Hanoi Jane Wants To Build A Shrine…




From Jane Fonda’s very own, personal, blog/web pages, comes this heartwarming story. First of all, let’s wish her a “Happy Birthday” (she looks GREAT for 102 ) And a special greeting from the soldiers that wanted to be here but  couldn’t make it because they died in Viet Nam.

fonda 2

Okay. enough festivities. The story begins this way, with the wrinkled, yet lovely, mistress of the tight buns, celebrating another century of birthdays with her friends, family, and dust mop :



My Birthday Dinner With Richard, brother Peter and his wife, Parky

Posted on December 21, 2014

Okay, I turned 77 today. My Winter Solstice birthday. A perfect day: I worked out for an hour, climbed a mountain, meditated for an hour, took a hot bath/jacuzzi with Epsom Salts and another salt called “Pink Love,” and I poured some Baby Oil into it cause the walk was windy and my skin felt dry.…

And blah blah blah…until we get to the juicy part….

I’ve found myself backsliding a bit of late in terms of where my thoughts have tended to reside (not always with the generosity of vision I wish for) and my confidence has been iffy for the past four months. So, while meditating today an idea came to me: I’m going to create a shrine to myself–or, at least, the self I wish to be, the self who began to manifest when I was a young girl before the shit hit the fan. I’m talking about creating a small place where I can put things that remind me, conjure up in me, the qualities that represent my best self. I will spend the new year collecting objects and symbols that will do that. One will be from my 4th grade school report. Things that remind me that I’m brave. I’ve been forgetting that. I will put a special candle on the shrine and burn sandalwood and put some special Native American artifacts that I’ve treasured over the years in honor of the Mohawk Nation where my Fonda ancestors built their homestead.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hanoi Jane wants to build a shrine for herself. I’m pretty sure there is already one in Hanoi that features photos of Jane and John Kerry. But just think…we could have one right here in the Good Ol’ USA !

Now I have to admit that once upon a time I REALLY liked Jane Fonda. Back in 1968, when the movie ‘Barbarella’ debuted, there weren’t many 17 year-old straight boys who DIDN’T like her. The movie had everything a virile, hetero young man could want…FULL FEMALE NUDITY AND SEX ! And when she caused the “death orgasm machine” that was meant to destroy her to short circuit…now THAT was ENTERTAINMENT ! I think there was a plot too, but after my 10th viewing, I still hadn’t figured it out….

ANYHOO…all of that changed that fateful day when she went from this :fonda 7

…to this….fonda 9

Well, Ms Fonda, on behalf of American Patriots, my fellow Viet Nam Veterans, and, especially, for the ones who endured additional months and years of torture and confinement and even death, I would like to offer some momentos for consideration to be placed in your “Shrine” :

  And that’s just for starters ! One final comment, for you, you traitorous moron ……

fonda 1

So readers, what would YOU like to see in her shrine ?



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22 Responses to Hanoi Jane Wants To Build A Shrine…

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Many years ago when friends came to visit in Fort Worth I would act as tour guide. One of the points of interest was Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave site. After some vandalism or something I can’t remember the marker was removed and now his grave site is a mystery to most.
    The same fate will befall Fonda’s grave site.
    Maybe after an army of Viet Nam Vets have emptied their bladders a few times..

  2. Hardnox says:

    My suggestion is to gather all the sandalwood we could muster in a huge pile, throw her precious shit on top, then apply generous amounts of napalm.

    “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”

    Seriously… I wouldn’t stop to piss on her if she were on fire. Our spam filter prevents me from stating what I really think of that certifiable leftist, America-hating, traitorous, hatefilled, self-absorbed Hollywood has-been, vile bitch.

    … OK I feel better know.

    That woman sends me into orbit. She’s never apologized for sending our POWs to the grave.

    • captbogus2 says:

      One time when she was coming through customs after an overseas jaunt she was asked her nationality by the customs agent. She replied, “American, unfortunately.”
      I’ve often wondered why, if she felt that way, did she remain in the USA. Surely she has the bucks to move to any shithole she considers better.

  3. 219rad says:

    I would like to see the original note (framed) that was pressed into her palm in the hopes that the message would somehow make it home. Then next to it, pictures of the POW who gave her the note after she turned him in. I would like to see a prominent place in her shrine for these items so she could see just how brave SHE was and the damage SHE caused.

  4. CW says:

    What a self-absorbed, vacuous waste of human flesh. Typical leftist, in other words. Even her one big accomplishment – her acting career – was owed entirely to the fact that she was the daughter of Henry Fonda.

    I think her shrine should contain a mirror and some truth serum.

  5. captbogus2 says:

    Let her build a shrine.


  6. Kathy says:

    “….in honor of the Mohawk Nation where my Fonda ancestors built their homestead.”

    I blame the Mohawks.

  7. Clyde says:

    OOPS. Guess I said a bad word. OK, censors, I’ll clean it up. Building a shrine to this bitch is easy. My dogs can build a few of them in a day. After they get the shrine done, we throw a kegger for all patriots, and especially Vietnam vets, fill’em full of beer and diuretics, and let those brave guys “christen” her goddamn shrine.

  8. vonmesser says:

    As a Viet Vet I have a few words to say.
    But not here in a public forum.

  9. captbogus2 says:

    This discussion needs go no farther. To do so is to perpetrate the illusion Jane Fonda is worth a discussion.
    She is not.
    Nothing brought up on the media concerning her needs be discussed.

  10. BrianR says:

    “So readers, what would YOU like to see in her shrine ?”

    Her ashes in an urn.

  11. Terry says:

    I see we are all of like mind on this subject.
    And once I got over my teen-age fascination with seeing a nude female, I realized how stupid ‘Barbarella’ was also !

  12. vonmesser says:

    Terry, I have never gotten over my fascination with the nude female. However, I have concentrated on a very select few (like just one) for 36 years (and will start on another “one” in July)