Could Anyone Be More Disgusting…..



“American Sniper” fans turned viciously Sunday on left-wing, hypocrite filmmaker Michael Moore when he insulted the memory of an American hero.

michaelmoore0118newSee, the hypocrite Moore knows how to make a fortune out of movies championing the poor (while he and his bank account grow steadily fatter) but he doesn’t know what to make of the stunning success of “American Sniper,” the movie about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who became the deadliest sniper in American military history during his service in the Iraq war.

Clearly in a porculent snit that the Clint Eastwood-directed homage to the late Kyle is on its way to a general opening weekend that could hit $100 million, the grossly overweight Moore took to Twitter to try to squelch the whole idea of Kyle’s heroism.

And betrayed his ignorance of military service — and patriotism — at the same time.

Here’s what Moore tweeted out Sunday.


Michael Moore         @MMFlint

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse

It’s not enough that the man’s jealousy is showing through that his movies never have — and never will — attract the real that Eastwood’s biopic will. But he feels compelled to denigrate the memory of a man his superior in every way just to prove his point.

(His anti-Bush rant “Fahrenheit 911″ was a huge hit in the heat of the 2004 election, but it was a polemic not an work of art. No one really liked the movie, not even libs, they just used it to demonstrate  how much they hated Bush.)

Fortunately, the country is full of people more than willing to let his lardship know the error of his ways — or at least let the rest of the world know what his real motivations are.

Here’a a sampling of responses. It didn’t go well for Moore:


Sean HannityVerified account @seanhannity 17h17 hours ago

Hey Michael, when snipers like Chris Kyle are saving AMERICAN lives, that would be a good thing. Even an idiot like U can get that


Brian Stewart@BrianStewartOH 18h18 hours ago

Chris Kyle, and plenty of other veterans you’ve smeared as “invaders,” are 10 times the man you’ve ever been or ever will be.


And there are plenty more HERE

It’s too bad that sniper shot Blubberball’s Uncle…and NOT his Father. That would have saved the world from at least 1 disgusting pig !






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18 Responses to Could Anyone Be More Disgusting…..

  1. Kathy says:

    Funny how his lardship the coward never said that while Kyle was alive. He ranks right down there with that slimeball Ventura.

    We saw the movie Saturday and it was good, but it could have been better. I’d like to have seen more focus on his accomplishments rather than his tours as a whole. But at the end, you could have heard a pin drop in the theater and you could feel the sadness in the room.

    Did you know he was nicknamed ‘Legend’ by his peers? Nobody will ever call Moore that.

  2. Rich B says:

    I’ll say this; no sniper will EVER need a scope to hit Michael Moore. I just posted that on another blog and I’ll post it here. As big as he (Moore) is, just getting close ought to do the trick. And to find ol’ lard-ass all you gotta do is follow the smell of cheese pizza.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    Gotta disagree with both Rich and vonmesser, Moore’s favorite pizza toppings are known to be lard, anchovies, lard, sardines, and more lard.

    • Rich B says:

      I have a confession – I love anchovies too. I can’t say much for the lard or sardines though. They (anchovies and sardines) do make good live bait out here on the left coast when I go deep sea fishing. We can leave the lard for the Islamofascists.

      I seem to remember a Little Rascals short subject I watched when I was a kid where Stymie and Spanky ate a bucket of lard thinking it was ice cream. I wonder if Michael might just like some of that. At least he’ll keep regular.

  4. Grouchy says:

    Rather interesting, that Chris’ wife was very complimentary to Clint, and his efforts to do a movie that was so true to what Chris was as a man, a husband and father, and as a SEAL.
    Ol’ Lard-a$$ will never stand as tall as Chris’ big toe-nail.
    And to the following, I can only say, AMEN~!
    “It’s too bad that sniper shot Blubberball’s Uncle…and NOT his Father”

    Sadly, for all the innate ability MM was born with, how sadly did he abuse it~!~!

  5. Liz entrekin says:

    Who is really classed in lowest intelligence levels? Those who through no fault of their own have different view of life which in many ways is more joyful and positive for their simplistic view….. Or those supposedly higher on intelligence scale who vomit out stupidity and treachery with every word they emit?

    Get off fat arses, travel to third world countries where fear and death stink up the air breathed and leave honorable people, heroism and freedom to those who better appreciate life and liberty. Sacrifices by our loved ones throughout the centuries is why you donkey rear holes are even able to be moronic “intelligencia” and spew your diarrhea.

    They make over the counter meds found in most drugstores for diarrhea or in specialty shops for the likes of you. I think our IQ tests need major revision if he and other so called liberals are classed higher than our special people and that “tough love” measures should be applied preferably with 1 way air ticket and no money just like when teens are sent through scared straight prison programs.

  6. CW says:

    Good post, Terry.

    I guess in Moore’s world the “real” heroes target unsuspecting civilians with jet planes, or they slice off the heads of reporters while their hands are tied behind their backs.

    Moore’s ugliness on the outside is nothing compared to the ugliness inside him.

  7. Liz entrekin says:

    Oh and be sure Obama and all his asps are tge First on that flight!

  8. Terry says:

    Great comments by all (BRAVO Liz entrekin). No need for any more debate on the fact that Moore is a disgusting piece of work. And now Seth Rogen (the star of “The Interview” that recently has N.Korea’s panties in a wad) has joined him in repulsiveness by stating “American Sniper” is like a “Nazi propaganda movie”

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed another real-life sniper Nick Irving today, and asked for his thoughts on what Senor’ Porky Pig Moore had to say. And I agree : It’s not even worth our breath to acknowledge him. But I HAD to.

  9. Rich B says:

    One last post. I wonder if Michael’s uncle was REALLY killed by a sniper during WWII? I’m sure some enterprising fact checker from FOX Network will do some investigating. I sure as hell will. It sounds like another one of his bullshit stories… kind of like his mocumentaries.

  10. Grouchy says:

    My final thought on this: michael moore states, “We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back….”
    In other words, he has not LEARNED a damn thing since “We were taught,,,” including how to think for himself. The only thing he can do is to parrot what others have told/taught him. I guess one could call that the classical libtard mindset.
    How sad, to be so confined in such a stifling mental state~!

  11. Hardnox says:

    That disgusting fat slob calling someone like Kyle a coward is beyond absurd.

    Many a grunt owes his survival to Kyle.

    I’ve added Moore to my “piss on his grave list”.

  12. tannngl says:

    Moore’s another Hollywood type that people need to ignore. If he was ignored, he would have no impact on our culture. Why are people so stupid/!