one, and those savages WILL use them on whomever they can.

My sincere hope is Boehner has come out of the tanning booth long enough to see what is REALLY going on over there, and is SINCERE about helping a long-scorned ally. We KNOW the Regime would like nothing better than to see Israel fall.

Hopefully, Boehner will stand up for what is RIGHT for once in his miserable career as speaker. I am NOT holding my breath.


CLYDE. Hoping Boehner The Balless has found a set.

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10 Responses to Will Someone Find The REAL John Boehner?

  1. Hardnox says:

    When I heard the news I was delighted.

    No surprise to anyone, Putt has had a hand in undermining Bibi’s reelection.

  2. vonmesser says:

    Boehner is, first and foremost, a politician. That means he will take the action most likely to get him the support or adulation that he needs/wants at the time. He is neither a conservative nor a liberal, just a closet-pragmatist. This means sometimes he will b e right, sometimes left, depending on the time of day.

  3. Kathy says:

    It’s also interesting to know that Boehner side-stepped the prez by issuing the invitation directly rather than going through normal protocol. Josh Earnest called it a breach of protocol and other sources have said that O is pretty steamed about it because Boehner didn’t get his permission to invite Bibi. Truth is, Boehner didn’t need his permission.

    Looks like O just got a dose of his own medicine, hehe, and from his own buddy.


    • clyde says:

      I wonder if the cluck beaned himself getting out of the tanning booth, Kathy. Just way too unlike him to piss in Obama’s Wheaties.

  4. captbogus2 says:

    “will all but guarantee that diplomacy fails… ”
    Like diplomacy has succeeded so far, you mean???