Academic Moron Strikes AGAIN.

I know, I know, what else is new ? This ” brilliant scholar”, in the wake of the Islamic jihadist shootings in “Gay Paree'”  is blaming it on…wait for it…. RIGHT WING HATE SPEECH. Goddamn. Talk about one-trick ponies.

This “Ph.D. Clown” has punched his ticket for the 2015 version of the H&F Asshat Of The Year. Nothing like getting an early jump on the competition, eh, “Professor” ? Story from Eric Owens at The Daily 


Let’s Get To Know America’s Stupidest College Professor.

Adam Kotsko, an assistant professor at Shimer College, a tiny great books bastion on the South Side of Chicago, has had a very rough ride in the last 72 or so hours thanks to the amazing corrective power of the Internet.

On Tuesday, Kotsko boldly and immediately took to Twitter after masked Islamist fanatics massacred a dozen employees of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical website, for writing about Islam. Kotsko told the world that the horrifying terrorist attack was foreseeable because Charlie Hebdo is “a newspaper devoted to hate speech,” notes Campus Reform.

“It’s no more surprising that someone would attack a newspaper devoted to hate speech than that someone would beat up Westboro protestors,” he wrote.

After an actually foreseeable and instant storm of criticism, Kotsko responded by apologizing, and literally begging to delete screen-cap of the tweets.

Kotsko’s continuous apology tour ever since has been a sight to behold.

Kotsko is now arguing that his Twitter screed was based on “misinformation” about the attacks and about Charlie Hebdo.

“I had somehow gotten the impression that the publication in question was an exclusively anti-Muslim one, devotedly solely to insulting and marginalizing Muslims,” the professor who holds a Ph.D. in theology, ethics, and culture from Chicago Theological Seminary wrote in a blog posting.

“Secondly, I did not realize the full scale of the attack, which does not appear to be the result of inarticulate rage (as I had initially envisioned) but of significant planning motivated by a political strategy that, while profoundly misguided and unrealistic, does make it something other than a crime of passion.”

Kotsko also excuses himself by arguing that he deleted his moronic, totally uninformed tweets.

 “Unfortunately, someone screen captured them and reframed them as a justification of the attacks. I want to be clear that I did not intend to justify the attacks.”

Despite his foolish tweeting and the fact that he was forced by social reaction to retract his own idiotic spoutings, Kotsko remains an active tweeter.

He has also attempted to clear up any misunderstanding over his tweets about Charlie Hebdo not being a “right-wing hate rag,” notes Campus Reform.

“Yet not all right-wing publications are hate rags,” he assured anyone reading his obscure blog rants.

Kotsko’s world-historically embarrassing Twitter managed to involve The Daily Caller.

This past fall, Washington Monthly deemed Shimer College, Kotsko’s employer, as the worst college in America, according to The Guardian.

Washington Monthly has apparently tweaked it’s rating, because Shimer sits as the 16th worst college on it’s current list.

In any case, it doesn’t matter because, as The D.C. has shown, the New Jersey Institute Of Technology is America’s worst college.


There you have it, my friends. Another so-called “intellectual”, TOTALLY missing the boat on the whole damn reason for the Islamic barbarians’ rampage. It figures this stupid bastard is from Shitcago.

THIS is what we have today, in our much-vaunted “institutions of higher learning”, filling the young peoples’ skulls full of mush. It is NO WONDER we are virtually sucking hind tit in the world, with ignoramuses like this not bothering to do a simple check of FACTS before putting thumbs to keys, and being allowed anywhere NEAR a classroom.

“Professor”, a bit of sage Clyde advice: When digging a hole, and it appears to be going too deep, SET DOWN THE SHOVEL, moron. You, and others of your obviously stupid ilk, are giving college professors a bad name. And, you MIGHT want to study militant Islam, and make sure YOU are not on their “hit list”. You may find your head staring up at your ass.


CLYDE. Wondering if colleges are REALLY this hard-up for “professors”.


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8 Responses to Academic Moron Strikes AGAIN.

  1. carolinmd says:

    The people in Chicago remain insulated from all the realities that the rest of the country has experienced since the appearance of Obama. It began in sincerity under George Bush who the average Chicagoan believed came from a creation below the an orangutan.
    I have close relations in the Windy city, the town I will forever call home. Our relationships are precariously balanced, and the more unbalanced they became during Obama’s reign….It has been a sad and scary process for me to see the people who are closest to me are now the most distant intellectually. I’m sure they would be cheering this moronic professor on and agreeing with every word he says about the hate on the right.
    My knuckles only drag further to the ground with every occurrence of a deranged left wing fanatic speaking out as this buffoon has chosen to do and misinterprets the entire event by some cockeyed manipulation of a deformed cranium only a liberal is capable of.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Once again, or should I say “still”, we have lefty asshats among us that blame the victim and not the troglodytes that committed the act WITHOUT doing any research on the matter first.

    I loved your commentary, especially the last paragraph. 🙂

  3. Bullright says:

    Great expose, Clyde. This guy has one heck of an active imagination, or he found a way to ignore(read blacked out) every one of the news reports. Oh, don’t ya bet his lectures are a riot? He’s not quite the Liartitian that Obama is but he’s working on it.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Bull. This loon STILL does not quite get it. He WILL, though. About the time the cold steel is separating his head from his shoulders……

  4. upaces88 says:

    I cannot imagine having to sit through one of his lectures!
    I know I’d be tossed out the front door had I been there.. There is no way I could just sit there and listen to his blabbering on and on.

    • Clyde says:

      At LEAST someone could have done was throw shoes at him, upaces. Thanks. Unfortunately, the loon tweeted, which, to me, is WORSE than if he had been lecturing poor skulls full of mush.