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Well Okay…It’s really an article from SBPDL……

Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther Party…

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Ninety million dollars.That’s what you call an unbelievable opening weekend at the theaters.The America of 2015 is undeserving of a man of the quality of Chris Kyle, but white Americans of 2015 desire a man like Chris Kyle.

American Sniper… the type of Punisher movie white America wants to see

American Sniper speaks to the them at an atavistic level, reminding them of the type of individual necessary to make life possible.

Selma, on the other hand, is the type of movie showcasing a movement making life impossible.

Across the country, black businessman (okay — non-profits deriving large portions of their operating budget from federal grants or minority contracts) helped finance large scale showings of Selma for students to see the movie for free…. while real Americans stormed cinemas across the country to pay to see a movie depicting a white male engaging in heroic acts in defense of his country.

Primarily black K-12 public school students (across the country, amounting to 275,000 tickets) were able to see Selma for free this past weekend in:

In all, more than $2 million was raised (just under 1/15th of its total domestic gross as of 1-19-15) for this Selma for Students campaign: Hundreds of thousands of free tickets to see Selma (a movie glorifying the ‘sniping’ of white America to enable the creation of a state forever subservient to black people’s desires) and all the movie could muster was $8.3 million from January 16 – January 18th….

American Sniper, a movie celebrating the heroics of a white man (a white man who every institution – television, Hollywood, academia, government, and commercials – in America works overtime to denigrate) has one of the most astounding opening weekends in the history of cinema.


No one cares, save Oprah Winfrey and her coalition of well-connected black businessman in major American cities whose entire fortune is dependent on government-mandated minority contracts…

The story of Chris Kyle in American Sniper?

One of the largest openings in movie history is a reminder white America yearns for something far greater than black people marching across a bridge…

I’m not trying to get Raaaaaaaciiisssstt !! here, but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. The hard-core $$ figures show what is REALLY important to the Patriots of Our Country.
One of the comments after this SBPDL article was this one, from a viewer at one of the FREE showings of “Selma” :
“I went to see Selma for free due to American Sniper being sold out and that Selma was offering free tickets, (to push Oprah’s Communist hero MLK Jr. who also plagiarized his Doctoral thesis)
So I sit down and realize that the theater is half empty even with the free ticket offer. The majority of the seats were occupied by young african american students from the local high school- I’m guessing a field trip. Fifteen minutes into the movie their teacher stood up to warn them for the third time to be quite, stop acting up & turn off their cell phones.
Ten agonizing minutes later it sounded like I was in the center of the chimpanzee exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo. A fight broke out between four male african americans and everyone began screaming obscenities and throwing food & drinks at each other. The Management was forced to stop the film & the Theater security had to call the Police because they could not restore order. The Police arrived and were verbally assaulted by the crowd of now highly agitated african americans who were taunting them for attempting to restore order. One african american officer was even told, “you ain’t black- bitch” whatever that means.
Eventually order was restored by the Police escorting out about three quarters of the african americans who were chanting in unison, “M-L-K!… M-L-K”!
I then was able to watch the rest of the movie which was about an african american man who said I should not judge others by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.
I then went home, cashed out my 401K and bought a one way ticket to Sweden, where I will be buying a home & renouncing my American citizenship. I hear the content of character over there is pretty outstanding.”
And Revrun Al be cryin’ over the lack of black Oscar nominations !
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13 Responses to At The Movies With ‘Nox & Friends

  1. Grouchy says:

    There have been interviews with Mrs. Kyle, as regards the quality and substance of “American Sniper”. She was very appreciative of the work and effort that went into that movie, and its results.
    Have we heard anything from the family of MLK??? Or do they give a damn about the efforts Mr. King put forth, and his ideology of being known by their character, and not the color of their skin???
    Maybe, the black community is doing just that – showing us their character, AS WELL AS the color of their hearts and skin~!

  2. Kathy says:

    Well, wonder no more, Mr. Not Sharpton, why it didn’t receive any nominations…when they have to give the tickets away and still can’t fill half a theater, that’s a pretty good clue the movie is much like our prez…a POS.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    I remember MLK. I remember how it was everywhere he went unrest soon followed. Funny how rabble rousers, soon after death, are elevated to a saintly status…

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    Back in the 60s the black demonstrators were getting hit with fire hoses.
    We whiteys have been getting hosed ever since.
    I haven’t seen the sniper movie yet but it’s on my list. I was an expert with the M14 rifle in Army training, but this kind of shooting is a whole ‘nother level. If you want a good read, try “Marine Corps Sniper” which is about Carlos Hathcock. There is a story that an accurate movie should be made of. He is the one that made the shot through a scope of a top enemy sniper. After seeing the dead man, Carlos said, “He was just as good a shooter as I am. I just got the shot off first.”

    • captbogus2 says:

      I have heard that story about the through the scope shot attributed to a Russian sniper at Leningrad, a fictional account in “Saving Private Ryan” and Carlos Hathcock.
      I’m sure someone did it. Just not sure who or how many times.

      • Hardnox says:

        It was Hathcock for sure.

        • I.R. Wayright says:

          Yes, he just shot at a glint of a reflection in the jungle, across a draw. He knew the other sniper was sent specifically to kill Hathcock, and they had been stalking each other for a couple hours.

  5. CW says:

    It is encouraging to see the American public send such a clear an unambiguous message about what excites them and what does not. The battle for civil rights was won long ago. It’s old news, and when you couple that with the liklihood that “Selma” is most likely a revision of history (as all liberal “true-story” movies are), it’s no wonder it’s a dud.

    • Wendy says:

      Selma was one of Oprah’s productions, and of course she is also IN it. Black ego at it’s max. She also produced The Butler, and very little, if any, contained hard facts. She takes complete Liberal hold over how “she” sees it.

  6. Hardnox says:

    This news warms my heart in knowing that Americans chose a patriotic movie over yesterday’s old news. As CW pointed out this is most likely revisionist history that people are already beyond disgusted about. The blacks need to give this shit a rest for crying out loud. The rest of us are sick of it.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    I can’t wait to see American Sniper and I’m afraid to see Selma.

    The thing that I’m afraid of is that I’ll get into a heated argument with one or more black activists and being old and small, I’d probably have to use my concealed handgun to stop an assault on me. It’s just not worth the trouble – especially since it’s reputedly not a very good movie anyway and I really have no desire to see it.

  8. clyde says:

    What “free tickets” ? You ALL know WHO paid for THOSE. Look in the mirror.