Quote Of The Day — December 29, 2014

There is a great deal of talk about loyalty from the bottom to the top. Loyalty from the top down is even more necessary and much less prevalent. One of the most frequently noted characteristics of great men who have remained great is loyalty to their subordinates.

General George S. Patton, “War As I Knew It” (1947); also quoted in “Patton’s One-Minute Messages: Tactical Leadership Skills for Business Management” (1995) by Charles M. Province, p. 88


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3 Responses to Quote Of The Day — December 29, 2014

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  2. CW says:

    Patton makes a great point. The only loyalty I see coming from Obama is loyalty to those who can help him politically. Everyone else is tossed under the bus without a second glance, and he is about as far from being a great man as one can get.