From The Left : Kids, Steal Your Parent’s Guns !

 The Worst PSA EVAH ?

Absolute Insanity !

This PSA video  shows a  teen rifling through his parents’ drawer, only to take out a handgun and put it in his backpack, all while his mother is downstairs reading.

The next day, he brings the gun to school, sits through class, and places it on a startled teacher’s desk before asking, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

Moron Sincic

Moron Sincic

This is independent director Rejina Sincic’s idea of how to end gun violence and keep children safe. The message at the end reads, “Our children deserve a safe world. Stop gun violence now.”



In the real world, such an act would result in the boy facing numerous felony charges (exact charges depend on state laws) possibly including weapons theftunlawful possession of a weapon by a minorillegal concealed carry of a weaponcarrying a weapon onto school property, assault, and brandishing. He would face the possibility of felony criminal record and mandatory expulsion from his school

And those would be a ‘Best Case’ scenario. An accidental discharge could result in the severe injury, or death, of a teacher or student.

And this is the kind of behavior that deranged gun control supporters are hoping that children will emulate ?


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16 Responses to From The Left : Kids, Steal Your Parent’s Guns !

  1. Hardnox says:

    So now the left advocates stealing for the greater good? The left is mentally ill. Of course this isn’t a news flash. Instead a PSA might advocate respecting your parents but then again I’m dreaming.

    As we all know, guns have never been the problem. The problem has always been those that pull the trigger and the lack of respect that goes with it.

  2. Kathy says:

    I don’t know who this Rejina person is or why she might have some influence on kids, but she’s advocating that kids break all kinds of laws in order to push this agenda.

    That kid has no idea how much safer he was WITH that gun in the house.

    • Terry says:

      According to her website, she is a dot-head Indian film director and screenwriter based in San Francisco. She also claims to have worked on a variety of projects including television, short films, commercials, corporate videos and feature films.

      But she came to the USA to study medicine. I guess she found out Hollyweird took less brainpower.

  3. Just Gene says:

    “He who forgets the past…..” – HEIL HITLER

  4. erthona says:

    I think this person is a rogue agent (herein read stupid), certainly pro-gun does not support this, but most gun control advocates do not support it either. Only very far right fringe with little or no brains would support this. In case anyone missed the allusion to the Hitler youth above by “Just Gene”, the Hitler youth would inform on their parents who would often times be imprisoned or worse. I want to say, well done, and great point. This ad encourages our own children to become informants on us to the government. Not even liberals want that to happen. I think there is common ground on this one.

    • Terry says:

      Thanks for dropping in, erthona.
      You may be correct on the “common ground” aspect.The voting on Youtube for this video currently stands at over 13,000 negative views to just over 100 positive ones . The comments are well worth reading . .
      Several said they flagged the video as dangerous. One suggested reporting it to YouTube for being dangerous to children. Several said they already reported it. Sincic, apparently aware the video could be torn down by YouTube, also posted it to Vimeo, where it also attracted a number of critics.

      This takes the old communist method of getting children to snitch on their “disloyal” parents to new heights by encouraging your children to steal from you while they rat you out to the State

  5. vonMesser says:

    erthona, why do you say “Only very far right fringe with little or no brains would support this” ? This came from the left, not the right, and the “right” does not support children (or anyone) stealing, as for reporting on their parents for a perfectly legal action, not something from the “right” – something from Communism and Naziism (both socialist left).

    • Terry says:

      vonM…how in the world did I miss that “Only far right fringe…” comment from erthona ?
      Hey erthona…you got some ‘splainin’ to do !

  6. vonMesser says:

    Seems now the video is “private” and no longer viewable. By any chance did someone download it so it can be re-posted? Otherwise it’s gone forever and the duplicity of the left is once more hidden.

  7. I.R. Wayright says:

    If the lefties want to really get serious about gun violence they should turn in their neighborhood drug pusher. Well…then they would have to do without so that isn’t going to happen.

  8. zell says:

    according to FBI crime stats black males are more likely to commit a crime with a gun. Wonder why they used a white kid in the video- especially in Oakland where this video was filmed.

    • Terry says:

      I suppose she was attempting to make it ‘real’. I mean, c’mon, a black TURNING IN A GUN ? Bwahahahahahaha,,,
      And Welcome to N&F, Zell !