There IS Some Hope.

Regular readers of my screeds know the animus I harbor towards what passes as “entertainment” today, especially Hollyweird and MOST of television.

Every once in a while, a lone voice of reason comes from that vast, barren wasteland. The story is from Matthew Burke at Enjoy.


TV Star Gives Prescription to Cure America’s Ills; Leftists Will Hate it; Americans Will Love it.

Danny Koker
Danny Koker is a patriotic American and is not afraid to say so.

Counting Cars star Danny Koker, aka: “The Count,” whose rise to stardom grew out of his passion to beautifully restore and customize classic cars and motorcycles out of his Las Vegas-based shop called Count’s Kustoms, was recently interviewed by Michael Stephens of Bending Reality TV, and candidly discussed his beliefs regarding the wrong turn America has taken and his prescription for fixing it.

Koker told Stephens it’s time to quit trying to rewrite American history and to get back to what made America great — the U.S. Constitution.

“If we went back to the way it was 150 years ago, how happy would you be?” Stephens asked.

“I’d be phenomenally happy,” Koker answered. “I’d be happy if we’d just go back to the Reagan days, man. God bless Ronald Reagan! I miss that man,” he proclaimed while looking towards the heavens.

Koker then told Stephens his prescription for curing America’s problems.

“Let’s go back to the original days. Let’s go back to original writing of the Constitution,” Koker urged. “The Constitution works, man,” he affirmed.

“Let’s quit trying to rewrite it; let’s quit trying to reinterpret it — ‘Oh, what they really meant was this’ — No! What they meant is what they said,” Koker contended.

Koker went on to explain that excessive government regulations have held back the growth of his businesses.

“To be told by a government that cannot run themselves how to run my business, is disturbing,” he stated, going on to say that government meddling in his business stifles growth and sadly admits that in today’s world, “You can only grow so much,” because of government regulation.

“I honestly am the kind of guy who wants to grow, and grow, and grow businesses….but because of government regulations, and because of them meddling in my business, you’ve got to hold back. You’ve got to hold back or else it’s going to cost you too much — once it starts costing you too much, your business is in trouble. So, you’ve got to hold back. You can only grow so much in today’s world.”

Koker throws in a real gem about progressive leftist Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid, which makes the interview even more enjoyable (3:40 mark), and then openly shared his Christian faith.

“I’m a Christian human being. I’m a Christian man. I’m a firm believer in the Lord upstairs. I believe in fundamental Christianity,” Koker told Stephens.

You can just see the Marxist political-correctness police collective heads exploding. When you mention God, the Constitution, and Ronald Reagan in the same interview, what else is there to irritate intolerant progressives? Oh yeah, the Second Amendment.


Danny Koker, aka “The Count” was orginally from the Detroit area. Good to see he found fame and fortune in Vegas. At least he doesn’t have too many worries about black leftist mayors running him out of town, like he most surely would have in Coleman Young, or Kwame Kilpatrick’s Detroit.

Not to mention “shook down” for political graft by the unions, nor other leftist run enterprises.

In this day and age of celebutards’ CONSTANT bashing of THE NATION which granted them the FREEDOM to pursue their “craft”, and make untold riches from it, it is indeed refreshing to hear The Count tell it like HE sees it, NOT some stupid publicist putting empty words in his mouth.

BTW, if one is in the position to have a car, light truck, or custom cycle built or restored, The Count and his team build some of THE best customs. Not only will you get one BITCHIN’ ride, but your dollars will be going to someone who is on OUR side.


CLYDE. Pleased to see a celebrity who believes as Mr. Koker does, AND seemingly enjoying pissing off the left at the same time. Below is some of his, and his team’s work.


And MY favorite :

His Advance-Design Chevy 5700 series from about 1950.

This is what it started out as :

Took a LOT of lovin’ on the old heap,eh ?

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10 Responses to There IS Some Hope.

  1. Terry says:

    Kudos to Koker’s beliefs AND his talents.
    I hope he is on a network that won’t bend to the whining of lefties, fags and atheists.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good to know there are some with a soapbox that are willing to speak the truth and are not afraid to profess their love of God, country, the Constitution, and Ronald Reagan.

    He’s definitely one of us.

    Good post.

    • Clyde says:

      Not too often do we see so-called “entertainment” types make the stand that Danny Koker has. Much like Ted Nugent. He, indeed, is “one of us”. Thanks, Boss.

  3. Kathy says:

    I’ve watched his show and really like him. Except for that do-rag or whatever you call it – I wish he’d dial that back some, but other than that he’s a great guy and does amazing work. It figures he’s on our side because he did build that.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I watch all the car shows and Danny’s show and Dave Kindig are the two that seem functional and turn out the best looking vehicles. Although Danny has some real characters working (or acting) there. Fast and Loud is fun too but I question his business model, think his beer budget is over funded and I’m always afraid that Aaron Kaufman’s beard is going to get caught in a fan belt and he’ll wind up with half his face ripped off. Chasing Classic Cars is for the country club set but it’s fun to see the lifestyles of the uber rich who can shrug off losing $50K on a vehicle they are selling. But you do have to admire someone who auctions off a rare Ferrari for $27.5 million and donates the whole amount to charity.
    Chip Foose and his Overhaulin show is interesting when they blow away an owner with the total restoration of his car in a short two weeks or less, for free, because the owner was selfless and deserved to have it done.
    Beats watching sit coms, that’s for sure.

    • Clyde says:

      Foose is a great guy. Our transport company has hauled some of his stuff. Always a class act, unlike the late Boyd Coddington. Good comment, and thanks, I.R.

  5. upaces88 says:

    God Bless That Man!!!