The Bergdahl Decision – U.S. Army Has Finished The Investigation – Fox & Friends

A court martial before Christmas?


I hope they wait until after Christmas for the firing squad.  No point in degrading the day any further,

The admin wants this swept under the rug because releasing five high-level troglodytes in exchange for Bergdahl was obviously a mistake.  By the way, all five troglodytes are now working with ISIS.

~ Hardnox

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16 Responses to The Bergdahl Decision – U.S. Army Has Finished The Investigation – Fox & Friends

  1. Kathy says:

    No way they’ll court martial him. After all the hoopla prior to his release, that would make O look like he made a mistake. They probably already have orders from the White House to take the quieter route – a slap on the hand and send him home to mommy and daddy where they can all pray together five times a day.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Desertion in face of enemy. Firing squad is called for and they are talking about “..less than honorable discharge..”

  3. Clyde says:

    “Mistake” my ass. This was THE plan. No question the Regime will make this disappear, AND summarily DISMISS all those who brought it up. Bergdahl deserves NO less than the firing squad.

  4. beachmom says:

    I want to know what the connection between Obama and Bergdahl’s family is. Why else would Sir Golfsalot go so far to get him back into this country?

  5. CW says:

    Bergdahl was an excuse to do what Obama wanted to do all along, which was to feel powerful and make himself seem more righteous than Bush by releasing those poor, misunderstood freedom fighters. Of course he didn’t count on anyone caring about the fact that Bergdahl was a deserter. Leftists don’t comprehend what’s so bad about being a deserter or a traitor. That, after all, is the attitude they best relate to.

  6. Rich B says:

    I think we all knew what was gonna happen here when the deal went down. If it weren’t for FOX News and many of the conservative blogs and websites who exposed the truth and political hypocrisy they would have gotten totally away with this farce. The traditional networks would have (and mostly did) ignore the story if it hadn’t blown up in their faces. Just one more reason for having FOX News on air.

    When I think of all of the men and women who joined the Military and took their oaths, this puke Bergdahl makes me sick. I won’t even dwell on those who died in these far away shit-holes of the Middle East doing their duty or the people who died trying to save this traitors ass. I know many of the Hardknox & Friends team and posters are former military so this has to be enraging them to the ultimate degree.

    What Bergdahl deserves and what he will get are two different things. And everyone in this thread nailed it when they posted that giving him life in Leavenworth or a firing squad won’t happen because it would (once again) show what a worthless pantload of baby shit Omama is. Lord forbid that should ever happen.

    This “trade” is all about how it was “supposed” to make Omama look last Summer when we got snookered in this so-called prisoner exchange. Ol’ Beerry thought it would make him look sage when it actually made him look like a fool…. for the millionth time in his regime. It blew up like an exploding cigar right in his face. Just thinking about the Rose Garden statement from Omama and the Father of this clown Bergdahl in his symbolic Taliban beard speaking in Pashtu (or Arabic) made me want to shoot my television. The tragedy is that so many gave so much so this treasonous POS could head off into the hills and “find himself” during a time of war.

    Whatever time Bergdahl serves (if any) won’t be long enough to erase the stain and dishonor he has brought upon himself. I hope his fellow prisoners in Leavenworth who have served honorably in our armed forces deal him out some real justice once he gets there. That’s the only way this POS is ever gonna pay his dues.

  7. vonmesser says:

    I think the Army will Cave. Quietly walk him out the door with a BCD that will be quietly upgraded just before Obummer departs office.

    • Rich B says:

      Or Omama will just give him a presidential pardon on his way out the door in 2016. The possibilities are endless. I hate even mentioning the word honor in the same sentence as Bergdahl.

      Bergdahl’s behavior is so far beyond bad conduct that it’s in another Universe. But you may just be right. With the exception of a pardon by Beerry, everything will be done on the sly if Omama and his stooges in Pravda have their way.