Disney World It Ain’t

Hey Kids…Did you get into trouble in school for gnawing your Pop Tart into a gun shape ? Did you get sent home for bringing a toy soldier to class ? Did you get expelled for pointing your finger at little Lucy Liberal and going “Bang Bang” ? Well, do I ever have a vacation location for you and your entire family !

amusement 10

Feel the rush of power as you take on the ultimate shooting experience at Machine Gun America, Orlando’s first and only Automatic Adrenaline AttractionTM attraction. Our mission is simple—to provide each of our guests with big thrills and unforgettable action, as well as a bullet hole-ridden target to take home as a souvenir. You’ll get the opportunity to shoot real machine guns and other world-class firearms or square off in realistic, military-grade simulators for a totally new experience. Choose your favorite guns from our wide selection of premier firearms or go for one of our themed shooting experiences for non-stop excitement. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss.

Here are some of their themes :

 amusement 3ZOMBIE LAND 

amusement 2


amusement 4


amusement 7


amusement 5

007 LAND

Personally, I am going to wait until they open up the sure to be popular….

amusement 11


But if YOU are interested in going now, tell your parents to check out their website HERE.

And Happy Hunting To You !


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23 Responses to Disney World It Ain’t

  1. 219rad says:

    I never got in trouble for any of the things mentioned above, but did get hit in the back of the head with a chalk board eraser by a sharp shootin’ nun for gazing out the window while she was teaching. LOL

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    Elmer Fudd must have been a liberal. When he was chasing Bugs Bunny out of his garden with a shotgun, it was loaded with gum dwops. ~Spelled that way intentionally~
    It would be fun to sponsor a lib to MGA and have the magazine loaded with blanks. After they shot you would tell them, “You’re not very good at this are you?”

  3. Clyde says:

    The asshole in the video has ZERO clue of what a “machine gun” really is. If he DID, he would know how difficult they are to obtain. I must say, I do like the concept however.

  4. Kathy says:

    That beats the heck outta roller coasters and Ferris wheels, eh?

  5. Grouchy says:

    RAD, maybe you’ll want to try a 1911 .45 Semi-automatic,,, or a .380???
    Terry, Good article. I think that last target is so appropriate~! Y E A H ~!~!~!

  6. CW says:

    Maybe they can use the protesters out front for target practice.

  7. Blessed B. says:

    Now I know where we will be taking our next vacay!! It would be a blast! LOL!

    Thanks for letting us know about this Terry!! It beats Disney land for sure!