An Up-Close Look At A Protester

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In recent weeks, I have come to ask myself : Am I not being understanding of the blacks protesting the Mike Brown shooting ? Am I jaded in my opinion of them as being a bunch of lowlife scumbags looking for a reason to loot, burn, and just generally raise hell ? Isn’t there ONE of them that has a genuine concern for the plight of blacks in this country ?
I decided to search for an inspiring story. One that may prove me wrong about these people.
I saw this moving profile of one young man trying to make a difference.
It came from the always Fair and Balanced desks of MSNBC.
FERGUSON, Missouri— Just days after 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed in a hail of police bullets, Joshua Williams found himself facing off with a phalanx of heavily-armed officers.
Williams joined the swarm of angry protesters who, in the wake of the teen’s death, took over the streets not far from the scene of the killing. They chanted and yelled and hoisted protest signs in the air.
During one emotionally raw moment, Williams, also 18, screamed at officers until his eyes were red and wet. Beads of sweat bubbled from his brow and his body grew tense. His voice strained under the shrill of pain swelling from his throat.
As he stepped closer and closer to the police line, a young pastor, Willis Johnson, wrapped Williams in a hug and pleaded with him to calm down. Williams broke down in the older man’s arms and a single tear tumbled down each of their cheeks.The Rev. Willis Johnson (right) confronts 18-year-old Joshua Williams as protesters defy police and block traffic in Ferguson, Mo. on Aug. 13, 2014. (Sid Hastings/The Washington Post/Getty)
“I just felt like they were trying to get over on us, trying to push us so that we’d react,” Williams told msnbc on a recent afternoon, weeks after that emotional day. “I was really upset. I saw children, little kids getting tear gassed and stuff. I just couldn’t take it.”
On most days Williams, a recent high school graduate, takes up position with other protesters across from the Ferguson police department. But he also attends various meetings pulled together by a growing network of activists and organizers. He said he hasn’t missed a single day of marching, protesting or meetings.Brown, tall and lanky, Williams often has an American flag bandana tied around his neck. He’s gotten particularly comfortable handling a megaphone and riling up fellow protesters.
Joshua Williams, photographed in Berkeley, Mo. on Sept. 10, 2014. (Photo by Trymaine Lee for MSNBC)
Alene Williams (no relation), who calls herself the younger Williams’ “protest mom,” said :
“It makes me feel proud because he could have been that child that got shot. There are a lot of faces that could have been laying in the street. But it could have been him but now he’s out here fighting for justice .
For his part, Willilams said he’s learned a lot in this month of action.
“I learned that the police don’t give a care about us. And I learned that we have to stand up and that you can’t get nowhere with violence but you can always move people without it,” I said to myself, we need another plan. This isn’t working.”

During a Ferguson Commission meeting earlier this month, Williams said :

“Black people should be able to walk into stores without being followed around like thieves. When the police go out there in their uniforms, they don’t see nothing but thugs. All they see is targets in the streets.”

**Wait. This just in **

Yeah, I was right the 1st time. They ARE a bunch of lowlife scumbags looking for a reason to loot, burn, and just generally raise hell .
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22 Responses to An Up-Close Look At A Protester

  1. Rich B says:

    Damn Terry, you had me going there for a minute. I swear I was waiting for a payoff and a great ending to your post about this “kid”. Turns out my cynicism and skepticism is correct about ninety-nine percent of these assholes. And color doesn’t have jack-shit to do with anything. Most of the thugs up in our Berkely and Oakland here on the left-coast are professional anarchists and WHITE. Great post.

    • Terry says:

      I gotcha huh, Rich ? I did give 2 clues at the beginning of the post.
      1. The “He’s a good boy ” part came from “MSNBC”
      2. The rest came from ME !
      You should know by now that I don’t do “He was such a gooood boy” posts. 😀

      • Rich B says:

        My bad Terry. I should have known if it came from PMS-NBC it was a garbage story and a pack of lies… hence my regular visits to Stuff Black People Don’t Like, Hardnoxandfriends, American Thinker, Front Page Mag and Hot Air, along with most conservative sites.

        We just can’t believe ANY of the crap and propaganda coming from Pravda. As far as this skinny little shit Joshua, he’s gonna end up as someone’s “body buddy” in the slammer should he actually do any real time in prison. Serves his ass right. (Pun intended)

        • Terry says:

          There’s a site called “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” ? I’ll have to check that out.
          What is it–a ‘Help Wanted’ site ?

          • Rich B says:

            “Help Wanted Site”… Bwaahaahaa!

            No Terry. It’s more of a site posting some of the racial crap going on in America that the folks of Pravda won’t report on. There’s a lot of blatant racism too but I try not to get caught up in that. I don’t consider myself any type of racism but facts are facts and the fellow running this site will report on things you won’t find elsewhere. He documents all of it too. And I don’t feel guilty visiting this blog after reading some of the comments from many of the black folks on other sites. They (black posters) are just as racist, if not more, than anything I hear or read on other blogs.

            The site owner’s name is Paul Kersey and I’m not talking about the character from the Death Wish movies. I don’t often go there but when I do I mainly read the comments to see how many Americans REALLY feel about what’s happening. You won’t see these types of exchanges on Pravda because it is NOT Politically Correct. Google it. It gets spirited and often ugly but sometimes the truth is. And all colors and opinions are welcome there.

            • Terry says:

              Hey Rich, I just went to the site. AND SUBSCRIBED ! Thanks for the info.
              You might want to check out : N*** (fill in the blanks).

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Don’t you think there’s a reason for following someone around the store like they are a thief?
    Black Community! Don’t blame “Whitey” for thinking you’re all a bunch of low life thieves, thugs and criminals.
    Look at the crime stats.
    Is there more black on white crime or white on black crime?
    Is there more black on black crime than white on white crime?
    What percentage of the national population are blacks?
    What percentage of the national population are whites?
    Nah. Don’t blame us…

    • Terry says:

      Just imagine how much black crime has been prevented by ‘profiling’, Cappy.
      No wonder they are putting up such a stink to end it.

  3. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Terry. Peacefully protesting is just never enough for these guys is it? They get themselves worked into a frenzy and have to destroy something, then wonder why they’re followed around like thieves.

    • Terry says:

      Once they get a camera or mic focused on them, all they can think is “YouTube here I iz !”
      It’s the closest thing to perceived fame most of them will ever have.

  4. CW says:

    Good one, Terry! The black community hasn’t had a hero of this caliber since the late, great deadbeat Rodney King.

    The delusions in the MSNBC reporting are astonishing.

    >>“I saw children, little kids getting tear gassed and stuff.”

    Assuming that’s even true, who brought ‘little kids’ to these protests knowing they could turn violent? Who incited violence with children present and at risk? What parents would do such a thing? The fault lies with the parents of the kids and other protesters, not with police.

    >>”Williams often has an American flag bandana tied around his neck.”

    Hello?? What’s your point? Just because a delusional idiot ties a flag bandanna around their neck doesn’t make them a patriot.

    >>”…[Williams] could have been that child that got shot.”

    Why? Did Williams have a habit of threatening police? Because that’s what led to the shooting of Michael Brown, contrary to the popular lie that he was shot simply for being black.

    >>”…he’s out here fighting for justice .”

    Nope, sorry. He’s fighting to create a world where blacks can never be held accountable for their behavior, lest the streets be filled with looters, rioters and violence. In a sane world he would be detested, not applauded.

    Williams: “Black people should be able to walk into stores without being followed around like thieves. When the police go out there in their uniforms, they don’t see nothing but thugs. All they see is targets in the streets.”

    People of all colors should be able to operate stores without being robbed and vandalized by blacks. If you want police to see something other than thugs, STOP BEING THUGS!

    I hope he gets a long prison sentence but I doubt it.

    • Terry says:

      Excellent points, CW. Most of us have seen the pics of the baby mamas looting stores with young thuglet- to-be in tow.

      Even though I have searched, I haven’t found an MSNBC follow-up story on this ‘patriot in a bandana’ since his arrest. Hmmm….

  5. If the protesters cause was just, I would be behind them. Their cause isn’t just. Their protest is unjust even to others. They say a thug is good when he did wrong. They loot businesses, make people late for work, assaulted people. They can’t even claim their protest is peaceful. They are a brood of vipers.

  6. Terry says:

    According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,even though Williams confessed to setting fires at the store in a videotaped interview, AND can be seen in videos both inside and outside the looted QuikTrip ,on Friday night and Saturday morning, a group gathered at the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton to protest Williams’ arrest. Some were in disbelief over his reported confession and said the video images are not clear enough.

    Good Grief.

  7. I.R. Wayright says:

    If this country ends up in a race war it will be because it was planned and implemented by forces with an agenda of total control of this country. Martial law and gun confiscation are the next things planned to destroy our constitution and allow them to make us comply with their ultimate goals.
    We can not let that happen. But watch them try to ramp up the tension as the weather improves this spring. There will be more shootings and funerals to attend.

    So, whenever a big event taks place, wait to analyze from all possible angles before jumping to an incorrect conclusion. Here is an example; The Sony hacking. Are you sure it originated in North Korea? Well, that is what our government wants you to believe.
    Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride in 2015.

  8. D.D. D. says:

    Wainright is absolutely RIGHT! Add to that, remember when ammunition was hard to get? Even the police had a problem. Also, check out Obama’s little “army” of young blacks (18-24) in South Chicago. They are supposed to be connected with Homeland Security (yeah, right!) I even remember Pres. O. saying that they should be as well armed as our Military. You heard it here!

    • Terry says:

      I’ll bet o’zero’s “Little army of young blacks” doesn’t fly a rainbow flag either. He’s let all of them get in the U.S. Military.
      Thanks for dropping by, Dx3.