Rush Limbaugh: Fences Work


From Truth Revolt:


Remove the Rush Limbaugh Bust from Missouri's State Capitol.On his radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh discussed what he called the “Great Wall of Saudi Arabia,” a 600-mile barrier which the country is building in response to the ISIS threat on their border—and which Limbaugh said has an implied lesson to teach America: “fences work.”

After describing the long history of terrorism linked to Saudi Arabia, Limbaugh recounted the speech King Abdullah gave to ambassadors from other nations last year in which he warned them of the imminent threat posed by ISIS. Some, noted Limbaugh, dismissed the speech as exaggeration to make some kind of political point, but Saudi Arabia’s new defense barrier proves that Abdullah truly is highly concerned about the Islamic State.

In his description of the massive project, Limbaugh suggested that America could learn a thing or two about the effectiveness of border control (emphasis added):

Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile great wall. Saudi Arabia is building a massive fence 600 miles long. It’s a combined fence and ditch. Its purpose is to separate Saudi Arabia from Iraq to the north. Most of the area on the Iraqi side of the border of Saudi Arabia is now controlled by ISIS, or ISIL. But they’re not just building a 600-mile fence. And, by the way, why are they building the fence?  They’re building the fence to keep ISIS out. And you know why? Because fences work. It’s not just a fence, folks. This is a five-layered fence, and it has ditches. 

This is a massive construction project. It has berms, it has razor wire, thermal sensors, radar, and helicopters. It is a full protection security system, 500 miles of that. Stop and think for a moment a 500-mile, five-layered fence. This is not just a bunch of stakes in the ground with some barbed wire running. There are guard towers every so many feet, miles, whatever, the trenches are deep. They are all packed with sensors to detect anybody trying to cross. And if you get caught you’re gonna be beheaded. They don’t mess around.

Limbaugh also used the story to underscore just how dangerous ISIS is internationally:

Six hundred miles. This is gonna dwarf, not the length, but it’s gonna dwarf in size, scope, and effectiveness the Great Wall of China. It’s going to be militarized using technology available in 2015. Thirty-thousand troops will man this fence and the sole purpose of the fence is to keep ISIS out. The Saudis are scared to death of ISIS.  And the king made it clear to those newly arrived ambassadors last fall, it’s abundantly clear the Saudis are scared to death of ’em. If the Saudis, if these guys are too radical and too whatever for the Saudis, it ought to tell you that they are a bad, bad bunch. 


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Perhaps we Americans should pool our money and hire them to finish our fence, since our government refuses to do the job.


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16 Responses to Rush Limbaugh: Fences Work

  1. upaces88 says:

    It would be such an easy fix IF he was right. Unfortunately, the Drug Cartels built very expensive tunnels UNDER the stupid fence on the border. It is complete with lighting and water.
    I am just throwing this out there….I betcha, Muslims have given them a LOT of $$ to allow them to go UNDER the fence on the border to get into the U..

    • Kathy says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me, upaces, but a better, and a completed fence would cut the traffic down immensely. Then more efforts could be focused on tunnels.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Stationary defenses are pretty much useless. Look at the Maginot Line for example.
    Some liberal pro amnesty made a statement that is pretty true: “You build a 12′ fence, they will build a 13′ ladder.”

    • Kathy says:

      I see your point, Cap, but it’s going to take more than a 13 ft. ladder to scale the type of fence the Saudis are building. With all the money we’ve wasted on illegals, we could have finished one by now.

      • captbogus2 says:

        My point is a stationary defense system is no defense at all. Rommel proved that. Patton proved that. If it isn’t mobile it can be gone around, over or under.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    I agree with Limbaugh. Not having a real fence – something akin to the Saudi version – is ridiculous. And the analogy of building a longer ladder doesn’t hold water either. We can’t let the old adage “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” bite us in the ass. So they build a 13′ ladder – let them build lots of 13′ ladders – they’ll have to keep building them cause we’ll find them and destroy them – all the while limiting the number of illegals from getting in. Compare that scenario with the open, porous borders that we currently “enjoy.” They hardly even slow down now.

    • Kathy says:

      Compared to what we have now, I say it’s worth a try. We already know that the same Daesh critters are coming across our border that the Saudis are trying to keep out. Our namby-pamby socialist leaders won’t put forth the efforts.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    The key here isn’t building a fence or fences. What is most important is backing it up with lethal force. All that is needed here is a bounty on crossers.

  5. Terry says:

    A huge fence would be great, for sure.
    In the meantime, a few thousand CA. beach style lifeguard stands, on stilts, every 100 yds. or so, guards looking in all directions armed with mortars to play ‘Wack-A-Muzzie’ may help.
    PLUS I.R.’s bounty system.

    • Kathy says:

      Agreed, your ideas and IR’s would be a great combination – much better than the Border Patrol playing nannies to the illegals.

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  7. Stinger says:

    No one, (Even the Saudi’s) has mentioned electrification (with signs in spanish, of coarse). When they get to a certain point, ZAP!!! Then all you have to do is flush out the trench once a week. I’ll bet word would spread rather quickly. And, it could be built with Illegal Labor. The reward, builders get to stay on this side when the wall is done, but not vote.

  8. vonmesser says:

    The fence won’t be perfect. But it’ll probably stop 95% of the scumbags trying to sneak in.

    My solution for the US fence is have the Army Corps of Engineers buy from Lowes and start at Brownsville Texas, and the Navy SeeBees buy from Home Depot and start at San Ysidro California. Build their 3-layer fence along the border. When they meet, the one with the longest and best fence wins, and takes over the combat construction for all services.