NYPD on Alert as ISIS Issues Threats to Attack

From Fox News:


The nation’s largest police force is on high alert after ISIS re-released a propaganda video urging the murder of “intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers and civilians” in the U.S., a development federal law enforcement agencies as well as the NYPD took seriously, given recent events — including last week’s Islamist rampage in Paris.

“Strike their police, security and intelligence members, as well as their treacherous agents,” the video, released on Twitter by ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani, urges. It specifically named the United States, France, Australia and Canada as targets.

The video was originally put out in September. Law enforcement officials have become increasingly concerned over the possibility that radicalized “lone wolves” in the U.S. and elsewhere in Europe could be inspired to heed such calls from the Islamist radicals in the Middle East. In recent weeks, criminals with possible terrorist ties or sympathies have carried out high-profile attacks in France, Australia, Canada and New York.

An NYPD internal memo warned police officers to “remain alert and consider tactics at all times while on patrol,” and on Monday a spokesman confirmed it was related to the resurfacing of the video.


ISIS Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani appears in the video, which calls for lone wolf terrorists to strike in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Canada.

“NYPD learned yesterday of the re-issuance of a previously posted video threat, believed to have been issued by ISIL in September,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis said. “Based on this new posting, which calls for the killing of civilians, soldiers, intelligence officers and police in certain countries, including France, Australia, Canada and the U.S., the NYPD sent out a message to officers reminding them to remain vigilant on patrol.”

An NYPD union gave specific instructions to rank-and-file members.

“If you are assigned to a fixed post, do not sit together in the RMP [police car],” members of the Sergeants Benevolent Association were instructed in an email obtained by the New York Post. “At least one officer must stand outside the vehicle at all times. Pay attention to your surroundings. Officers must pay close attention to approaching vehicles . . . Pay close attention to people as they approach. Look for their hands.”

Officials say there is no credible information suggesting an imminent attack in the U.S., but the bulletin stressed the importance of vigilance by the police and public.


Obviously France didn’t have ‘credible information suggesting an attack’ either, so I’d say vigilance is of the utmost importance in the US now.  It’s not likely that we’ll see another attack using planes as weapons, but more and more of the ‘lone wolf’ attacks are taking place with al Qaida taking credit.

The NYPD is still reeling from murderous attacks perpetrated by blacks, some of which were terrorist sympathizers, and now have to be on alert for what could be much worse. 

Do they take the threats seriously or do they think the threats are issued just to see us squirm, knowing our leadership is soft on Islam?


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4 Responses to NYPD on Alert as ISIS Issues Threats to Attack

  1. upaces88 says:

    Well, hell, it seems like NY’s Mayor will be rooting for the wrong side!

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    Time they brought out all those armoured vehicles they have stashed to deal with societal break down. Clean out the muslim no-go zones we have in this country (Dearbornistan, Islamberg) and start filling those FEMA camps that are waiting for us in case of a “disaster.”

  3. Clyde says:

    Time to make a pre-emptive strike. If they’re going to attack, why wait ? Kill THEM first. What the hell is it with Twitter ? WHY don’t they ban THAT shit, instead of banning articles and tweets critical of Islam ? Cowards.