Muslim Threatens to Blow Up Deli


From TPNN:

Abdalah Mohamed

A 19-year-old Muslim man threatened to blow up a deli store in Portland, Oregon when he wasn’t able to buy a “loosey,” an individual cigarette, and was arrested on January 9. The man, Abdalah Mohamed, threatened to blow up the deli “in the name of Allah,” according to court records obtained by Oregon Live:

According to Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Richard Freud, Mohamed entered Ira’s Deli at 7215 N.E. Prescott St. on the morning of July 14 and asked to buy a cigarette.

Shaheen Brodle, who was working behind the counter, told the teen that the deli didn’t sell cigarettes individually and that he’d have to buy a pack if he wanted any cigarettes, Freud wrote.

Mohamed demanded to speak to the owner, identified in the warrant as Iraj Rafai. Rafai came to talk to Mohamed and reiterated what Brodle had told Mohamed, the affidavit said.

That’s when Mohamed started shouting threats laced with profanity and demeaning comments about Jews and Israel, Freud wrote.

“I will blow up your store,” and “I’m going to send my guys to shoot up your store,” Mohamed allegedly hollered, who’d lived in Portland for about six years, but is originally from Kenya, according to the Oregon Live report.

“You Israeli…I’ll blow up your store in the name of Allah! We take care of people like you,” Mohamed is accused of yelling at the deli owner.

Abdalah Mohamed is charged with two counts of second-degree intimidation.


It’s a shame they couldn’t just put down this rabid animal on the spot, because being charged with only second-degree intimidation (whatever that is) he will bond out in no time and be right back to finish the job.

His being Kenyan makes me wonder if he’s here legally, but the worrisome part is that he’s muslim, and educated on only hate and violence. Looking at his picture, it’s easy to see he has an attitude. That wasn’t intimidation – it was a terrorist type threat and started because of a single cigarette.


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8 Responses to Muslim Threatens to Blow Up Deli

  1. upaces88 says:

    Kathy, we are “mind twins” (LOL)…I was just thinking the very same thing BEFORE I read what you said.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    I’m not sure. Haven’t lived there for some time. But at one time if he’d made those threats and in front of a witness, in Texas, the threatened could shoot him on sight. Texas takes such threats seriously.

  3. Grouchy says:

    If it is true as alleged in some quarters that the obmomination has family in Kenya, then the obmomination may try to step in, and support a “fellow countryman” or muslim,,,

  4. Terry says:

    Silly muzzie. Must have thought he was in NY City.
    Being a muslim and a Kenyan can only get you so far in this country…Loosie Czar !

    • Kathy says:

      It looks like these punks are taking lessons from the events in NY, Ferguson, and even Paris. This one in particular needed a much tougher smack-down than simply second-degree intimidation.