Open eyes to Islamist threat


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BRIAN LILLEY - Open eyes to Islamist threat

LIBERAL SENATOR GRANT MITCHELL~ One of the PSP in Canadian Government that thinks that a muslim doesn’t understand what is happening in the mosques! Credits: FILE PHOTO/Perry Mah/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency


We are confronting a global terrorism problem and for the most part that threat emanates from Islam.

Whether we are talking about attacks in Ottawa, Fort Hood, New York, London, Madrid, Libya, the Philippines, India or across Iraq and Syria, the common thread is Islam and Islamism.

Yet 13 years after 9/11, with countless victims piled up on the altar of Islamism, some people cannot stand to hear that there is any connection at all.

Right now in Parliament a Senate committee is studying security threats to Canada.

Over the past two weeks both Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansur have appeared before this committee. Both men are Muslims, both men have spoken out against radical Islam and claimed there are problems in some of Canada’s mosques.

That’s a message some people don’t want to hear.

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Liberal Sen. Grant Mitchell, a non-Muslim, challenged both men.

“Mr. Fatah, my experience with the Muslim community is so fundamentally different than yours,” Mitchell said.

The good senator then went on to say that Fatah had claimed every imam in Canada was inciting Muslims to violence.

Well, of course, Fatah hadn’t said that so he let the senator have it.

“I suggested that every Friday prayer is preceded by a prayer asking for the defeat of the infidel at the hands of the Muslims and I stand by it sir, and that prayer has been going on for 1,400 years,” Fatah said.

This week Mansur appeared and delivered his own message. Mansur and Fatah have different ideas, different thoughts, but they do agree that there is a problem inside Canada’s mosques.

“The exposure of Muslims on Fridays during communal prayers to sermonizing from pulpits by imams of political situations in Muslim lands and Muslims as victims of the US foreign policy, of Jews and Zionism, and of Hindus in India. This is a combustible atmosphere,” Mansur said.

Like Fatah’s testimony the previous week, Mansur’s criticism of mosques in this country set off Mitchell.

“You make a very provocative statement,” Mitchell said, “and it’s not consistent with my experience although I am not Muslim and I haven’t been to mosque in the way you have. But I know many wonderful and amazing, remarkable Muslim people.”

Once again, told of a problem, the senator’s response was to say he’s knows lots of good people.

Mansur calmly explained that the fusion of mosque and the political movement known as the Muslim Brotherhood was a real danger. He read a lengthy quote from Hassan al Banna who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928. The Brotherhood is the movement that has spawned Hamas, al-Qaida, ISIS and so many more current day terror groups. So al Banna is a man who, if you are studying security threats like ones before this committee, you should know, unless you are Mitchell.

“This person you are quoting doesn’t even live in Canada,” Mitchell said.

That ladies and gentlemen is mind blowing. No, of course al Banna doesn’t live in Canada; he’s dead, he was assassinated in 1949, but his ideas live on.

I’m picking on Mitchell but he is not alone.

Far too many people want to live in a Pollyanna world where there are no problems that can’t be solved with more multiculturalism and a rousing rendition of Kumbaya.

But the world is darker than that, the world is more dangerous than that.

We need people like Mitchell to open their eyes, open their ears and open their minds to the messages of people like Salim Mansur and Tarek Fatah before it’s too late.


People like Mitchell are too stupid to open their eyes and their ears to anything that smacks of the truth! It’s due to having pea sized brains and egos as big as North America! They know it all….just ask them!

When you have two muslims like Fatah and Mansur tell you they are concerned about something which they know is happening within the muslim community, the smart thing would be to listen. If you aren’t completely sure about the information, then go find out….it’s called research! BUT hey…. that’s the smart way to do things and we all know that Liberals/progressives don’t have that ability to figure things out in a sensible way.

Lord help us if these asshats get into power in Canada during the next election!

~Blessed B~

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26 Responses to Open eyes to Islamist threat

  1. carolinmd says:

    I talk to liberals as pig-headed as Mitchell on a regular basis…it is a waste of time. For some unknown reason the libs have taken Islam to their bosoms and made them into their precious pets .
    The more I try to explain the snake they are caressing, the firmer becomes their grasp of the venomous creature. They are unimpressed with the fact I am struggling through the Koran just to be able to validate my opinions, or that I’ve read Robert Spencer and pay heed to everything muslim that comes my way, referencing and cross referencing my sources. They turn their snotty noses up at the stench of my information, and reference some friend of friend who is knows a muslim and is very peaceful and not a terrorist…so there! They know it all and I know nothing and am just a lowly, fanatic, right wing fringe tea-partier.
    Is it unchristian of me to silently hope it is their head and not mine that is first to roll?

    • Blessed B. says:

      Hi Carol! I haven’t noticed you here before…so welcome and thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Yes… I have also found most liberals/progressives to be pig headed…we call them the Perpetually Stupid Party or PSP for short. They are this way due to arrogance that they think they are always right, never wrong! They know better than anyone else does…and that does include those muslims that are warning us about Islamism.

      The Liberals/progressives don’t really care about anyone. They only care about how something is going to affect them. They ( Liberal Politicians) pander to the muslims because they want their votes come election time! The liberal voters don’t want anyone to be offended due to the brainwashing from the indoctrination centers ( aka…schools).

      I would agree that not all muslims are fanatics and are terrorists BUT, all terrorists have been Islamists! OR… brainwashed Liberals/Progressives who are too stupid to understand the ideology and political agenda of Islam.

      I have been called many nasty names and kicked off some sites for just telling the truth. It doesn’t bother me so much anymore…. I’m seeing it as a badge of honor! LOL!

      No…IMHO….being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be someone’s door mat or punching bag. You are supposed to forgive the trespasses but it doesn’t mean you keep allowing it to happen. Love thyself as you love thy neighbour…you don’t necessarily appease thy enemy if they intend to do many harm. The enemy doesn’t care what political party one is from. God even hates evil and those that are doing the evil will find out how much!

      • vonMesser says:

        “…being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be someone’s door mat or punching bag. You are supposed to forgive the trespasses but it doesn’t mean you keep allowing it to happen…” Remember, Jesus told Peter to go and buy a sword – that doesn’t sound like being a doormat. (My favorite verse is Joel 3:10)

  2. Stinger says:

    I have Liberal friends that don’t want to talk or read any more. All they will say is: “Geeee, I hope we can still be friends.” What’s that tell ya?

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      You tell them, “Sure we can, until the SHTF and need some of my stuff.” “That will be when the friendship ends.”

    • Blessed B. says:

      Hi Stinger! Welcome and thanks for your comment!

      LOL! Most of my family are Liberals….we’ve gotten into some pretty heated discussions on many subjects! Family gatherings are so much fun, eh?

      You say…. Oh, yah…. sure, you betchya! I always need some PSP around, much like I need another hole in my head!….. LOL! Who needs to be informed anyways?

  3. Kathy says:

    And now add Paris to that list of cities. Liberals don’t want to face the fact that the dark side is real and their denial is enabling the infiltration of muslims worldwide.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Paris is in real trouble! They have those No-Go areas now… police, firemen, ambulance drivers will go into those areas cuz they get attacked when they do.

      The terrorists know this and will be taking advantage of it…. and what needs to be done is to roll the tanks into those areas and send a message to them. We will not allow this!! BUT the French have never been known to have much back-bone when it comes to such things.

  4. CW says:

    >>”We need people like Mitchell to open their eyes, open their ears and open their minds to the messages of people like Salim Mansur and Tarek Fatah before it’s too late.”

    But BB, then Mr. Mitchell would have no reason to feel superior, and feeling special and superior is the Left’s priority above everything else.

    People MUST be made to understand that what motivates the Left – ego gratification and power – will NEVER be compatible with what is in the best interests of their co-citizens. NEVER. You can’t feel special and superior unless you defy common sense, because otherwise all you are is…common. You can’t reason with someone whose motivations are so different from your own. If and when people understand that they will understand that you simply cannot have leftists in government and still have a government that is by and for the people. I know you know all that but it never hurts to say it again.

    Good post!

    • Blessed B. says:

      This is true CW….but we can’t give up on trying to educate them about Islamism. We actually need them to understand it! The United we stand, divided we fall idea.

      I just received this today from Citizen Warrior…

      The majority of the people in the counter-islamization movement are conservatives and some of them feel that a liberal is incapable of understanding why Islamic expansion is dangerous, or that a liberal needs to become a conservative to “get it.” This is not true. And my assertion is not based on wishful thinking. We have lots of strong evidence. For example:

      The growing movement in Germany: Half the people who identify as left-wing Social Democrats agree with the aims of the German demonstrators (who want to curb Muslim immigration, among other goals).

      Is Resisting Islamic Expansion Only For Conservatives? Robert Spencer explains that it is foolish to think so.

      Liberals Rejecting Totalitarian Ideologies and Blind Multiculturalism while
      Embracing Multiculturalism Based on Tolerance and Mutual Respect on a site called Indoctrination Watch.

      One of the most active participants in the counterislamization movement is a liberal Canadian philosophy professor, Elsa Schieder, PhD. Read what she wrote about Islamic headscarves. And read her personal journey toward understanding the threat of Islam.

      A European liberal explains why she is so adamantly against Islamic expansion: United We Stand

      The evidence goes on and on…

      Liberals Against Orthodox Islam

      The Case of Eric Allen Bell

      Why a Liberal Film Maker Changed His Mind About Islam

      Liberal Counterjihadist

      Education Makes a Difference, Especially With the Large Proportion of “Undecideds”

      Focus on the Undecided

      We should go out of our way to avoid alienating liberals. We want them on our side. A liberal-conservative divide doesn’t help our cause. It does help the people motivated by Islamic doctrine, however.

      This is Influence 101: You impede your ability to persuade people when you call them evil or idiots. One thing to think about: A liberal has a better chance of convincing and persuading another liberal than a conservative does. And the mainstream media is dominated by liberals. So the more liberals we have on our side promoting this cause, the better off we will be, and the faster we will reach a critical mass of people who understand the true nature of Islam.


      I’ll be posting the articles that are mentioned here…so that others can read through them, in the coming days.

      I know it’s aggravating and tiresome trying to get them to understand…been there, done that! I just can’t give up though cuz the price is too high for all of us to pay!

      Thanks also CW for the thumbs up! 🙂

      • CW says:

        None of us should ever give up, I agree with that BB; but it’s critical for people to understand the true nature of the problem when it comes to liberalism. The post you cited concluded: ”This is Influence 101: You impede your ability to persuade people when you call them evil or idiots.”

        I’m not saying liberals are evil or that they’re idiots, although those descriptions certainly apply in some cases. I’m saying that they operate on different motives and as a consequence of that they can’t be reasoned with or persuaded as one might normally do. The woman who said, “I’m a liberal and I live in Germany,” went on to say, “When liberals realize the totalitarian nature [of Islam], they will stop protecting devout Muslims.”

        What is preventing liberals from realizing the totalitarian nature of Islam right now? They live in the same world we do. They see what’s going on. So this isn’t a question of being ill-informed or uneducated, which leaves only one other possibility and that is that liberals intentionally choose not to see what the rest of us see. That doesn’t suggest a mind that’s open to persuasion based on the facts or the truth.

        There may be some liberals who start to accept reality when they finally see the potential impact to THEM (like the Harvard profs who just discovered that they don’t like Obamacare, it’s always all good until it happens to them); but until that time we would all be wise to just say “NO” to liberals in gov’t, and that goes for liberals too!

  5. Hardnox says:

    The left never wants to recognize reality. It doesn’t matter in which country either. Islam is counter-western norms thus it is embraced by the left. It’s an insane methodology of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Naturally the left think they are immune from the consequences.

    Millions of christians and jews have been slaughtered in the last decade. Thousands of churches and synagogues around the world have been burned to the ground yet the left refuses to recognize the barbarians at the gates. Yet if one christian burned a mosque the news would plastered 24/7 and the left would be outraged.

    I also blame the pastors and rabbis for not making an issue of the realities but they too are cowards like much of our politicians.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Can’t you picture a cartoon where you are flying a Piper Cub over a scene below where a dozen liberals are lined up on their knees, about to have their heads removed by black clad Jihadists, so you cut the motor and as you glide on by you holler out the door, “Remember, you told us Islam is a religion of peace!”

    • Blessed B. says:

      The realities of Islamism is just too hard for them to fathom. They are cowards! Too much breathing methane and PC mentality is to blame I think.

  6. Rich B says:

    The world needs to pull its head out of its collective (Omama) ass and wake up about this muslim problem. It IS NOT going to go away just because we hide our heads in the sand.

    And I just got up and read what happened in France. Sooner or later these bastards are gonna get hold of a nuke or at least a dirty bomb and they WILL use it. It’s just a matter of time and where. My bet is on New York because of the large Jewish population. But using that logic it could be Tel Aviv. We better wise up before the next attack kills millions. I just wonder what the frick it’s gonna take?

    • Blessed B. says:

      It’s the PC mentality ( aka…. cranial rectumitis). You are correct that it’s not going to just go way cuz we don’t want to face the reality of it!

      The terrorists probably wouldn’t hit Tel Aviv….they know Israel will retaliate with everything she’s got and she has proven time and time again that even though she’s tiny…she packs a very big stick!

      I would gander a guess though that America is a good target at this time. It would fall in line with what the Saudi’s have been trying to do for quite some time now. Saudi’s fund all the Islamic terrorist groups.

      The Twin Towers being hit opened some eyes to the threat but it just may take the nuke or dirty bomb to fully get the attention of the world. May the good Lord Forbid!

  7. vonMesser says:

    carolinmd, I believe the reason that liberals have taken Islam to their bosoms is because they have found Christianity too difficult, and therefore seek something other to believe in. And since they believe in subjugating/killing all conservatives, Islamism is a logical [platform.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      VM, I believe the real plan will eventually become evident. The communists want to finish the revolution they started during the Vietnam War. They will use any vehicle* to get a shoot out going between patriots and the government. Once it starts, they figure that martial law will settle things down long enough for them to take our guns.
      After that, they can kill off the part of the population that doesn’t fit their idea of usefulness and implement their communist utopian dream. Wait and see how far the UN Gun Treaty plan to register our guns gets.
      That will be the first sign that this prediction will come true.
      We must remain steadfast in the face of this and resist with all force available to keep the UN agenda out of our country.
      *Vehicles; such as illegal immigration, anti-police riots eventually turning into widespread chaos/robbing/looting/arson, and the muslim factor as described in this article.
      Anybody want to expand on this or fill in some blanks?

      • vonMesser says:

        IR – you might be correct. That’s why I don’t have NRA or pro-gun stickers on my car or house. Nothing to indicate the presence of a weapon of any sort. Some of my neighbors know, but they are in the same position and mindset. Teddy R said to walk softly and carry a big stick. I am of the be quiet, and blow their a$$ away. And ammo is too expensive for a warning shot.

  8. vonMesser says:

    After all, as Gilbert K. Chesterton said: Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.

  9. Clyde says:

    We shall see how much these stupid assed liberals like Mitchell love Islam when HIS head is rolling across the floor.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! True!

      Mitchell has conveniently forgot about the threat from an islamist who was hell bent on causing some death on Parliament Hill…the Ottawa terrorist! While Mitchell was cowering in a room behind huge wooden doors barricaded with large wooden tables and chairs along with his fellow PSP members….. a man with real courage and a brass set of cajones, shot the terrorist!

      I didn’t see Mitchell out there trying to appease or talk some PC BS to the terrorist while he was going on his rampage!

  10. All4Nature says:

    I have to agree Blessed B. We as non-Muslim are not privy to that which is openly stated inside mosques or between those who hold to a stricter form of their faith. We mistakenly believe that because our faiths espound on charity, love, and personal rights that all others must as well. Go on youtube and find actual meetings, it Will change your mind. Or, actually pay attention to news from countries about what is happening there to women, children, or those Muslims believe are infidels and methods they use to remove or discipline offenders. Obviously, there are Good people in all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, and religions; BUT make no mistake those in Muslim faith know the same. This is a POLITICAL group not to be confuses with peaceful members of faith. If outside people and countries do not quickly make that distinction then all is lost. Hitler was overt and non-relious affiliated so was easier to reach a reasonable conclusion of evil personified. When women and children are beaten and receive other punishments or people addressing a religious meeting are talking death and destruction to non-believers we should be just as clear as to intent and threat. This is again political concepts couched in religious rhetoric not to be construed as real faith and certainly as evil and destructive as Hitler at his worst. Remove faith from the equation. Investigate and research then for God’s sake ACT to eliminate such agendas. Yes if those within Muslim faith are speaking against BELIEVE it is real. They placed their lives and families in jeapordy to bring this to public awareness just as many Germans did so long ago. Ego and world dominance are Not faith. They are political –motivation fed by the hatred and corruptness of those craving power and domination over others. PURE evil at its most dangerous.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Welcome All4Nature! Thank you for commenting!

      I agree! It is a political agenda wrapped up cozily inside a blanket of religious faith. I’m happy to say that Prime Minister Harper and his Cabinet are aware of this! They are acting and proceeding to eliminate the agenda.

      Mr. Tarek Fatah has had many fatwas put on his head, death threats from others on himself and his family for speaking out about the islamist agenda in Canada. He has said many times that he didn’t come to Canada to push an agenda but, he came here from Pakistan to flee what Islam was becoming there. He saw it and wanted to live somewhere where he and his family could live in peace.

      Every time we give the islamists an excuse for behaving badly or turn a blind eye to it, it only empowers them to do even more heinous crimes. It is PURE EVIL.

      I’m glad that you have an understanding of the realities of Islamism truly is! 🙂

      Personally…I have no problem with anyone being of a different faith than myself….but if they are in my country and trying to do their barbaric acts to gain power…then they must be dealt with in whichever manner is warranted!