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When Sarah Palin posted her New Year’s greeting on her Facebook page Thursday, she added some photos of her son Trig, 6, stepping on the family dog as he tried to reach dishes in the kitchen sink.

In the photos, the dog didn’t appear to be bothered by Trig. He remained in the same position, sprawled on the cold tile floor. He was probably glad to help. That’s what family does. Along with the photos, Sarah posted this :


Not surprisingly, PETA and lefties were crazy mad, replying in the manner that only they can :



Other comments posted on Sarah’s  Facebook page included:

  • “Why the hell would you allow a child to use the dog’s back to stand on??!! Such irresponsible behaviour and a total disrespectful way to teach children how to treat animals. Totally disgusting. May 2015 teach you to be a better mother and non animal abuser. Disgusting!!!”
  • “Poor dog, get your —king brat off him”
  • “Yeah. That’s NOT a stepping stone, that’s an animal. That’s crazy that you actually allowed this, took photos, and posted this proudly. You truly are oblivious, Mrs. Palin. I feel sorry for your pet and for that child, who you are clearly not teaching right from wrong. It’s absolutely wrong to step on a dog, like your allowing Trig to do!”
  • “This dog should be removed from your house and given to a caring family….who do you think you are?”
  • “This is far from cute and the only lesson to be taken from this is that the child in this photo obviously needs a better guardian, the dog needs a new home and the adult taking this picture should be charged with abuse and neglect. You give women a bad name!”
  • “Poor dog that’s dangerous.. how stupid and cruel adults are not to teach this child how to respect and animal.”
  • Why would a child be allowed to step on the back of a dog. This photo shows a tendency to animal abuse. She is just as illiterate and stupid as I thought.
  • The best part of this posting is it confirms the American people’s decision to keep someone with judgement like this out of the White House.
  • You are so unbelievable! So sad! Totally wrong! Let me send someone to stand on you, you be the stepping stone!”

It reminds me of when PETA and the leftist MSM rebuked the Dog eater- In-Chief after this revelation :


PETA made these “harsh allegations” against The Messiah for THAT disgusting act :

A child has an excuse, but grownups all should know by now the disgusting condition of slaughterhouses and fear and suffering that animals endure on factory farms and try a vegetarian diet that’s good for them, animals, and the environment,” PETA spokeswoman Nicole Dao told the Daily Caller.

Now maybe it’s just me, but if I were a dog, I’d rather be a stepstool for a 6 year-old, than a meal for one.

Corndog, Anyone ?



**P.S.** I’ve added the picture of Ellen Thedegenerate’s ‘child’ in the act of “torturing” her animal. I’m sure you saw it when it was plastered all over the MSM pages. NOT ! (h/t Kathy)



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10 Responses to Dog-Eat-Dog World

  1. Blessed B. says:

    Trig worked out the situation…he figured it out all by himself. This is a child who does not use the logic of an adult….yet!

    When one has a child such as Trig,( And I myself do)….it sometimes takes one by surprise what ingenious ways they find to get the job done. I’m sure Sarah was just as surprised and took a picture to document it. The only problem was she posted it! And Haters will be Haters!

    If the dog minded…he would have gotten out from under Trig and taken off. It is obvious that the dog doesn’t mind, it isn’t hurting him any, and there is no abuse of the animal going on now or before. The dog wouldn’t be so docile with Trig, if Trig had been hurting him before.

    Dogs are smarter than most people! Especially the ones that commented that both the child and the dog should be taken away from the family. Guess they think that emotional abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse at the hands of strangers is much more acceptable than this one time incident at the Palin home. Fekkin’ Eejits!

  2. upaces88 says:

    Good Grief! My toddler used to sit on my Rottie….Hera would roll over and lick her all over the face! It was soooo adorable.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Kids and dogs have their own set of rules that they work out between them. Dogs are a lot more forgiving of children than they are of adults.

      Had a Silver German Shepherd named Roxie. A little neighbour girl had her fingers up her nose once ( must of hurt like crazy! LOL!)….all Roxie did was kept licking her till she removed her fingers!

      Yet when my nephew bit Roxie’s tail when she was sleeping…. Roxie grabbed his arm in her mouth…nipped him back! Left tooth imprints but didn’t puncture the skin. My sister in law took a freak! Wanted the dog to be put down, etc. Brother in law said it served the boy right….Roxie just taught him a lesson. LOL! Roxie was a very gentle soul. Used to race cats which totally befuddled them when she would pass them!

      People don’t understand that when one has a child such as Trig or my son…..Problem solving skills are difficult for them. Trig showed he could work out a problem and the dog didn’t mind!

  3. Kathy says:

    Yet Ellen Degenerate can post this pic of a kid standing on a dog and the reactions to it are ‘awww’ and ‘how adorable’

    It’s so hard to post pics on here, so cross your fingers. Hopefully you can see this by clicking on it….

    • Blessed B. says:

      Yep! What is the difference between these two pics?…..

      the degenerate’s kid doesn’t have Trisomy 21….. only has a very stupid mother!

      Trig has Trisomy 21 and a very smart mom, which the progressives hate!

    • Terry says:

      The link isn’t working for me, Kathy.
      So–smart person that I am–and able to take a ‘hint’—I’ve added that photo at the bottom of the article.
      Thanks for the reminder of the MSM hypocrisy.(as if anybody needed a reminder)

  4. vonMesser says:

    Hater’s are gonna hate. Sarah could walk on water and the libtards would shout “Palin can’t swim” She could run into a burning building and save a baby out of it’s burning bed and the liberals would yell “Palin steals baby right out of it’s crib.”

  5. Clyde says:

    Being a dog person, and having had black(oops, is THAT racist?) labs, I can tell you this: if that dog thought Trig was a problem, he would have shook him off like a drop of water. You WOULD THINK Sarah would know better though, than to give the haters MORE fodder.