“Warmest Year EVER”, Proclaimeth The Media,And The Regime.

NONSENSE. And one of our bivalve “friends” from the South China Sea proves it. The more the global warming Nazis try to polish this turd, the browner and smellier it gets.

Who to believe ?  The Gorons, led by a KNOWN liar, the Fraudacle himself, or samples taken from a giant clam? At LEAST we know the clam does NOT lie. From Anthony Watts at wattsupwiththat.com


Hottest year ever? Giant clam reveals Middle Ages were warmer than today.

While government, science and media begin the ramp-up to claim 2014 as the “hottest year ever” the South China Sea’s biggest bivalve shows that the Middle Ages were warmer than today, when Carbon Dioxide was lower.


Clarence the Giant Clam. A MUCH better climate prognosticator than the below-pictured lying shit sack.


Admit it. THIS would be absolutely COOL to see, no ?



From the Chinese Academy of Sciences:

Two recent papers, one is in Earth-Science Reviews and the other is in Chinese Science Bulletin, have studied key chemical contents in micro-drilled giant clams shells and coral samples to demonstrate that in the South China Sea the warm period of the Middle Ages was warmer than the present.

The scientists examined surveys of the ratio of strontium to calcium content and heavy oxygen isotopes, both are sensitive recorders of sea surface temperatures past and present. The aragonite bicarbonate of the Tridacna gigas clam-shell is so fine-grained that daily growth-lines are exposed by micro-drilling with an exceptionally fine drill-bit, allowing an exceptionally detailed time-series of sea-temperature changes to be compiled – a feat of detection worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself.

By using overlaps between successive generations of giant clams and corals, the three scientists – Hong Yan of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Yuhong Wang of Fudan University, Shanghai – reconstructed a record of sea-surface temperature changes going back 2500 years.

The Roman and Mediaeval Warm Periods both showed up prominently in the western Pacific and East Asia. Sea surface temperatures varied considerably over the 2500-year period.

Changing patterns of winter and summer temperature variation were also detected, disproving the notion that until the warming of the 20th century there had been little change in global temperatures for at least 1000 years, and confirming that – at least in the South China Sea – there is nothing exceptional about today’s temperatures.

Dr. Yan said: “This new paper adds further material to the substantial body of real-world proxy evidence establishing that today’s global temperature is within natural ranges of past changes.” Dr. Soon added: “The UN’s climate panel should never have trusted the claim that the medieval warm period was mainly a European phenomenon. It was clearly warm in South China Sea too.”


As we have discussed often here at the ol’ blog, it seems as if every week we are finding out more FACTS that dispel the notion of man-made global warming being WORSE than at any other time in history.

From doctored data, to outright fraud, to facts being IGNORED by the global warming Nazis, their agenda becomes more clear than ever. It is SOLELY about government control, and financial gain and lowering standards for ALL people, except THEM.

We can only hope MORE real scientists speak out in the coming year to once and for all RID ourselves of these charlatans intent on enriching themselves, or acquiring more power for themselves, based on LIES. Such as those promulgated by the Regime, the U-frigging-N IPCC criminals, and down to the hucksters such as Gore, who wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it bit his ass.

Maybe, after Al is done with the polar bear census, he could pay a “visit” to Clarence The Giant Clam, who MIGHT mistake him for a slimy eel, and “open up for Chunky”.


CLYDE. Believing bivalves over big mouths ANY day.

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15 Responses to “Warmest Year EVER”, Proclaimeth The Media,And The Regime.

  1. Stinger says:

    “The sun’ll come up tomorrow”. When will they ever learn what I did in our 9th grade science class study of the earth and its relationship to the sun? Control the temp. of the sun, and you will control global warming OR cooling! It’s just as simple as that.

    We are a fairly clean country. Now, if your goal happens to be to reduce polution then just start MAKING more things here instead of China. We do need more factory jobs especially in Chicago and Detroit for those who do not attend college and spend time on the street shooting each other.

    • Clyde says:

      Good comment, Stinger,and I agree with you, but the BIG problem is, NO ONE wants to locate a factory where they cannot get good, dependable help. These assholes HAD good jobs in the auto plants, but would get all “cracked up” on weekends, and never show up on Mondays or Fridays.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Interesting. This time period corresponds with the the 500 year Viking colonization of Greenland.

  3. CW says:

    “Sea surface temperatures varied considerably over the 2500-year period.”

    And we know that during this same time, the human race has thrived. Science is an amazing thing when it’s not being abused and distorted by the Left.

    Good work (again), Clyde!

  4. Kathy says:

    I can see them now, with their hands over their ears saying to themselves ‘No, he did not just say that, not the Chinese too!’

  5. Liz entrekin says:

    The only changes to normal earth is these fools who loudly proclaim they are global warming experts and abuse earth’s environments with their chemical manipulations while eradicating humans.

    • Clyde says:

      The only thing I see, Liz, is the money and power aspect to the AGW industry. The assholes like Gore, Mann, the entire U-frigging-N IPCC is NOTHING more than manipulators for money and power. And, far too many people BELIEVE these criminals. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. vonMesser says:

    There you go, using facts again. You know that is not allowed. Emotions and fear only.

  7. Terry says:

    You would think all of the data proving them wrong would make the Warmernazis ‘clam’ up.
    But as usual, they are just being ‘shellfish’. They always need something to crab about. They think the world is their oyster. But Al Goron is the one getting the pearl. We should change his name from ‘The Fraudacle’ to ‘The Barnacle’.

    Throw another shrimp on the Bar-B, I’m done now.