ASSHAT ALERT : Hahvahd Idiots At It AGAIN.

As most long time readers of H&F know, I have a HUGE disdain for political correctness, and the places that foment, foster, and champion it. Harvard ranks # 1 on my shit list.

Here is their latest stupidity, from Jennifer Burke with Young Conservatives, via


Harvard Takes Political Correctness to an Entirely New Level of Stupidity

Hahvahd. Home of the WORST of the worst in producing more mind-numbed leftist robots in government than any other “institution of higher learning”.

Let me see if I get this. If you have the misfortune of attending Harvard, and enjoy THIS, a SodaStream machine, and your “school” has boycotted Coca-Cola for some goddamn perceived injustice, NOW you HATE Palestinians? Only at Harvard.

In a move that will certainly go down as one of the most ridiculous decisions in an effort to be politically correct, the dining services at Harvard University, the esteemed Ivy League institution, has removed the SodaStream labels from their water machines which were purchased from a company owned by SodaStream. This was done in an effort to end what was deemed as ‘microaggression’ towards Palestinian students.

SodaStream is based in Israel and operates its plant out of the West Bank. While the university’s dining services stopped purchasing machines from the company after an outcry from anti-Israel student activists, they did have machines already operating in the dining room.

Rachel J. Sandalow-Ash, a member of the Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance, spoke with the Harvard Crimson, the school’s newspaper, about the dangers of these machines. She said, “These machines can be seen as a microaggression to Palestinian students and their families and like the University doesn’t care about Palestinian human rights.”

You may be wondering, “What exactly is a microaggression?” According to activists, a microaggression is a minor everyday statement or action that entrenches discrimination or degrades a person based on their group identity.

The anti-Israel activists believe that these inanimate objects can be harmful to their psyches, therefore they demanded their removal. Rather than remove the entire machine, Harvard’s dining services complied and removed the labels so that students didn’t have to read the words SodaStream, thereby saving their psychological well-being.

Leadership of the university, however, said that this unilateral decision made by dining services is in violation of Harvard’s school policy. Provost Alan Garber said in a statement, “Harvard University’s procurement decisions should not and will not be driven by individuals’ views of highly contested matters of political controversy. If this policy is not currently known or understood in some parts of the University, that will be rectified now.”

The incident is being investigated.


Harvard. THE school for “future leaders”. Then we see THIS bullshit. With so many Harvard grads in government, NO WONDER it is so screwed up.

HOW is it possible that SodaStream HATES Palestinians when NO SUCH PLACE exists? Do these morons realize that a LARGE share of SodaStream’s employees ARE Palestinians?

We were always told that Harvard, Yale, and the rest of the Ivy-League drecks were THE  birthplace  for future leaders. HOW in the HELL are these brain-dead-taught-by-BIGGER-brain-deads able to learn ANYTHING? It seems ALL they have time for is being “offended” by ANYTHING.

Now HERE are some places where I WOULD support abortion. Abort the very idea that ONLY Harvard grads are “qualified” to lead ANYTHING. I call for an addition to the Constitutional Qualifications For The Presidency. Namely, an AUTOMATIC disqualification from holding office if one has graduated from ANY Ivy-League “school”.

These people NEED to get a life. Sheesh.


CLYDE. Ordering TWO meteors for Cambridge.

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12 Responses to ASSHAT ALERT : Hahvahd Idiots At It AGAIN.

  1. captbogus2 says:

    I think “student activists” are on campus not to learn anything but to disrupt, in any way they can, the learning process of the real students. And thanks to the spineless leftist college administrations they succeed quite well.

  2. Kathy says:

    The morons didn’t do any research and they fail to realize that both Israelis and Palestinians work there – yes, side by side. Someone had a piece on the factory back on the old site, I believe.

    Microagression – now there’s a new made-up lefty word they use to tout their various lefty actions.

    Hahvahd…cranking out lefties since day one.

    • upaces88 says:

      Do you know what “PhD” actually stands for?
      Piled High and Deep.
      I have NEVER in my life met as many totally stupid, head up their A– group in my life as PhD(s)!!!

    • Clyde says:

      Of course they didn’t research anything,Kathy. THAT takes some BRAINS, and an “intellectual curiosity” that simply does NOT exist at Hahvahd. Good one, and thanks.

  3. CW says:

    Harvard isn’t your average school, so it can’t settle for average stupidity. They are a special school, and this is special stupidity.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Good grief. Theses assholes are taking stupid to a new low.

    I saw a PBS piece a few years back about this company and how many Palestinians work there. The Harvard assholes never consider their actions.