Boehner 216. America 0


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Read It And Weep

Et Tu, Trey Gowdy ?

This is a consummate (though not surprising) disgrace – do Republicans understand now, that there is nothing and no one in the GOP to vote for? There’s nothing to lose by forming a new party, because it’s already lost.



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15 Responses to Boehner 216. America 0

  1. Grouchy says:

    Time to find out who voted for whom~! and develop a L O N G memory~!

  2. Garnet92 says:

    I agree with the Grouch-man, it could only be that Boehner is in control of the keys to the men’s restroom and only issues them to guys who vote for him. He HAS to have dirt of some kind on his supporters. Thanks to Terry for posting the list too.

  3. Kathy says:

    Trey Gowdy’s flight was cancelled this morning, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he was there. According to the statement on his official page, he would have voted for Boehner anyway.

    “A cancelled flight, due to weather, from South Carolina to Washington this morning regrettably prevented me from being in Washington for today’s Speaker vote. I apologize to my constituents and my colleagues. My wife and I were traveling this morning in an effort to minimize the amount of school she (a 1st grade teacher) and our daughter (in high school) would miss.”

    “Had our flight not been cancelled, I would have voted for our Conference nominee, John Boehner. The position of Speaker of the House is a difficult job as evidenced by the fact that so few members seek the position. Speaker Boehner was approved overwhelmingly by the Conference in November. In fact, not a single other name was placed in nomination.”

    I watched two hours of that crap, only to see them end it by practically escorting in King Boehner once the announcement was made. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, but not just in Gowdy, rather the whole bunch of RINOs who just continue the go along to get along way of operating.

    Even the newby freshman voted for Boehner so basically, it’s business as usual – the only thing that changed were a few of the name plates.

  4. upaces88 says:

    There is something realllly nasty going o n. It will come out later…this just isn’t right~

  5. Hardnox says:

    So much for campaign promises.

    I remain disgusted. The newbies could have stopped this dead in its tracks.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I called my Rep Marino (funny, he has RINO in his name even) and urged a vote for Louie Gohmert. All to no avail. I was also disappointed that Mia Love, newby(R), Utah, voted for John Boy too. Had high hopes for her but…….

  6. vonMesser says:

    I was (am) opposed to Boehner for Speaker.

    1. The 25 who voted against him made a statement that he is going to have to work with them. While 25 is not a large number, that that many were willing to buck him lets him know that he is not universally popular with the base.

    2. As Speaker Boehner presided over the largest Republican take-control of the House since the 1930’s.

    3. As Speaker, Boehner passed more than 350 jobs-related bills that Harry reid refused to allow a Senate vote on.

    4. As Speaker, Boehner passed more than 100 ecology-related bills that Harry reid refused to allow a Senate vote on. (reducing-rescinding Dept Ecology actions)

    5. As Speaker, Boehner passed more than 250 tax-related bills that Harry reid refused to allow a Senate vote on.

    6. As Speaker, Boehner passed more than 100 education-related bills that Harry reid refused to allow a Senate vote on.

    So, while not perfect (very damn flawed even), he has done a lot (possibly even more than Newt) while being blocked in the Senate by a super-partisan Democrat.

    IF – repeat IF – he repeats his bill-record for items 3-6 above, we will see a major big-time change in what goes on in Washington. I’m not holding my breath, but I expect the Keystone Pipeline will run through House and Senate in record time (and be vetoed by Obama). I think there will be a large number of vetoes in the near future, and that Obummer will go down in history with “The Veto President” attached to him as well as his many other titles.

    I’d like to see him take every single bill that was drawered by Reid and run them through the House in an omnibus bill that simply states:
    House Bill 12345-14 is renamed House Bill 100-15
    House Bill 12367-14 is renamed House Bill 101-15
    House Bill 53413-14 is renamed House Bill 102-15
    Continuing on to renumber every single bill Reid blocked and then send them all to the Senate “Deemed Passed” because they were passed before and the Republicans have a larger majority now than any time since the 1930’s.

  7. CW says:

    I can’t get the image out of my head of Boehner yukking it up with Obama like they’re pals. How any Republican would not be completely disgusted by that cocky, arrogant, anti-American would-be boy-king is completely beyond me. It would be nice to see Boehner put as much effort into playing nice with Tea Party Republicans, but THEM he treats like the enemy.

  8. Clyde says:

    Not surprised Amash voted against the sot. It looks like I will have to redouble my efforts to get a meteor dropped on D.C. Good post, Terry, and I share your sentiment. vM, as for the republican gains, it is NOT because of Boehner, rather in SPITE of Boehner. The people who voted for the r’s want Obama OPPOSED, and Boehner is simply NOT that guy. I DO agree with your take on the amount of legislation passed, and sent to Reid to die a certain death, BUT, Boehner NEVER jumped up and down and exposed Reid for the obstructionist he is. A GOOD Speaker would have went on long and loud, much like Pelosi did.

  9. vonMesser says:

    Clyde (again note, I’m not a Boehner fan) Boehner did on many occasions mention the number of bills Reid killed. However, with the lamestream media parroting Obummer and his line that the Republicans haven’t done anything he only got limited recognition on conservative radio (and he wouldn’t go on some of the conservative shows). He worked hard. He did a lot. (As did McCain) but lie McCain his time is past.

  10. Terry says:

    It just took a couple of hours for Ol’ Weepy to start exacting his revenge against Reps. Webster and Nugent for daring to vote against him :